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May 08, 2018

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05/01/2018 - GKM Ministry Shift - Vlog


Hi. This is Stephen Jones again with your daily cuppa. This is for, again, our friends down under - and also for those who are up above.

What? Got milk?

I'm at the Weavers' house just outside of Rockford, Illinois, today and tomorrow on my way heading South. And we thought we'd set up and do a little introduction to the staff that we have here - our production staff, and I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce you.

But first, as you know by now, on the first of May I started to record these videos, and one of the things that was probably the biggest thing here is that we would be embarking on sort of a new course - course of action - by doing videos as well as weblogs, and this is really representing a new direction that goes back a long ways. Really, seven years. We've been thinking about this and planning this, but it has never been really the right time.

And so, many of you have already been listening to these videos, and I want to explain a couple of things. One: on these youtube videos, if you look at it on youtube, we have a "subscribe" button and there is a "like" or "dislike" button. If you hit the "like" button and the "subscribe" button, or even make some comments (however short) underneath, it really would help us a lot, because this is not for our benefit so much as it is for Youtube's benefit - they utilize this kind of stuff to analyze what sort of interest there is in our site, and so it has a lot to do with helping people to find this information. So, if you want this information and this message to go out in a bigger way, please hit the "like" button, and also even the "subscribe" button.

Actually, what this does: when people are searching out there for certain information, and they go to a search engine and they are plugging in certain things that they want to learn about, the more that we have "like" buttons, or "likes" and this kind of thing, Youtube will have greater respect for our website. And as things improve, our site will come up higher toward the beginning on these search engines. So, people will be directed to our site a whole lot better, and we'll be in a position to get the message out even more.

And by the way, even if you've already gone to one of these youtubes, and you've already listened to it and you forgot to put the "like" on or whatever, you can always go back and hit the "like" button on these previous videos as well.

So, if we have 800 or 1000 people who have viewed this, but only a few "like" buttons, you know well, that's kind of normal, but I would hope that some of you would go on back and hit the "like" buttons and get this percentage a whole lot higher. It really would help this ministry, by the way. So, thank you for doing that. We appreciate it.

Now, let's see. I want to introduce our staff "behind the scenes," just because I think many of you have not seen them or known them, but they have done the live streaming at our conferences and I just want to introduce you to them, since I'm at their house anyway, and we're having a good time here.

So, why don't you come on up over here and we'll give you some introductions.

Okay, first of all, we have Dave Weaver, and he is, let's see what is his title here, he is the "Chief Architect and Infrastructure Administrator." How's that? We just made that up. Okay, you wanna say something?

(David) Yeah, we've been working with Steve here in the background since seven years ago. When the new website came up, that was when we came on board and did that, it was our first project. So, got a lot going on behind the scenes now and it's going to keep getting better and better in the future. So, that's good for now.

(Steve) Alright, excellent. And then, of course we have Sherry - Sherry Weaver - and she is our "Communications and Marketing Director." Have anything to say?

(Sherry) Just, welcome everybody, and we're glad to be able to be here and have all of you guys be able to see all of us as a team. And we love what we do, and we're so thankful to be able to do this with God's Kingdom Ministries.

(David) Communications Director.

(Steve) Yeah, she's a communications director. Okay, and then we have Josh. We'll give him the microphone here, this is Joshua.

(Joshua) Hi.

(Steve) Joshua is our "Chief Engineer of Coding." He does a lot of coding.

(Joshua) Yeah, primarily. Nathan and I - Nathan, my brother - we switch off on that a lot, as all of us do with all of the jobs, but primarily I focus on coding and just back-end development. As well as the support desk.

(Steve) Okay. Then, of course, Nathan, who is our "Chief Media Editor and Director of Humor."

(Nathan) Yeah, I do a lot of the web design and video editing and such, and it's been great.

(Steve) Okay, now where is Rachel?

(Rachel) Oh, I'm somewhere back here.

(Steve) Somewhere back there. Rachel is our "Director of Social Media," and, tell me, what else do you do maybe?

(Rachel) Primarily -

(David) Chief cook.

(Steve) Chief cook, yeah.

(Rachel) Yeah, cook behind the scenes

(Sherry) Camera operator

(Joshua) Yep, during live stream, camera operator.

(Rachel) Yeah, I operate the camera. I also do some audio work and data entry, things like that, and, like Josh was saying, we all jump between a bunch of different jobs

(Sherry) We do - web design

(Rachel) Yeah. And yeah, that's pretty much what I do, as well.

(David) It's all mix and match, but it works.

(Sherry) We "Weave" our way.

(David) Play on words.

(Steve) Yeah, they are the great weavers. Okay, now, not pictured here, of course, is my wife Darla. She is the "Chief Proofer and night time Counselor and Emotional Support Psychologist." So, that is her chief title.

(Sherry) Comforter.

(Steve) Yeah, chief comforter, but she's always remaining in the background, but we wanted to give her a shout out. And then of course, our two younger sons, Jonathan and Joel, who are the office managers. They're not here because they're back at the office doing whatever office work that they need to do.

And so that's pretty much all of it, but this is our happy family - two families. So, when you watch videos, or order books, or have any type of communication with the ministry, it's not just me. I tend to be the public face, but everybody is behind the scenes doing a lot of work as well, and so I just wanted to introduce you to everybody here as long as we were here at the Weavers', doing our coordinating and planning for the years ahead.

There's a lot of stuff that is about to evolve in this ministry. We're developing this youtube stuff and getting new ideas, and you know, we want to make it interesting, we want to make it productive and have different types of youtubes - commenting on the world scene, and of course, obviously also doing some Bible study.

And so, that's what we've been up to, and I hope that you'll find it interesting in the days ahead.


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