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Q hints of treason

Jul 31, 2018

Much continues to happen on the national and world scene. While there are huge efforts to suppress the “Q cult,” it continues to capture the imagination and give hope to millions of people worldwide. TIME now lists Q among the 25 most influential people on the internet!


The big question is when a reporter at a White House news conference will ask the big question that is on everyone’s mind: “Who is Q?”

I find it amazing that no one has asked that question yet. Perhaps they are afraid of the answer. Perhaps they don’t want to give Q any more publicity. Every article from the MSM refers to the Q posts as a “baseless conspiracy theory.” In reality, Q just asks questions and drops hints so that the people themselves can do research to find the answers.

I have to admit that it is fun to watch the MSM squirm and fret. They are obviously on the defensive and are greatly alarmed by what is being revealed and discovered.

At the same time, as Q often reminds us, “This is NOT a game.” It is amazing how vicious people can be. Back in the Clinton days, the Democrats used to accuse the Republicans of being “mean spirted.” I half agreed with that assessment, by the way. There were Republicans who could have been less mean in their opposition. But usually, the charge was directed at the Republican opposition to the rising Socialist State.

Today, the shoe is on the other foot. We now see the Democrat side being unusually mean spirited, even calling for armed revolt, open sedition, and even murder. In fact, it is getting so bad that thousands of Democrats are leaving the party. The #Walkaway movement is gaining momentum, as many post their stories online.

In June, when President Trump went to Singapore to meet with the North Korean president and sign a peace understanding, the MSM went ballistic. Nothing Trump did was treated as a positive development. Every peace overture was treated with suspicion.

Then when Trump met with Putin in Helsinki in July, the MSM treated the peace agreement as if it were treason! It is strange, because if President Obama had done this, the MSM would have given him glowing reports about Obama walking on water. In fact, the MSM never criticized either George Bush or Barack Obama for meeting with Putin in the previous administrations. When they met privately with Putin, no one ever accused them of treason.

The MSM obviously has a political agenda and is not only biased but also hypocritical.

Insofar as the problem of illegal immigration is concerned, here is what then-Senator Obama had to say in December of 2005:


His position sounds strangely like what Trump is saying today. Yet Obama was the darling of the MSM, while Trump is being vilified every day with about 94% negative coverage.

The MSM castigates Trump for the cages and separation of parents from children without telling the people that this was also Obama’s policy in earlier years.


When Obama came into office in 2009, he chose to ignore the immigration/border laws, rather than work to change the law itself. That set the precedent that a president had the assumed power to ignore whatever laws he wished. Such presidential power in essence usurped the authority of congress and redrew the lines distinguishing the separate powers of the three branches of government.

I saw that problem during the Obama years and wondered how this would play out. President Trump reversed Obama’s policy and made it clear that he would enforce existing laws. In fact, he did precisely what Obama had advocated in 2005 in the video clip that I posted earlier. The MSM has whipped up public opinion as if Trump had been the one responsible for the laws restricting illegal immigration.

Once again, the MSM is acting irresponsibly and in a biased manner.

All of this was anticipated years ago by the people in Military Intelligence who asked Trump to run for president on their behalf. That is why Trump began to bypass the MSM by posting on Twitter. He was thus able to speak directly to the people without being screened and misrepresented by the MSM.

After a year, Q began posting on an anonymous website in late October of 2017. This was obviously an attempt to bypass the MSM in a greater way. The tactic has worked very well. Q remains anonymous, and Trump gives only hints and gestures to prove that Q works for him. Yet the hints and gestures are obscure enough so that no one dares to accuse Trump of being in collusion with Q.

That is why it is so strange that no reporter has dared to ask Trump about Q, nor even to ask Sarah Sanders at a White House news conference.

The Deadly Game that is Not a Game

When President Trump flew to Singapore on Air Force 1 to meet with the North Korean president, it appears that a treasonous faction within the US government attempted to shoot down the plane. A missile was reported and photographed being shot from Whidbey Island (near Seattle) as AF1 was flying past it.


The above picture is taken from Q post #1757, posted on July 29, 2018.


Q is now finally dropping more clues for people to research, connecting this missile launch with a June 10 post from Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti. While the MSM calls this a conspiracy theory, we have to ask ourselves why Michael Avenatti would post on his Twitter account a picture of a plane in the crosshairs? Why do so on the same day that Trump was flying to Singapore on June 10? What did he mean: “This week promises to be very interesting…”?


Since virtually all investigations start out as theories to be proven, this Twitter post could be a good start on an investigation of treason. Yes, it would start out as a conspiracy theory. But all good investigators look carefully at coincidences. The Twitter post above is a good coincidence and theory to start. Did Mr. Avanatti know something? Was he connected to a possible plot against President Trump?

Now that Q is suggesting this very thing, I have no doubt that Mr. Avanatti is under investigation for treason. His client, Stormy Daniels, may also find herself caught up in this investigation as part of a broader conspiracy to undermine or overthrow the president.

Q posted this on June 10, 2018:

Start the Clock.
A Week to [Remember].
Think Logically.
First private [CLAS-5(6)]
Second public.
Blackwater on GUARD.
Evidence KILLS.
These people are STUPID.

He reposted this as a reminder under the missile picture on July 29. That suggests that the post on June 10 was referring cryptically to this missile.

On July 29 Q also posted John Brennan’s tweet from June 10:


Is it just a coincidence that this post should come on the day that Trump flew to Singapore and when an unauthorized missile was fired and when Michael Avanatti posted a picture of a plane in the crosshairs? Certainly, there is insufficient evidence for a court of law, but everyone knows that the CIA would not need further proof to “know” that treason is occurring. The CIA bases a large proportion of its conclusions on its analysis of conspiracy theories.

When Brennan says, “Be patient, Mr. Trump is a temporary aberration,” what does he mean? He leaves enough room for interpretation to mean that Trump will be defeated in the next election. However, the timing of the tweet sends a message that he was hoping Trump’s plane would be shot down on June 10, the day that he posted his tweet. In post 1728, dated July 27, 2018, Q says,

Unauthorized missile fired.
Unauthorized emergency incoming missile threat activated Hawaii.
POTUS re-routes.
NO MSM investigations?
Biggest threat to the American people!

Later in the same day (July 27), an anon asked Q, “An F-16 can shoot a missile out of the air?”

Q answered:

Specialized weapons package.

This explains the June 10 post, where he said: “First private [CLAS-5(6)]” In other words, this weaponry is classified, but it does have that capability. So Q says that an F-16 fighter jet, equipped with classified weaponry, shot down the missile to protect AF1 on June 10. He hints that both Michael Avenatti and John Brennan knew about this and were somehow involved in this treasonous plot to assassinate President Trump and the crewmembers of AF-1.

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