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Jun 06, 2018

I attended two seminars in the past few days, first on Saturday, then another on Monday and Tuesday. The second was out of town.

I had hoped that the new computer would be fully ready by the time I returned to the office, but visitors slowed down that progress. So today we are still putting the finishing touches on the transfer of files.

I don’t know if I will be able to do a weblog later in the day but wanted you to know that I have returned safe and sound, having learned a great deal of useful information in the past few days. I also made some good contacts, and I expect those friendships to bear much fruit in the coming years.

Today we are also building something like a studio in my office where I can do videos using a whiteboard. That will give me the ability to present studies using time lines and such to help present things that would otherwise be somewhat confusing to the average person who might listen to it.

We will steadily make improvements in the next few months, but it all takes time. I am getting advice and help from a number of experienced sources, so that is nice.

Things are progressing, but I apologize for the interruption in the blogosphere.

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