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Resurrection Day in Thailand

Jul 10, 2018

On June 24, 2018 a soccer coach in Thailand led his team of 12 boys on a cave exploration adventure. When they were about 2 km underground, rain came and filled up portions of the cave, preventing them from leaving.

Fortunately, others knew of their adventure and were able to alert the authorities. Some navy seals donned their underwater gear and soon found the boys stranded on a small ledge with no food or fresh water. The rescue efforts then began, and they had to hurry before the monsoon season arrived.

The extraction took place over a period of three days, ending July 10 (local time), which was July 9 in America.

This appears to be a sign of resurrection that I wrote about in conjunction with June 29 to July 1. As you recall, July 1, or 7/1, is a type of the feast of Trumpets. It is therefore a type of resurrection.

When the story was first reported in the news in late June, I wondered if we might see this as a sign of resurrection. However, the boys were not rescued on July 1st. Nonetheless, signs of resurrection still persisted. In the end, they were rescued on the 10th day of the month (7/10), which is a type of the Day of Atonement.

Another way of looking at it is that they were rescued on 7/9, which was the first of our current watch dates, being a date associated with “barley,” which also signifies “life.”

In that the rescue itself took place over a period of 3 days, it reminds us of Jesus’ time on the ledge of a tomb. The 12 boys plus the teacher reminds us of the 12 disciples plus Jesus. If this is how we are to take it, then the 13 seem to represent the full body of Christ—not just Jesus Himself.

Likewise, the coach was the last to leave the cave. If he represents a type of Jesus, then we could view this in light of the statement: “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Back in 33 A.D. Jesus was the first of many brethren to be raised. This time (2018) the focus is upon the body of Christ being raised, so the boys came into the light first.

I don’t know why this rescue would be completed on 7/10, the Day of Atonement type, rather than on 7/1, the feast of Trumpets. Perhaps the main significance is in its connection to 7/9, which is the barley date. Jesus was raised on the wave-sheaf offering of barley, which was also a celebration of Israel’s crossing the Red Sea. The Red Sea, in turn, was a national baptism, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:1, 2.

So the boys had to pass through the water in baptism in order to come into the light.

It is an interesting fulfillment of the feast as a sign, and probably foreshadows the actual Day of Atonement on September 19, 2018. Furthermore, because “July is like September” in the 1980 revelation, we see that July 9/10 is like September 9/10, which is the feast of Trumpets. Our Trumpets conference (Sept. 7-9) may reveal more about this. Be watchful.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones