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Ministry Update and Holy Spirit perspective

Jul 16, 2018

Last week we spent a lot of time finishing up the construction of the new studio and setting up the technical support to record and also to livestream. The final project was to get set up with a green screen, so that I can put in various backgrounds while I speak or while I interview others.

It takes a lot of work by many people to make this simple and flow smoothly. It has to be simple for me to use. I hope to do a video this afternoon and to have it edited and posted by evening. The anticipated topic will be on some current political news. Some important things are happening right now on President Trump’s trip to Europe, but since the Fakestream Media is finding fault with everything Trump does, and the FBI is working to undermine any peace effort he might have, I want to try to put some things into perspective.

In the days and weeks ahead, I look forward also to doing interviews with those who have computers. I should be able to carry on a conversation with them without having to be with them in person.

Eventually, I want to do some livestream interviews as well, since we have that capability. You will be able to send questions and comments. Of course, we will have to monitor this closely to delete trolls who will invariably show up to foul the waters. I have watched various livestreams on other (secular) topics, and I am appalled at the rudeness and vindictiveness of so many people out there. I know that such trolls do not exist among those who have a genuine relationship with Christ, but on a public livestream we have no control over who is listening. In fact, we want others to listen and to participate.

The Recent Blindness Study

I have had good response on my recent posts about blindness and its purpose. It has clarified some important things to many people. Most of you have understood that God blinded the eyes of His people. Isaiah has made that point very clear. But seeing from Deuteronomy 28:28 that blindness was part of the Law of Tribulation has added perspective to our understanding.

The fact is, when the Great Tribulation began in 604 B.C. with the fall of Jerusalem, this long “seven times” captivity included the Blindness Factor. The blindness, then, was to last for as long as this captivity lasted—covering the entire 2,520 year rule of the beast systems.

It follows, then, that since this time of tribulation is now ending, blindness too is being lifted. I connect this to the revelation of the New Covenant, which also means that the Old Covenant veil is being lifted so that we can see more clearly the divine plan as a whole. That is why I believe that the New Covenant is going to be the specific revelation that the Holy Spirit intends to drive home in the coming outpouring of the Spirit.

Preparing for the Coming Move of God

Believers have thought they understood the New Covenant throughout the years—including me—but once my eyes were opened, I realized that I had not understood it properly for a long time. Like most people, I had understood parts of it, but we were all blind to its core teaching. If I am correct in my understanding, then this Holy Spirit sweep ought to come through New Covenant people—those who understand and teach this truth.

If it comes through others, then their teachings will be solidified “with signs following” (Mark 16:17 KJV), and the world’s blindness might continue for a very long time. This does not seem feasible to me, considering the time in which we are living. Past revivals have revealed portions of the truth over the centuries, but each revival occurred within the context of an overall blindness inherent in the time of captivity.

That time has ended, if my understanding of timing is accurate.

With this anticipation in mind, we ought to prepare our hearts to take leadership roles in the next outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Certain truths were important in past revivals, but New Covenant truth will be paramount in the next one.

In the Latter Rain movement of 1948-1952, the founders came to see the Restoration of All Things, but the world and the church were not yet ready for this. The movement split into two groups over this teaching. I have likened that movement to the 12 spies giving their report, and we know that the Israelites split over the good report and the evil report at that time. So also was it in the Latter Rain movement.

This time, however, with the removal of the Old Covenant veil, things will be different. The simple truth that God has vowed to do something, and our faith is in His ability to keep His vow, is what the New Covenant is all about. The church cannot see this as long as they depend upon the Old Covenant (man’s vow/decision/will) for their salvation. That mindset veils the truth of the New Covenant and its fulfillment in the Restoration of All Things.

A Tactical Shift in the Divine Plan

Under the beast systems, we have all been limited in our ability to change the world on a governmental level. Government was taken from the kings of Judah and given to “beasts” who were sure to abuse that authority. Beast systems are not called to bring in the Kingdom of God. Although they have legitimate authority in the sense that God gave them the Dominion Mandate, they are not called in the ultimate sense to establish divine government.

That calling has been given to the saints of the Most High, as Daniel calls them. But now that the captivity is ending, a shift is taking place. So far, we have been preparing for the future; but now we are making final preparations to implement divine government on a level not seen before. Nor was it possible in past centuries—at least not in a large way. It is true that the Protestant Reformation gave birth to many who studied Christian government, and that America itself was established on the principles of biblical law and government as best they could.

However good as those efforts were, however, they failed in the end, and for this reason the great American Experiment failed, ending in captivity to Mystery Babylon. The intent of the Declaration of Independence was very good, but its implementation was partial. The principles of liberty were applied to white people and denied to others. In the end, slavery continued, and the government gave itself the right to break numerous treaties with Native tribes.

Proof of God’s displeasure is in the fact that America was put into captivity in 1913/14. Twenty years later the nation was put into bankruptcy (1933), and the creditors/bankers changed our form of government from a Christian Republic to a Secular Democracy that was consistent with the principles of Babylonian law and (lack of) biblical morality.

Since we lacked the authority to overrule Babylon, no amount of Christian politicking could prevent the nation’s slide into the depths of depravity, both public and private. Christians could do a little, but it was a losing battle.

Until now.

The Kingdom of God is within you, but it is meant to come forth from you as well. The Kingdom of God is more than an internal affair. God’s intent is to reclaim all that He has created, both the earth and the nations on its surface. That includes the governments and political entities which we call nations or states. This will not be done by force of arms but by the power of the Holy Spirit which alone can change hearts.

The tactic of beast governments is to rule by fear and by forcing its view of morality upon the people. Their advantage is that their moral laws fit quite well with the condition of mortal men. Left to themselves, mortal people have a desire to sin and ultimately demand the right to sin. Babylon’s governments not only allow that but also feed those desires.

Divine government goes against human nature, for it demands that we crucify the flesh and live according to the New Creation Man, led by the Spirit. Such government does not work well if God’s moral principles are imposed upon unwilling flesh. It can succeed only when the Spirit of God works within the hearts of men to change them from the inside out. Only when people shift their conscious identity from the old man to the new man can divine government really work, both individually and nationally.

Therefore, in the push to make America a Christian nation once again, let us realize that this is not possible apart from a massive move of the Holy Spirit. We cannot simply vote for good men who will pass better laws and expect to be successful in the end. We might be able to make a few improvements, but the overall effort can only fail in the end. There are too many carnal people who demand the right to sin.

Yet I am encouraged by the revelation that the Great Tribulation is now ending. We are in the transition from one age to another. I believe the Holy Spirit is soon going to be poured out in an unprecedented tsunami of divine love. Let’s not be caught unprepared or unaware.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones