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Chronicling the Arkansas Flu epidemic

Jul 20, 2018

Over the years, ever since we lived in Arkansas in the 1980’s under Governor Bill Clinton, I have watched the steady increase in fatalities and suicides among the Clintons’ personal friends, supporters, bodyguards, and business associates. It is truly amazing how many have died shortly after announcing their intention of exposing the Clinton crimes. There are so many cases (well over 50 now) that one might conclude that it is really bad luck to know any illegal thing that the Clintons have done. It has come to be called Arkancide, or the Arkansas Flu.

It reminds me of reports out of some third-world countries in the past century.

Here is a rather short article that memorializes some of the Clinton casualties and the circumstances surrounding their tragic deaths.


Hillary Clinton has now set up her political PAC to run for president in 2020. Would you vote for a person who has lost so many personal friends and business associates in such mysterious ways over the years? Even if all this were just a long streak of bad luck, a superstitious person might not want to put such bad luck on the whole country. Not again.

Perhaps some good Democrats will develop a vaccine soon to counter this serious epidemic. It could save their lives!

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones