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The Flood of Truth has begun

May 03, 2018

In a video that I did earlier this week, I questioned whether the 17th day of the 2nd month (Hebrew calendar) fell on May 2 or 3. If you check the official Jewish calendar, it is May 2. But some claimed that the new moon was sighted a day late, so this would put the entire month a day later. I said that we should watch current events for verification one way or the other.

It appears that the official calendar is correct, at least insofar as we are to view it prophetically. On May 2, 2018 President Trump hired Emmet Flood as one of his personal attorneys.


The name Emmet comes from the Hebrew word amet, “truth.” Flood is self-explanatory.

Hence, the sign we are seeing on May 2 is that the Truth Flood has begun on the 17th day of the 2nd month, as stated in Genesis 7:11.

Not only the timing but also the manner of the flood is suggested by this sign. It is not a destructive flood, but a flood of truth. Hence, it is not the start of "The Great Tribulation," as some are saying. Since it is tied to the Trump administration, it also suggests that this flood of truth is going to come from government circles, particularly from the Trump backers who are leaking truth little by little, in part by the Q posts.

The flood itself (rain) lasted 40 days (Genesis 7:12). That gives us a 40-day watch period from May 2 to June 10.

Thinking more long-term, “the water prevailed upon the earth one hundred and fifty days” (Genesis 7:24). Considering May 2 to be the first day of this time frame, this would tell us that this flood of truth should reach some sort of end point on September 28, 2018. This is the 5th day of the feast of Tabernacles this year. Hence, it correlates with the 5th sign in John, where Jesus walked on the water in the midst of a storm (John 6:16-21).

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones