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Upcoming Tabernacles Conference in September

May 31, 2018

Dr. Jones will be speaking at the upcoming Tabernacles Conference in early September.

James Bruggeman of Stone Kingdom Ministries will be hosting this conference in Branson, MO September 7th-9th at the Chateau on the Lake where GKM has hosted a few Tabernacles Conferences in the past.

Invited speakers are:

Debra Fields Buck, from OK
Rob Corry, PA
Stephen Jones, of God’s Kingdom Ministries, MN
Ron Oja, MN
and James Bruggeman, NC.

This conference WILL NOT be live streamed. For further details as well as room rates, deadlines, location and more please refer to the link below.


God Bless You All and we hope to see you there!

GKM Admin/Support Team

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