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Pictures from Dr. Jones' Trip

May 14, 2018

Dr. Jones wanted to share a few photos that he took while he was on his trip. These are from his visit with Robbie Yeats, and Rick Linam. He is still traveling, but he wanted us to share a few pictures of his trip so far.

Dr. Jones' Pictures and Comments:

We had dinner at The Lookout in the capstone of the pyramid in Memphis.


Looking out from the capstone, overlooking the bridge from Arkansas to Memphis.

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05-14-18-Img-3.jpg 05-14-18-Img-5.jpg 05-14-18-Img-4.jpg

The three of us (Robbie Yates, Rick Linam and I) were visiting this week. The picture is of a lake near Robbie's house.


Robbie is known as  "Birdman".



We will post more pictures as they come. God Bless!

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