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How the Homeschool movement is shaping America

Jul 17, 2018

The Homeschool movement began back in the 1970’s (as far as I remember). Prior to that time, the public schools were still relatively good. The first to decline were the big-city schools in the 1960’s, but small towns across America were generally very good.

The problem is really traceable back to the removal of public prayer from schools on June 17, 1963. SAT scores declined from an average of 980 in 1963 to 890 in the mid-1980’s. David Barton wrote an excellent book about this in 1988 called America: To Pray or Not to Pray. In his Preface, he wrote:

“In July 1987, God impressed me to do two things. First, I was to search the library and find the date that prayer had been prohibited in public schools. Second, I was to obtain a record of national SAT scores… spanning the last several decades. I didn’t know why, but I somehow knew that these two pieces of information would be very important.

“… I first obtained the SAT scores. I noticed that while the scores had been relatively stable from 1952-1962, their decline had been so rapid after 1963 that it seemed as if they were tumbling down a steep mountainside…

“In the fall, I had opportunity to present the two pieces of information to a U.S. Congressman. He, too, was amazed at the apparent correlation…. He stared at the chart, shook his head, and declared, ‘Someone ought to research this!’…

“The removal of school prayer was the judicial ‘toe-hold’ needed to extract the beliefs which had long been held as fundamental to education.

“The return of school prayer will be a signal that the first step has been taken not only toward recognizing God, but toward returning His system upon which our traditional moral, ethical, and disciplinary standards are based.”

That is how David Barton began his long search of statistical information from the various agencies of the federal government. The fundamental issue is whether or not governments are “under God” (as the Pledge of Allegiance puts it). Our Declaration of Independence says that “we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.” The Supreme Court interpreted this to mean that all rights come from God and that government only has the power to grant privileges.

So governments may grant its citizens the privilege to sin, but such privileges are a misuse of government authority. The American form of government, as established at the beginning, was given only authority under God—without usurping the sovereignty of God. That changed in 1933 a few days after President Roosevelt took office. The secularization of America began, and from that point on, it was inevitable that school prayer would be outlawed.

Looking back on it from today’s perspective, it is clear that America has been “dumbed down” and that the educational system has been a failure. Good teachers have left the profession in droves. Not many teachers enjoy teaching in big city schools. Students graduate without having the ability to read or to do simple math. American students do not know any history, and many cannot even identify a single nation on a map.


The Education Revolt

Every time the government fails, there is a backlash among the people themselves. So it is with the public school system. Parents began to see that if they really wanted to give their children a proper education, they had to do it themselves. (Of course, some parents just revolted without having the ability to educate their children properly, and this too was a problem.)

In the 1970’s the US Supreme Court gave the right to mothers to kill their babies, and this soon progressed into many other “rights” of immorality being actively taught to children as young as kindergarten. These things spawned the Homeschool movement, and parents began to take responsibility upon themselves to educate their children or to send them to a private Christian school.

In 1993, when we moved from Arkansas to Washington state, we had hardly settled into our rented house when the news showed a drive-by shooting at the school where our children were expected to attend. Our children then begged to be home schooled, and that is how we began homeschooling. Prior to that time, when we lived in a small town in Arkansas, it was not as critical that we homeschool. There were still some Babylonian ideas that all public teachers were required to impose upon the children, but most of the teachers only half-heartedly taught those things, and we were able to correct those teachings at home.

But in 1993, when we moved to Washington, we soon heard on the news that the school system was trying to solve the great mystery. That year the state was missing about 900,000 students that should have been enrolled in its public schools. The mystery of the missing children was obvious to me, of course. They were being homeschooled!

We now have a generation of young adults who were either homeschooled or public schooled. Overall, the homeschooled adults just think differently from their counterparts, because they were not enculturated in the ways of Babylon. This has contributed to the divisions in America that we see today. We are not all united in Babylonian language and culture.

The Effect on Politics

I have no doubt that this has also manifested in the political realm over the years. During the 1990’s, when President Bill Clinton redefined “is” in a legalistic way and led the way in normalizing immoral behavior, there was a generation in America that revolted against his poor example. The polarization of America then began to be really visible.

President George W. Bush won the election in 2000, largely because a large segment of the population were tired of Clinton’s embarrassing personal life. However, then Bush led us into the war with Afghanistan and Iraq, setting up torture chambers, complete with the medieval Catholic waterboarding tactics at Guantanamo and other offshore facilities run by the CIA.

So when Obama ran for president on a platform of “change,” many people voted for him, because he promised to close down Guantanamo and get us out of Iraq. Of course, as I said at the time, it’s far easier to get into a war than to end it. At the time, it was mainly the Republican (war) Party that was being used by the Deep State to destabilize the Mideast. So the only changes we got brought us further into Babylonian culture, most notably the legalization and normalization of gay marriage.

The Trump phenomenon was again built upon widespread dissatisfaction with the previous administration. But this time was different, because he was backed by dissidents within the government agencies and by the many generals that Obama fired. Reports identify this group as the “Star State.” The division within our own government finally emerged, and in 2012 the dissenters asked Trump to run for president.

They had four years to prepare for the next election in 2016, and ultimately they succeeded. The Deep State backed Hillary Clinton, but they were outmaneuvered by the Star State. Then the real battle began, as the Deep State was in a state of panic. As Trump began to nominate generals to oversee the various government agencies, the Deep State knew that it would no longer be able to hide their past crimes or to shield the pedophile rings and other shady operations being run from their offices.

Blindness is being removed now, and the winds of change have begun to blow. Most people do not understand what is happening, because they do not know the law of God and therefore they do not understand prophecy either. The law is prophetic, and anyone who does not study the law will have a skewed view of prophecy that makes it impossible to understand what is really going on today.

The blindness factor relates closely to the education problem as a whole. As God removes the veil that is spread over all nations, the people will be able to recognize truth when they see it. The spell of Babylonian witchcraft has weakened noticeably. All the years of spiritual warfare that we and others have done are now paying off.

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