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The Wailing Wall sign

Jul 24, 2018

Here is another sign of things to come.

A 100 kg (220 lb) stone from the Wailing Wall dislodged and fell, nearly hitting a 79 year old woman who was praying there.


A large boulder from the Western Wall was dislodged from the ancient structure on Monday morning, tumbling down onto an egalitarian prayer platform.

There were no injuries in the incident near Robinson’s Arch, south of the main prayer plaza, but the rock landed very close to a female worshiper. It damaged the platform where she was praying.

“I didn’t hear or feel anything until it landed right at my feet, ” said Daniella Goldberg, 79. She said she was praying at the site, as she does regularly, when suddenly the boulder crashed down.

No doubt everyone will see this differently—if they see it as a sign at all.

The rabbi of the main Western Wall plaza called for public “soul searching” after the incident. “This is an unusual and most rare incident that has not occurred for decades,” said Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch. “The fact that this powerful incident happened a day after the 9th of Av fast, in which we mourned the destruction of our temples, raises doubts and questions which the human soul is too small to contain, and requires soul-searching.”

Yes, I would say that a little “soul searching” is in order. Some divine revelation would help a lot. Knowing the Scriptures is crucial as well, because if we reject any portion of God’s word, we will be blinded in that area. Since signs usually come in clusters, it would be helpful if they consulted the signs that have been happening lately in Branson and in Pella. 

I take it as a warning sign of things soon to come.

The Wailing Wall is not really part of the temple itself, so it may be exempt from the prophecy in Matthew 24:2. Jesus said about the temple that “not one stone here shall be left upon another.” Will the Wailing Wall be coming down soon? Must it be torn down in order to fulfill the intent of Jesus’ prophecy?

Another man took a more skeptical position:

“So a rock fell — so what? The State of Israel hasn’t ended, the Messiah won’t come because of this,” said Ben-Dov.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones