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A lunar eclipse sign? Or coincidence?

Jul 27, 2018

Here is a news report that Les Moonves [Moon??], the Chief Executive Officer of CBS, is going to be accused of sexual misconduct in The New Yorker.


The New Yorker is poised to publish an article by Ronan Farrow that includes allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of embattled CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, The Hollywood Reporter has learned…

Farrow, the reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged pattern of rape and sexual assault, is said to have investigated Moonves and the environment at CBS for months, as rumors swirled through the industry that such an article was in the works.

This seems to be a sign of Hurricane Harvey, Part 2. I believe that last year’s Hurricane Harvey was the forerunner of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that hit the news last October. Weinstein was exposed by Ronan Farrow, who then sparked the “Me Too” movement. Now the same journalist is exposing Les Moonves.

The Weinstein expose shook Hollywood and the film industry. The Moonves expose is likely to shake up the mainstream media. Moonves started out as a second-rate actor in forgettable roles, before giving up and moving into the news media business.

The Wikipedia tells us:

Moonves was born to a Jewish family[9][10] in New York City, the son of Josephine (Schleifer) and Herman Moonves,[11][12] and grew up in Valley StreamNew York.

Moonves is a great-nephew of Paula Ben-Gurion, wife of David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel.


Under the heading, “Paula Ben-Gurion,” the Wikipedia says,

Paula Munweis (later Ben-Gurion) was born in Russia and raised in the United States.


So the name Moonves appears to be originally, Munweis, and that it was altered to Moonves in America. So once again this sign, coinciding with the lunar eclipse, might have a connection or application to the Israeli state.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones