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Q comments on the Federal Reserve

Jul 26, 2018

“Q” is back after a 20-day period of silence from July 4-24. Some thought that Q was gone forever. But Q was silent for 10 days a few months ago.

Whenever Q goes silent, others spring into action, claiming to be him under a new name, or that Q passed the torch to someone else. The first time it was “Eye the Spy,” claiming to be an employee (analyst) for the NSA, which he later had to admit was a lie. This time it was someone calling himself “R” that claimed Q had asked him to take over.

When Q returned, someone asked him about this. Q replied, “There is only one Q.” So one more Q wannabe bites the dust. You can be sure that even though the MSM try hard to debunk Q as a “baseless conspiracy theorist,” they are extremely frightened of him and seek to displace him with one of their own cronies.

The main result of Q’s postings is that the MSM has lost control of the narrative. Controlling the narrative is essential in any propaganda war. That is why all of the MSM newspapers get emails at 4 a.m. every day to give them their “talking points.” This is also why all the papers seem to run similar headlines at the same time, as if they were all getting their news from the same source. The fact is, THEY ARE getting it from the same source. But as far as the public is concerned, they think the news certainly must be accurate, because they see everyone reporting the same news with the same headlines.

Some months ago, Q exposed this.

The Federal Reserve is being Restructured

Yesterday, I posted an article from CNBC, one of the MSM outlets that serves the Deep State, informing us how President Trump was poised to take over the Federal Reserve. Q posted this as well, along with a second article from CNBC. This is from post #1695 dated July 25, 2018.



He then commented:

We will never again be under their control.

This is one of the most important things that any president could do for the American people and for the world. The Federal Reserve has literally controlled the economies of every nation on earth for most of the past century. It is the slave master of the world, and it has been used to put sanctions on any country that refuses to allow the Rothschilds to own their Central Banks.

Russia and China finally got tired of this and began to set up alternate systems. Instead of being forced to make international payments with the SWIFT system, which the Fed controls, China has set up the CIPS system, which is now spreading throughout the world.

I first began to study the problem in the early 1970’s while I was a student at the University of Minnesota. No, the University wasn’t teaching any of this. It was part of my extracurricular studies. I learned the difference between the Babylonian monetary system and that of the Kingdom of God. This allowed me to recognize the significance of any changes in monetary policy, and I am glad to be alive to see the downfall of Mystery Babylon.

Transfer of Ownership

The Fed has always argued that it should remain “independent” of the government, supposedly to stay “above politics.” That sounds good, and certainly, it should be independent of partisan politics. However, the problem is that the owners of the Fed want to be the masters of the government as well as economic and financial policy.

The Fed owners bribed and blackmailed their way into control of the government (and the world) in 1913-1914, and when the Fed was given the authority to create money and lend it to the governments with interest, they knew that they could then enslave the world through debt. Today, the whole world is deeply in debt. To who? To the secret owners of the Central Banks, most notably the Federal Reserve.

But this is now ending. More and more economists are now talking about a “debt Jubilee.” A decade ago, hardly any economist had ever heard of a Jubilee. We were among the few who understood this biblical term. Now the word is quite commonly used in news articles. The narrative is changing, and the Babylonian rulers are frightened and desperate. In fact, they are making feverish preparations to hold on to their wealth as we transition into the next age.

On April 19, 2018, someone asked the question, “Federal Reserve ending?”

Q responded, “Structure.”

In other words, the plan is not to abolish the Fed, but to restructure it. The fact that CNBC complains that Trump is taking over the Fed by appointing most of its Board of Governors tells us that the Rothschilds are very worried. But why? If they truly own the Fed, can they not just tell Trump what to do? Would they not retain authority over the Board of Governors?

Well, that is the beauty of the plan. The Fed’s true ownership has been a secret for a long time, although they state in their own writings that the Fed is “independent” of the government and is a private bank. Their secrecy (“mystery”) is how they are able to maintain control without being in danger of a slave uprising. But their very secrecy is also their vulnerability.

President Trump could issue an Executive Order transferring ownership of the Fed to the US Treasury. The EO could even be kept a secret. It does not matter. The Rothschilds would find it difficult to take Trump to court. What would they do? If they went to court to claim true ownership of the Fed, their little secret would be exposed. Because they kept this secret, Trump could continue to keep it a secret while he nationalizes the Fed. The Rothschilds would then have no legal recourse, unless they wanted to claim that for the past century the Federal Reserve had not really been “federal” at all!

Trump has put them between a rock and a hard place. He can pull this off because he has the power of Executive Orders and because he is now handpicking the Board of Governors. Once the Fed is under the Treasury Department, the government would no longer have to borrow money from the Fed at interest. The government would then have the power to create money and spend it into circulation.

The Debt Problem and the Jubilee

In fact, the next step would be to declare a Jubilee of sorts. The government cannot just cancel the federal debt, however, because the Fed already sold most of that debt to the public. Anyone holding government bonds is a partaker of that debt. Most likely, then, the Treasury would simply cash in the bonds when they are due, but not issue more bonds to replace them. Gradually, the debt would be replaced by actual cash (digital money in the bank). More important, the federal debt would be paid down until it is fully paid off.

Meanwhile, the “structure” of the Fed would be changed, but the bank itself would be retained under new ownership. The Fed’s bookkeeping system is quite good, and the government certainly ought to monitor the money supply so that it always equals the total value of all the goods and services of the country. That way we avoid inflation or deflation (recession). The problem up to now has been the usury factor and ownership of the Fed.

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