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Facebook's financial crisis

Jul 26, 2018

The media giant, Facebook, is in crisis mode today, after its stock price tumbled 19% overnight. Loss of stock value is about $120 billion overnight.


Interestingly enough, Q predicted this on July 24, when he said, “Something BIG is about to DROP.”

He repeated this last night after the big drop began, and this time he linked the "drop" to Facebook.

Facebook, along with U-Tube and Twitter, have been at the forefront of the media war against Trump and anyone who supports him in the past couple of years. The importance of the Social Media has been exaggerated in recent years with the decline of newpaper and television influence.

CNN is now the “least trusted” of the newscasts.


CNN has lost half of its viewers in just the past year.


It's been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets.

Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC, dropping 45 percent.

The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN's ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC's 52 percent.

The MSM (mainstream news), says Trump, is America’s greatest enemy. Q calls it the propaganda arm of the Deep State. It is clear that Trump is winning this media war, as more than 70% of the American people now believe that the MSM deliberately lies or distorts the truth. The MSM has lost all sense of fairness and impartiality in its reporting.

The alt media is hardly impartial either, of course. This is a war, after all. Truth and war are never best friends.

In 1918 US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson is purported to have said: The first casualty when war comes is truth. However, this was not recorded. In 1928 Arthur Ponsonby's wrote: The 'When war is declared, truth is the first casualty'.


[Sorry for the bad grammar in the quote above. That is how it reads on the site.]

U-Tube is also involved in the Social Media war. They have kicked off 93% of conservative subscribers in the past year, often over petty disputes. Free speech was sacred as long as it applied to them, but now their true colors are showing as they censor whoever they want.

Twitter, too, which presents itself as a forum for free speech, is also involved in censoring those it disagrees with. In June Twitter lost its first round in a lawsuit against them.


The Social Media war is very real. We should be aware of it, whether it involves us directly or not. In the end, I believe a new Social Media giant will emerge to compete with the current monopolies, and then we will see a huge migration of followers. I don’t have much confidence that the present media giants will survive long into the future.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones