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Arkansas Flu takes another victim

Jun 19, 2018


It’s hard to survive as a witness testifying against the Clintons. So many have been murdered or suicided (Arkancide) over the years. The known body count is now close to 50, if you include those killed during the time that Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.

A personal friend of mine barely escaped certain death after he was sent to investigate the Clintons many years ago. He lived to tell the tale after deciding that his family was more important than the investigation.

Larry Nichols says he used to be the Clinton’s main hitman, assassinating people around the world on their behalf. He dares the government to arrest him for murder! He would now be happy to tell the judge what he knows and put it on the public record.


Justice grinds slowly, but it is coming. Justify won the Triple Crown last week.

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Category: Corruption
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones