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The One Year Flood

May 04, 2018

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Hi, this is Stephen Jones again. Time for a cuppa with my friends down under, and those of you who are up top and over, you're welcome to listen as well.

Yesterday in my video, I mis-spoke here, I wasn't really thinking, I was talking about September 28 which was the end of the 150 days after the flood dating or beginning on May 2, the other day, and actually yes there is that 150 days, but that is when the ark rested upon Mount Ararat - it was not when Noah actually came out of the ark.

We read in Genesis 8:14, and it says:

14 In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was dry.

15 Then God spoke to Noah, saying, 16 “Go out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and your sons’ wives with you.

And so this was a year later. Actually, by the Hebrew calendar it was a year and 10 days from the 17th day of the second month to the 27th day of the second month one year later. So actually, we have another time cycle involved in this as well - we're going to have to wait another year before we actually come out of the ark, according to this time cycle.

Now, what does that mean? Well, of course, Moses was dealing with a lunar calendar, which is what the Hebrew calendar was based upon. 12 lunar months or 12 full lunar cycles (12 full moons, if you will) is 354-and-a-fraction days. A solar year is 10 or 11 days later, 365-and-a-quarter days.

Of course in the biblical calendars, for the purposes of prophecy, a year is 360 days. Because it's the mean distance between a solar year and a lunar year. So, they talk about a time being 360 days in a short-term prophesy, or a time being 360 years in a long-term prophecy.

And so, when we look at this Genesis 8:14 and 15, where it talks about Noah coming out of the ark, this is about 1 solar year later. It's from one month to the other, on the Hebrew calendar I should say it's from one year to the other. I should say 12 months. The 12 lunar months would run about 10 or 11 days short of a solar year. And so, if Noah came out of the ark 1 year and 10 days later, that is virtually the equivalent of a 1-year cycle.

So, we should watch May 2 of 2019 as a 1-year cycle from the beginning of this flood. So that's a little bit more long-term, I don't even have a notebook calendar yet for 2019, so I can't even mark it down. So if I forget it, let me know. Otherwise, I think that events are going to be proving things out, and if we see evidence of flooding for this next year. I don't think we'll forget that May 2 of next year, give or take a day, should be very important as a time marker of the end of this particular flood cycle.

Okay, looking at it some further. Somebody sent me a reminder - which I thought was excellent, I'm always grateful for people to make corrections, and to tell me some details that I may have forgotten. This isn't like writing, when I'm writing I think better. But when speaking, there's more pressure on it, and sometimes it's difficult, your mind goes blank, that sort of thing.

If the 5th day of Tabernacles is September 28, then the 8th day of Tabernacles would be the 153rd day. That's an interesting time as well, so the 8th day of Tabernacles this year is the 153rd day of this particular cycle. Hm, coincidence? Well I don't know. I don't think it's a coincidence, but time will tell. Time proves out all things, my opinion in the end doesn't really matter because the Divine plan will go on with or without me. Whether I understand it or not, and I will always be adjusting my thinking as the revelation unfolds, and as events unfold. So, I do the best with what I have now, but things can always change, and as I said we can always make corrections and additions and things like that. So you'll need to keep up with these reports, because every report is incomplete in itself, and so there's a progressive revelation. And I hope you'll forgive me for not knowing everything all at once.

When I was praying about Noah emerging from the ark, and this 1-year period, What came to mind was Isaiah 26:20, which says,

20 Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while until indignation runs its course. 21 For behold, the Lord is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain.

I've seen this verse, and have read it and been reminded of it for many years, and I've been wondering: When does this actually apply? Now the standard Christian viewpoint would apply this perhaps to The Great Tribulation, which they conceive of as a 7-year period where they antichrist rises up and all that. Now, of course, those who believe in the rapture believe that they are exempt from this, so I'm not sure how they would apply this. Unless, maybe going to heaven for 7 years, or 3-and-a-half years as some believe, might be the "entering into the room". Maybe it's a room in the mansion that they have in heaven or something like that, I'm not sure.

But, this word "indignation" is an interesting word. Because it very literally means to foam at the mouth like as maybe a camel might do, so the lexicons tell us. But, it actually means anger, or divine judgement as it were.

There are many verses that deal with this. For instance Isaiah 10:5 says,

5 Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger and the staff in whose hands is My indignation, 6 I send it against a godless nation and commission it against the people of My fury to capture booty and to seize plunder, and to trample them down like mud in the streets.

Now this is, of course, a prophecy about God sending the Assyrians to destroy and to deport the house of Israel, the northern tribes of Israel. God says that "Assyria is the staff in whose hand is My indignation, the rod of my anger". So, again, indignation has to do with divine judgment coming upon a Godless people.

Again in isaiah 13:4-6 we read,

4 ... The Lord of hosts is mustering the army for battle. 5 They are coming from a far country, from the farthest horizons, The Lord and His instruments of indignation, to destroy the whole land. 6 Wail, for the day of the Lord is near! It will come as destruction from the Almighty.

So, once again, indignation has to do with divine judgment, and God's indignation is being expressed here. Finally, I think the real point of this, if we look at the current situation where the Israeli state and the Iranians are on the brink of war - I don't know if they actually will go to war or not, but I think something is going to happen, and at some point, as you know from previous studies, I believe that Jerusalem is going to be destroyed according to the prophecy of Jeremiah 19:10-11, and also Isaiah 29:1-6.

But, in Isaiah 34 you have another one of these prophecies, and it's not usually applied to the Israeli state, because it's actually applied against Edom. It deals with the controversy of Zion, that is a big subject and we can't deal with all of that here, I talked about this in my book The Struggle for the Birthright. It's really a struggle between Jacob and Esau, Esau is Edom, and Jacob is Israel.

There is a prophetic controversy going on here, which Isaiah references in Isaiah 34, and the controversy is really over who has the right to the birthright. And, by extension, who has the right to own the land of Palestine or Canaan or Israel or however you want to express it. Who really has that right? That is a legal question which is rather complex, and we can't deal with it all here.

In a nutshell, in the book of Genesis, we read that Jacob was the one who was to receive the birthright and the elder shall serve the younger, that is, the elder was Esau "Edom" and he was to serve his younger brother, Jacob. You see this also in Romans 9.

Though Jacob was a believer, he was also carnal. So, when it came time that Isaac wanted to pass on this blessing and birthright to Esau - because that was the favorite son, and he was the oldest, and by law normally he would have gotten that birthright. Nonetheless, Jacob's mother panicked, and Jacob went along with it as well.

So, we read that Jacob lied to his father in order to get the blessing. Now, his father was blind so he could only go by the voice. He thought he recognized Jacob's voice rather than Esau, but Jacob said "Oh yeah, I'm really Esau, yeah." So, Jacob stole the identity of Esau in order to obtain the birthright.

He was trying to fulfill prophecy in an unlawful manner. You can't do that, you will never get away with doing something like that. Even if it is the divine plan, you cannot violate the law in order to get it. The fact was that Jacob, at that time in his life, did not have sufficient faith in God, and he thought God needed a helping hand from the power of flesh. He thought that he could fulfill prophecy, and God would excuse him, when he lied about it in order to get it.

You see, he did not understand the sovereignty of God yet. He didn't understand that God didn't need any help. There's no panic in heaven, and just because Isaac was about to bless Esau did not mean that Jacob had the right to lie to his father. He should have had faith that no matter what happens, he knew that if this was prophesied, he would get it in the end. Regardless of how bad the situation looked, regardless of how much it looked like prophecy was failing. He should have had faith in God. He should not have that "God helps those who helps themselves."

It wasn't until many years later, when he wrestled with the angel, that he finally discovered that God really was sovereign. He lost the wrestling match, and in losing he won. He prevailed by losing. He didn't prevail over the angel, by the time that wrestling match was over he was just hanging on, that's all he could do.

But he won because of a revelation that he had, because suddenly he realized: He was not fighting Esau, he was fighting God. That was a huge revelation. So, when he understood that God rules, that God was sovereign, he got a new name to bear that testimony of the sovereignty of God. That new name was Israel.

Anytime a name ends in "el" (which means God), God is always doing the action. So, it doesn't mean that man is ruling with God, because that focuses upon man. It means that God rules. God is sovereign, and when Jacob had that revelation, he got the name that would be a living testimony of the sovereignty of God. That is what made him an overcomer.

Now, that's the classic story. But, the controversy continued long-term, because Esau lost the birthright, but he always felt that it was his, rightfully. He never accepted or understood the revelation of God. He always thought he got a bad deal. He was bitter. He was angry, and he was bloodthirsty all through the history.

Now, years later (in about 126 B.C.), the Judaites conquered the Edomites. They gave them a choice of either converting to Judaism, or being exiled out of the land. They could go anywhere else they wanted, but Judah was going to take over their land.

Well, according to Josephus, the vast majority of them decided that they want to stay in their land. So they all converted in mass to Judaism. It was a forceable conversion, even though they were given a choice. It was really by coercion, if you want to get technical.

In this coercion, we saw an alliance between Edom and Judah. Edom was incorporated into Jewry, and from then on there is no more nation of Edom - or in the Greek if you prefer, it's Idumea (that's the Greek form of Edom.) Idumea or Edom ceased to be a separate nation from Judah. So, Judah was now a composite of Edom and Judah, along with Benjamin and some of Levi.

Well, what are the implications of that? First of all, in 1948 when the Israeli state was established (70 years next week), it was not allowed, by God's law, to be established under the authority of Judah. Because Judah had been sent into captivity, and Judah was not allowed to return unless they repented of their hostility towards Jesus Christ. That is part of the Law of Tribulation in Leviticus 26:40-42.

It is only when they repent that God would change the situation. Well, the Jews have not repented as a nation, and yet they were able to establish the state which they call Israel in 1948. How did that happen? Well, there's a technical glitch here. It's because world Jewry also includes Edom.

Because Jacob had lied to get the birthright, he had taken it in an unlawful manner. That yet had to be rectified by law. So, eventually, Jacob was going to have to give this birthright back to Esau, so that the natural process could take place, whereby Edom (Esau) would prove himself to be unworthy of it. Then, according to the laws of inheritance, the firstborn son (Esau, in this case) could be disinherited in a lawful manner.

In that case, then Jacob could receive the birthright, in a lawful manner. I believe that this is the purpose of this 70-year cycle from 1948 to 2018. 70 years for which to prove themselves unworthy. 70 years in which to repent, if they were going to do so. But, scripture does not tell us anything about the repentance of Esau.

Now, we know in the Restoration of All Things that every knee will bow, every tongue will confess. But, we're not at that time yet. Every tongue won't confess, I believe, for another thousand years, at the Great White Throne. Meanwhile, what do we do today? How is God treating the situation today? Because there's still this controversy going on, whether people realize it or not.

So, the nation that they call Israel is actually Edom. Which is really a combination of Edom, and the remnant of Judah. But, the government itself is Edom. Because Judah was not allowed, by law, to return to the land, and to reverse the captivity apart from repentance. That's the Law of Tribulation.

So, the birthright name is Israel. So, of course what happened if you look back, Jacob stole Esau's identity in order to get this in the first place. In order to fulfill prophecy. So, by the law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth this is what happened in 1948, in reverse. Esau, pretended to be Israel (Jacob) in order to get the birthright back.

So, it calls itself Israel, but it's really not Israel at all, and it never was. If Judah had been allowed to return, then it might have been able to take the name of Judah. But, they were not Israel from the start. Israel is the house of Joseph, it's the northern tribes that were taken to Assyria. Not the southern tribes that were taken to Babylon and returned. The northern tribes, called Israel, never returned. They're the ones that hold the actual birthright.

But, when the Jewish nation took the name Israel in 1948, they essentially usurped the birthright. They took it by the same means that Jacob had taken it from Esau way back in the book of Genesis. It's a brilliant plan. And, it is divine justice. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. So, Jacob took advantage of his father's blindness. In 1948, the church was blind, and the Edomites took advantage of that blindness as well.

So, the church has backed the Israeli state thinking they're backing Israel. When, in fact, they're backing Edom, and they don't know it. Because they don't know the scriptures, they don't understand the law, and they don't understand this process has worked since the book of Genesis.

So, this is the controversy of Zion. Who actually controls the dominion mandate, and the birthright (the fruitfulness mandate)? Who's is it? This is the great controversy. It's the controversy between Jacob and Esau. Or, between Israel and Edom, if you will.

This is what Isaiah 34 is talking about. Isaiah 34 is talking about the destruction of the old land. In Isaiah 34:2 it says,

2 For the Lord's indignation is against all the nations, and His wrath against all their armies; He has utterly destroyed them, He has given them over to slaughter.

Then verse 4 says,

4 And all the host of heaven will wear away, and the sky will be rolled up like a scroll;

Does that sound familiar? Jesus talked about that as a future prophecy. We're living in this time of the heavens being rolled up like a scroll.

4 ... All their hosts will also wither away as a leaf withers from the vine, or as one withers from the fig tree.

That's a veiled reference to the cursed fig tree in Matthew 21. which Jesus explained later, when that Fig tree brings forth more leaves, then you know that we're at the very end. Well, they leaves began to grow on the tree in 1948. I was taught that as a child. Virtually the whole church understands that the Israeli state is the fulfillment of that particular prophecy of leaves on the fig tree, because the fig tree was the national symbol of Judah.

But, what they don't seem to understand is that the tree was cursed in the first place, not because it had leaves, but because it had no fruit. And, when Jesus said that more leaves are going to be coming on the tree He didn't say anything about fruit. Why? Because Jesus cursed the fig tree and said "Let no fruit grow on thee, henceforward, forever." So, if fruit ever grows on that fig tree, Jesus will be proven to be a false prophet.

How is it then, that the Israeli state is going to all be converted, and suddenly they're going to all bear fruit unto God? Well, the only way they can say that, is if they take the prophecies of Israel, and apply them to the Israeli state. You can't do that, because these are two different people, and two different sets of prophecies.

This mis-application of prophecy is tricking the whole world. But, understand, God has blinded them in order to give the birthright name to the Jewish state, so that they could prove themselves to be unworthy. And, they will get all the help in the world that they can - from the US, from Europe, and many other places. But, in the end, they're not going to bear fruit.

So, the question has always been, in my mind, how long do they have left to bear fruit? How long before the judgment actually hits? How long before the indignation comes? Or, as we can say now, how long before the flood (which is the indignation) hits the land?

So, we continue reading in Isaiah 34:5,

5 For My sword is satiated in heaven, Behold it shall descend for judgment upon Edom and upon the people whom I have devoted to destruction.

Well, if Edom has ceased to exist 126 years before Christ was born, who in the world is going to fulfill this prophecy? That's a good question. The only people who it can be fulfilled in, are those who absorbed the Edomites into world Jewry. So, there is more than one set of prophecies that are being fulfilled in the Jewish people in general.

6 The sword of the Lord is filled with blood, it is sated with fat, with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams. For the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah, [the capitol of Edom] and a great slaughter in the land of Edom. ... 8 For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion.

That's the NASB translation. The King James, I think, is more accurate. It says: "... a year of recompense for the controversy of Zion." It's a controversy because it's a court case. The court case has two sides and they disagree. Jacob and Esau are squaring off, and they're each claiming the birthright, and they're each claiming the name of Israel. This is in the divine court, and that is what is about to be resolved. But the resolution here talks about a great slaughter in the land of Edom,

9 And its streams shall be turned into pitch, and its loose earth into brimstone, and its land shall become burning pitch. 10 It shall not be quenched night or day; its smoke shall go up forever. From generation to generation it shall be desolate; None shall pass through it forever and ever.

Well, that kind of conjures up a picture of a nuclear incident where the land is burning pitch; it doesn't mean a literal fire, but what about nuclear fallout? That's a type of fire, and if that goes on for generation after generation, the land, I believe, is going to be uninhabitable. Nobody's going to get it. Nobody. And the reason is because it includes the old Jerusalem, which is Hagar, which has to be cast out with her children. Okay?

So, there are many prophecies that all tie into this, but what's most important right now is that we are entering into our room (our closet, or whatever you want to call it) until the indignation is over pass. I wonder, then - it sure looks to me like the Israeli state is about to go into war, and they're about to get nuked, and they're about to get wiped out. That's what it looks like. My advice would be, if anybody is over there, get out - get out of town as quickly as you can. That's what I would say. And I wonder if maybe this is this “one-year cycle” that we're talking about before we come back out of the Ark.

So, I'm not saying that this is the timing of that, but it sure looks like this is going to happen in the coming year, and that that is what this flood is about. That's the negative side of the flood. The positive side, of course, is that there is a flood of the Holy Spirit coming, because His glory is going to fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. And I talked about that - you might want to review that chapter in Secrets of Time  where I talk about the flood, and the second flood that is coming and that is prophesied by the first flood. The first flood took the spirit of God out of mankind, and the second flood of the Holy Spirit, puts it back in. And it puts it back in three stages. Three doves being sent out - first at Mount Sinai, second in Jerusalem, and the third one is what is yet to come in our time.

Okay, so, one other thing, too.

When we finished our Jericho march, our main Jericho march, which was a seven-year program from the year 2000 to 2006, Tabernacles of 2000, and the seventh one was Tabernacles of 2006 (or actually the day of atonement in 2006), we ended this with a conference preceded by a prophetic meeting in Babylon, New York, on October 7th, 2006.

And what's interesting was we went to about 3 or 4 places, to do some prophetic work and make some decrees, and the second place where we went to was a cemetery called Mount Ararat. And that started a 150-day cycle to April 15 of 2007. Oh, sorry, 190 days, because at that time we took a 40-day period, and then added 150 days to that - that was how it worked back in those days. That was 12 years ago now.

Well, we're now coming into a secondary thing - again, a Jericho battle is involved, but this time it's more short-term. This is a seven-day cycle that overlays with the Feast of Unleavened Bread, so it's not a seven-year cycle anymore.

So, I don't know, maybe that indicates a "narrowing down" of this, or maybe we're coming to a head - maybe the whole situation is about ready to come to a head. Whatever it means, it looks like we have, first of all, a one-week period here ending the 6th of May, but then we also have a 150-day cycle to the 28th of September. Or, it's possible that it actually might be a 190-day cycle if you treat the 40 days as being separate from the 150 days, so you gotta add them together. If that's the case, I think that it comes out to the 7th of November of this year, and we'll watch that date, but I'm not really sure how that will manifest this time. It seems to be a little different from the way it was back in 2006 to 2007.

But again, events will prove all things out, so we will adjust our view according to what actually happens. We do know, here, that we should watch a year from now - May 2nd of 2019. That seems to be the point where we come out of the Ark - come out of the room where we have been hiding from this indignation, as it were.

So, that is our fairly long-term perspective from where we stand now, as far as our understanding is concerned.

So, I just wanted to share that with you, and I guess we'll just see you all later.

So, have a cuppa.

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