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The Birthright transferred

May 17, 2018

We left off two weeks ago (May 5, 2018) with God’s appeal for His people to leave Babylon and Egypt. I wrote:

This was a prophetic call to leave “Egypt,” which was a metaphor for bondage and captivity. Both Babylon and Egypt represent the world, its system of laws, morality, and way of life.

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As I have seen so often, the things I write in these weblogs often become things that I must “walk out” in my own life, either the same day or (in some cases) in the days ahead. When I wrote the above, I had not made the connection between “Egypt” and my trip to Memphis—the prophetic type of Egypt.

To leave Egypt, one must first be in Egypt. In 1985, while living in Batesville, Arkansas, the word of the Lord came to me saying, “When I bring you out of Egypt….” I did not realize at the time that He would bring us to Memphis two years later. But once we had moved to Memphis, I was reminded of this word. Only then did I begin to understand it, and it made me realize that this was an “Egyptian bondage experience.”

Fortunately, that word was also an encouragement to me, since it clearly indicated that our sojourn in “Egypt” was temporary.

It seems that our recent journey to Memphis was also necessary in order to “ascend” to the capstone of the Pyramid. This time, however, being in Memphis was only a setup for the ascension, rather than being the main feature as in 1987-1989. It is plain now that this ascension pictured a greater manifestation of “leaving Egypt.” If Egypt represents the world in general, with its fleshly systems of government and laws, then ascending to the capstone suggests an ascension to the higher order of the Kingdom.

When God led Israel out of Egypt, His purpose was to form them into a Kingdom some weeks later on the day that was later called Pentecost (at Mount Horeb, or Sinai). In their history, ascension day appears to be the day Israel fought the Amalekites in Exodus 17:8. After that battle, Moses built an altar to commemorate their victory, naming it, Yahweh Nissi (“The Lord is My Banner”). Nissi means “something lifted up, standard, banner.”


Perhaps Moses was thinking in terms of Aaron and Hur, who lifted up his hands when they were weary (Exodus 17:11, 12). Many have pointed out that Moses’ raised hands pictured a cross. It prophesied of Jesus’ position on the cross. When Jesus was “lifted up,” the nails supported His hands and kept them from dropping. Aaron and Hur were the two nails. Aaron’s name means “light bringer.” Hur’s name means “hole,” and it comes from a root word that means “to bore.”


That sounds like a nail to me.

Aaron’s name, as I said, means “light bringer.” Light speaks of truth, even as enlightenment speaks of knowing the truth. The connection between Aaron’s name and truth is seen more clearly in Psalm 60:4,

4 You have given a banner to those who fear You, that it may be displayed because of the truth [qoshet, “balanced truth”].

The Hebrew word translated “truth” in this verse is not emeth, the usual word for truth, but rather qoshet, whose root word means “to balance.”


Hence, we see that in Psalm 60:4 David relates the “banner” to balanced truth. Was he thinking of Moses’s arms being held up by Aaron and Hur to picture a balance of truth? As long as Moses’ arms were being held up to form a cross, balanced truth was on display as a banner. Is that how we all must come to know Yahweh Nissi? Certainly, there is a lot of unbalanced truth in the world.

The cross set the stage for Christ’s ascension on the 40th day, which was another way in which He was “lifted up.” If His ascension was timed to coincide with the prophecy in Exodus 17, then it is clear that our own “ascension” to the capstone of the Pyramid on Ascension Day was meant to impart revelation about coming out of Egypt.

In 1989 we left Egypt (i.e., Memphis) but remained on the earth, but in 2018 we left Egypt by ascending. In 1989 I left to get a new job, but in 2018 we ascended to receive the Birthright so that we could do the greater work of making “Egypt My people” (Isaiah 19:25), according to the promise of God.

So in the context of the flood of the Holy Spirit that is coming (and began May 1, 2018 with the coming of Emmet Flood), the revelation appears to be that there is coming a flood of truth (“Emmet”) that will transform the world (“Egypt”) to fulfill God’s New Covenant promise. To accomplish this, the overcomers have been given the Birthright, which includes the Dominion Mandate. This is the spiritual authority to accomplish the purposes of God.

In the big picture, knowing the story of Jacob and Esau and the “controversy of Zion,” it is becoming clear that Esau has had 70 years in which to prove himself worthy. Jacob (“Union Jack”) gave the Birthright back to Esau on May 14, 1948 when the British flag was lowered at midnight of May 13/14 that year. Esau has held the Birthright for 70 years, but now that has changed. God has taken the Birthright away from Esau and has given it to those who are truly called to rule as priests of God and of Christ.

The Birthright has not reverted to Jacob, but it has been given to Israel. That is, it has not been given to children of the flesh or to those who are deceivers and usurpers (the meaning of Jacob). It has been given to those who carry the testimony of God’s sovereignty and who have faith in God’s promises, rather than their own promises to God. Israel means "God rules." In other words, the Birthright is given to the people of the New Covenant, not to those who retain an Old Covenant mindset (misplaced faith).

I believe that is what occurred on May 14, 2018. Our trip to Memphis and the ascension to the capstone the night of May 9 for a meal of venison (elk) gave us the revelation of what God was about to do a few days later. Of course, we did all of this blindly, not knowing the significance of anything at the time.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones