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Good report from Vinnie

Jun 29, 2018

Vinnie sent me this report on his evangelistic trip:

Hello Family, Friends and Fellow Kingdom Builders,

God is moving on the streets of Prince George, B.C. Canada!

After an amazing 9 days where nearly 40 people gave their hearts to the Lord and around 30 were baptized in water at Tsay Keh Dene reserve,

we are now in Prince George where the anointing is flowing in the streets the last couple of nights. There have been powerful salvations, deliverances and healings!

At least a dozen or so have come to the Lord.  

God gave me a word of knowledge for a 55 year old homeless man who has been a Meth addict for decades that he was traumatized when he was 10.

He started crying about the sexual abuse and how he felt it was he fault all of these years. God gloriously healed his heart and I believe truly set him free.

A man had passed out from alcohol and stopped breathing, where we gathered around him and life came back to him!

Another woman was gloriously saved and delivered from alcohol.  The Lord also touched her stroke affected body.  She yelled out "Holy Sh-t, Holy Sh-t"!  I asked

if that was a good "Holy Sh-t and she yelled Yes, Yes!!!  All glory to Jesus!

We will be out again tomorrow night, then have a meeting on Sunday.  We head to Red Deer, Alberta then to Vancouver where we fly out on July 9th to Italy.

God has now not only provided round trip tickets for our entire family, but a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, for us to stay in for the three months.

We are believing God for $5,000 to help purchase a van for the ministry we are working with in Naples.  It will also be a huge help in getting us to some other countries

where the Lord is opening up doors of ministry; France, possibly Norway, U.K. possibly even Germany and Iceland. We will need other funds as well.

Our call is sharpening and the anointing is increasing!  There is an impartation of glory being released where the body is being activated to come out it it's comfort zone

and get in the streets, love the lost and disciple them.  God is doing this by His amazing grace!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  If you like to make a onetime or monthly donation, please visit us at; www.imperialfamilyministries.com

You can also check us out on Facebook.  For those who don't do Facebook, we should hopefully getting some new videos up on our youtube channel.

One will be of a young man from India who WAS a Sikh who get powerfully saved at the Prince George outreach!

Blessings and love in Christ,

Vinnie and the Imperial Family


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