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Weekend interruption

Jun 25, 2018

Sorry I did not write a weblog on Saturday or today.

When I arrived home last Friday evening, I discovered that we had company from out of state. They left close to 11 a.m. Monday morning.

It was a good visit, of course, with non-stop talking all day long over the week end. Diane is a life-long friend of Darla’s. They first met in grade school in the previous eon and have kept in touch all these years, though we have seen them only a few times over the years.

Diane’s husband, Richard, had many interesting stories to tell. We laughed constantly. He’s one of those men who seems to know something about everything, especially in the mechanical and trucking industries. He was also a pilot in the military back in the 1950's. Both Diane and Richard are now retired and are traveling the country, so they stopped at our house to visit for a few days.

I hope to continue with part 2 of the current study tomorrow.

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