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Jun 29, 2018

House Passes Resolution to Force DOJ to Hand Over Documents

The House passed a resolution Thursday, June 28, demanding the DOJ to comply with its requests to see all documents related to the Russia collusion investigation. The vote passed on party lines. The Democrats don’t want congress to see the “evidence,” and the Republicans do want to see it, except for one Republican who merely voted “present.”


While the resolution is not enforceable, Republicans say they wanted to send a clear message to the DOJ and are vowing to impeach or hold senior officials in contempt of Congress if they don’t comply with their document request.

It seems that Rod Rosenstein is between a rock and a hard place. If he complies, it could prove only that Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russians and that the Trump campaign had done nothing wrong. But if he does not comply, he could be impeached.

Russians Call Mueller’s Bluff

On April 20, Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians over the supposed hack of its server in 2016. They were surprised when the Russians named in the suit hired a law firm to represent them in court, intending to fight the charges.


Then they actually showed up for the hearing, demanding to see the evidence against them—which, of course, is their right.


The Russians called Mueller’s bluff, and Mueller tried to back off, claiming he was not ready to present his evidence, but the judge would not allow him to postpone it. It will be interesting to see what happens in that case. I have not heard any further news on this.

Trump’s Speech in Duluth, June 20, 2018

The president came to Duluth on June 20 to support Pete Stauber’s bid for election to congress.

Trump wasted little time introducing Pete Stauber, the Hermantown politician and retired Duluth police lieutenant who won the GOP endorsement in the race for the open seat in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District. Trump said throughout the speech that more Republicans were needed in Congress to help him complete his agenda.

"Pete is a great guy," Trump said. "You've got to get Pete a victory."

Stauber had asked the president during a phone call in March to campaign with him in Duluth. 


More and more people are showing up at Trump’s speeches wearing “Q” shirts and hats, showing how the “Q” phenomenon is spreading fast.


Trump himself has to be careful not to mention Q or to acknowledge this movement directly, but he does make a few gestures to suggest to the people that Q is for real. Here is an example. The link below takes you to the 4chan site where a short video is located (post #1842592)


The man that Trump pointed to was recording it on his cell phone camera. He posted it online, and it is much clearer there that Trump did indeed point him out. (Sorry, I can’t locate that video now.)

The news media is now being forced to acknowledge Q as well. Of course, they treat it as if it is a “cult,” trying to get people to believe that Q is some stupid person, probably homeless, who has nothing better to do with his time. They ignore the fact that Q often posts pictures from Air Force 1 while Trump is traveling the world.

A good site that analyses the Q posts in depth is: www.qproofs.com

Trump-Putin Summit Set for July 16

President Trump has been unable to meet with Russian president Putin earlier, because the news media would have spun it as evidence of Russian collusion. But now that enough time has been given to Robert Mueller to investigate and no evidence of collusion has been produced, Trump feels confident that he can hold a summit with Putin.

Trump sent his National Security Advisor, John Bolton, to Russia this week to make the final arrangements, and yesterday they announced that the summit would take place in Helsinki, Finland on July 16.


This summit is related to Trump’s strategy in dealing with Iran. Q has said that after making peace with North Korea, he would focus on Iran. But to deal with Iran, Trump must first deal with Russia, because of the Russia-Iran alliance.

Trump’s opposition, of course, did not want peace with North Korea, nor do they now want peace with Russia. I find it very enlightening to see the secret warmongers come to the surface. It used to be that the warmongers were primarily in the Republican Party. But now that Trump has overwhelmed them, the Deep State has turned to its remaining allies in the Democratic Party and the news media.

How times change!

Such shift in politics only exposes their hearts. Trump’s enemies are scared to death that he might actually bring peace to the world—and get credit for it! They were appalled when the South Korean president stated that Trump ought to get the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.


The Nobel Prize committee, however, is not likely to give its peace prize to Donald Trump, even though they awarded the prize to President Obama before he did anything! When peace did not happen, they wished they could take it back!

They may be forced to give the peace prize to Trump just to regain some credibility.

On June 27, 2018, Q post #1603 spoke directly to Trump’s enemies, saying:

If you are smart (stupid) you know what just occurred at the meeting in Russia.
Attempts to frame Russia / POTUS (optics) are failing and will soon be exposed.
[Objective] to keep POTUS away from PUTIN failed.
Bolton plus Putin should scare you.

In other words, Q is telling us that the Deep State has tried very hard to maintain a cold war between the US and Russia. They have done this in part by promoting the idea that Russia interfered with the US elections in 2016, but this anti-Russian policy goes back another 20-30 years to the Wolfowitz Doctrine and the Brzezinski Doctrine.

These policies seek to destroy any country that wants to be independent of the will of the US government. Russia is considered to be the biggest threat, simply because of its land mass. Russia’s potential in connecting Europe to China threatens to derail US maritime power by shifting trade to overland routes instead of shipping (ocean) routes. Such a shift would inevitably bring about the rise of Russia and the decline of American influence. The Deep State’s solution has been to suppress Russia and treat it like an enemy.

Putin tried very hard to be friends with Europe and America, but he was cast aside. The only reason Russia is an “enemy” is because the US worked very hard to make it so.

But now that wartime policy is crumbling under the Trump administration. Peace with Russia was delayed, but the tide has turned, and the Deep State has finally lost the battle. However, desperation breeds “false flag” incidents. We should be vigilant and not be complacent. False flags have been used to start virtually every war in the past century. If they can do so, they will again do something to derail peace with Russia and Iran.

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