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GKM Office Tour

Jul 17, 2018

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GKM Office Tour

Dr. Jones gives a tour of the GKM office, and how things are progressing in it.

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Well, this is a recording - sort of an introduction to God's Kingdom Ministries.

This is our sign right outside the office, and the office is next to University Avenue out here. And...there's a car.

We're in a strip mall - it's called "Moon Plaza." You can see the sign out there.

This is the door. So, let's go on in.

It's more of a warehouse here with books everywhere. And, my hat. Now, we have this built up here and we have it blocked off, so that - here is the studio! We have it all set up here with lights,

(Joshua) Cameras.

(Steve) Cameras,

(David) Little bit of action.

(Steve) Whiteboard. There's Dave.

(David) I'll get out the way.

And Josh, and Jonathan, and of course, Sherry.

So, anyway, if we keep going past my cluttered library we should be getting another book shelf or two, so that I don't have to have books on the floor - that's my "to-do" list that I still have to read.

And other books that are already packed in on the shelf are the books that I've already read, but they don't fit on the shelf yet. And so, behind the studio we have shelves. And there's Joel.

Books, retail books in the background. And this is my main computer where I sit and do my weblogs. Notice all the clutter? Hey, I cleaned off that shelf yesterday, so it doesn't look like that one anymore.

This is our second computer that we need.

And as we come into the back, this is sort of a room that we do everything in. Meeting room, entertain visitors, when the Weavers are here they set up their computers back here and do whatever they need to do.

And, of course, we have the Ten Commandments - that's in marble. And our motto: "Sit Long - Talk Much," and that's what we do - we follow that to the letter.

And back here we have coffee and tea, and another printer, a color printer back there. And these are hard copies of my weblogs since, oh what, since 2005? I have them all in three-ring binders, there's about 6-months-worth in each of those.

So, that is the tour of the office - the official tour. So, that should do it!

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