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Ministry progress report

Jun 21, 2018

Now that I have finished the final weblog in my commentary on Second Corinthians, I feel like I have completed what was needed to have a rather complete curriculum for the Bible School.

Of course, I still have books to polish and proof. I have done my part in three of the four books on First Corinthians and am half way through the fourth book. When I am done with them, I hand them over to my wife, who proofs each book twice, and then we send them to Rhoda, who does the final proof. By that time, most of the typos should be caught and fixed.

There will only be one book on Second Corinthians. As it stands now, it is 150 pages long. I will need to proof it next, followed by the commentary on First John. As you can see, I am running behind on getting these into print. I create more work for myself than I can handle.

I hope to have the Corinthians books completed and ready by the time of the Branson conference in September. If I am really lucky, I might even have First John completed.

What is Next?

There is so much that I want to do in the future! It’s hard to prioritize my time because I will be doing many things at the same time. I learned many years ago not to start another project until I have finished the previous one. However, I can’t follow that rule very well, because I can’t just stop doing weblogs while I finish polishing the previous books. As you know, I have continued to the next commentary before putting the previous one into print. That put me behind schedule, but that is life.

In completing the Bible College courses, I am now seeing the need to do college prep courses. Not everyone is ready to do a full study of a commentary on a book of the Bible. Most of you are used to it by this time, but the average Christian is not. If our goal is to reach out to average Christians and even non-believers, I have to write material for those who are yet in primary school, spiritually speaking. (One’s biological age is not really a factor in this.)

Actually, that is the idea behind the tracts that I am putting together as single sheets with three columns in a trifold format. We here are truly excited about these. Simplicity and clarity is the most important thing in these short tracts. I have already been testing the first of these tracts on a few people to gauge their response. So far the response has been very good, and even new people understand what is written.

I will be sending you the first one, God’s Promise to You, with the July FFI, assuming that you are on the mailing list. If not, you can send me a stamped envelope with your address on it, and I can send you a copy without putting you on the mailing list.

I have finished another one as well, God’s Purpose for Your Life, and it only needs some simple artwork on the front page to be complete. We plan to finish that one in time for the next month’s mailing. I have ideas for a few more as well. The first two are for primary school. Others will be for secondary school or high school insofar as their understanding of the Scriptures is concerned.

Updating Secrets of Time

I also plan to do a series of booklets that break Secrets of Time into smaller, bite-size pieces. At the same time, this material will be updated, because each year that passes brings more new developments in the course of prophetic history. My last revision was in 2007, shortly after we reached the 2,520 years since the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem under Ezra’s ministry.

Since then, we reached another major endpoint in 2009-2010, which began the Elisha signs. Again, in 2014-2017 we came to the end of the time of the Babylonian “beast” nations, which had been given the Dominion Mandate in the days of Jeremiah. We are now seeing how their power is being undermined in 2018 in preparation for the collapse of Mystery Babylon.

More important than Babylon’s collapse is the re-empowerment of the overcomers, known to Daniel as “the saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7:22, 27 KJV). The Dominion Mandate has already been transferred to the “saints,” but it takes a bit of time to implement a peaceful transfer of authority.

Note that in Deuteronomy 31:23 Joshua was commissioned to take the land of Canaan and to lead the Israelites to their promised inheritance; however, it took five years to conquer most of the land, and the tribes received their inheritance two years later in their first Sabbath year.

Likewise, when the Dominion Mandate was given to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in the days of Jeremiah (607 B.C.), it took him three years to take Jerusalem (604). The Mandate gives authority, but it always takes some time to conquer the land and apportion the inheritance.

So how does this apply to us? Our situation is more complex than what we see in biblical times.

Incremental Transfers of Authority

Authority comes on various levels, and each has its own time cycle—in this case, its own endpoint. Looking back on the last 25 years, things are much clearer than they were when this process started.

In 1993 we reached the 40th Jubilee of the church (Pentecost), which began in 33 A.D. on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. (40 x 49 is 1,960 years). Properly speaking, the church’s 40th YEAR of Jubilee would have been 1993-1994.

This cycle represented the 40 years of the reign of Saul, the Pentecostal king. So, as we have often said, “Saul” died on Pentecost, May 30, 1993. That was the point where the first transfer of authority took place from “Saul” to “David.”

But if you look at the story of David, you will see that he received only partial authority (over just one tribe, Judah) for 7 ½ years (2 Samuel 5:4, 5). His authority was transitional, and so also we observed that the overcomers were given partial authority on May 30, 1993. Their authority was not complete until 7 ½ years later (November 30, 2000). During the interim, we found that we had enough authority to do much spiritual warfare as we gained strength (revelation).

Then on November 30, 2000 the overcomers were given full authority over “Saul,” ensuring that the overcomers would rule the Kingdom in the age to come. The church disputed this in January 2001, and so we found ourselves fighting a series of spiritual battles until our final victory in November 2001. One of the evidences of those battles was seen on September 11, 2001.

However, this only involved the transfer of authority from Saul to David, that is, from the realm of Pentecost to Tabernacles. The greater transfer had yet to come in 2014-2017, when the Dominion Mandate was passed from Babylon to the saints of the Most High.

First we had to secure the throne rights of the Kingdom from 1993-2001. Then we were in a position to receive the Dominion Mandate from the world system of Babylon from 2014-2017.

Now we are seeing the result of this transfer. The warfare (as a whole) has already been accomplished in previous years. We are now observing the results of our labor, even as we prepare ourselves for the calling that lies ahead.

Preparing for Kingdom Life

There is much preparation to be done. The books, tracts, and videos are all part of this preparation.

The more we learn about Kingdom life, the better we will be able to “rule” and to fulfill the responsibilities of rulership, which is largely to teach others how to be good Kingdom citizens. The church was supposed to do this in the past centuries (during the reign of “Saul”), but their success was somewhat limited, mostly because they did not fully comprehend that New Covenant salvation was based upon the promise of God.

That has been a major point of blindness. The Old Covenant “veil” (2 Corinthians 3:14) has given the church a partial understanding of the nature of God and His plan to restore all things and to reconcile the entire universe (Colossians 1:20).

To rule properly, one must have a clear grasp of the New Covenant, because this is the foundation of the entire Kingdom structure. We must know the simple truth that the New Covenant is God’s promise to man, while the Old Covenant is man’s promise to God. That is why I am putting this into my first simple tract: God’s Promise to You, subtitled, The Really Good News.

We will build upon this foundation as we proceed, so that we can guide new believers into the truths of the Kingdom that God has promised.

I really believe that we are on the brink of a great shift from one age to another. While there will be important dates to watch, this will not happen overnight. We have been seeing this shift at least since 1993, one step at a time. Since we don’t yet seem to be getting any younger, this shift can be terribly slow from our point of view. But from God’s perspective, things are happening very rapidly. Ages are like mountains. An earthquake can move them, but it takes more time to cast them into the sea.

Nonetheless, we have made much progress in the last 25 years. When I started this ministry, I did not know how long it would take. I only knew which direction to walk. I knew that we were heading toward the Tabernacles manifestation of the Kingdom, but I did not know that it would take this long. It has been a progressive revelation, and time has seasoned all of us with patience and the knowledge of God.

I can honestly say that we are far more prepared now than we were in the past to utilize the Kingdom authority that we have been given. If the full measure of Kingdom authority had been dumped upon us all at once, none of us would have been able to handle it responsibly. Time has taught us many things about the mind of God, His ways, and His laws. We have learned how to conduct spiritual warfare according to New Covenant methods, using the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word. While some scoffed, having little or no confidence that such warfare could be effective, we have persisted, and now we are seeing the fruit of our labors in the world.

Yesterday’s News Event

President Trump was in Duluth, Minnesota last evening to make a speech at a political rally. I watched it on television. Here is an interesting picture of Trump as he walked into the packed auditorium. Notice the Q on the sweatshirt in the front row. Q has caught the imagination and has inspired millions of people in recent months.


See also this, which Q posted yesterday:


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