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Obama’s mysterious mother (corrected)

May 23, 2018

Most US presidents are well known. Their background, family history, education, etc. are matters that they are more than willing to tell the world. But President Obama was different. Relatively little is known about him. His college records are sealed, his birth certificate falsified, and no one can find any wedding photos with his wife whom he has called “Michael” on at least two occasions (on video).

But we do know that his mother is Ann Dunham. Her earlier name was Stanley Ann Soetoro when married to the Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro. He adopted her young son, and hence his name came to be Barry Soetoro, a name he held during his college days as a foreign student from Indonesia. He later changed his name to Barack Obama to identify with his biological father.

Of course, most people are aware of the controversy over Obama’s birth certificate, which was made public finally in 2011. According to computer experts, has been proven positively to be a fake. Even the hospital name on the certificate did not exist until more than ten years after Obama was born. Loretta Fuddy, who produced the certificate years later, was woefully ignorant of the history of that hospital.

Loretta Fuddy was the chairwoman of Subud USA from 2006-2008. The Subud cult, whose founder was in Indonesia, also included Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham. That leads us to the question about Obama’s real father.

Obama’s Father

The following pictures are posted at:


The official pictures of President Obama and his father (at the same age) are public knowledge.

 Obama Sr.  Obama Jr.

There seems to be little resemblance between the two. But there is another, an Indonesian cult leader named Muhammed Subud that Ann Dunham was a follower of, who looks much more like Obama, Jr. On the left is his picture. On the right is a half-and-half picture showing the two men together.


Here is what Mohammed Subud looked like in 1972, twelve years after the birth of Ann’s son, the future president.


Though he is older and heavier, it is not hard to see the resemblance between him and President Obama. Certainly, he looks more like the former president than Obama, Sr. Of course, without DNA proof, which might be difficult to obtain, it would be difficult to prove this in a court of law. Nonetheless, there is much circumstantial evidence.

The Subud Cult

There is strong evidence that Ann Dunham had had an affair with the leader of the Subud cult in Indonesia, which produced Barack Obama. It is hardly a coincidence that the Subud cult is based in Chicago and that Loretta Fuddy, who produced Obama’s fake birth certificate in Hawaii, was the chairwoman of Subud USA from 2006-2008.

Here is what Dr. Jason Kissner, associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno wrote in a January 22, 2014 article in American Thinker:


Now to Ann Soetoro.  She was linked to Subud by her biographer (and New York Times reporter) Janny Scott (Harvard '77) in the book A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother," reviewed by the New York Times here.

Loretta Fuddy was more than merely a follower of Subud; she worked her way up the ranks and became chairwoman of Subud USA, based in Seattle from 2006 to 2008, and was known to Subud not merely as Loretta Fuddy, but as "Deliana" Loretta Fuddy.  In fact, you can see that in its headline, the official Subud “memorial page” drops "Loretta" and refers simply to "Deliana" Fuddy.

Ann Soetoro's close association with members of the Subud cult will be documented below. But first, note in passing that of all the persons -- Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, or you-name-it  --  that could have been installed as Director of the State Department of Health in Hawaii, Hawaii alighted on Fuddy -- a leader of a small cult with roots in Indonesia and connections to Ann Soetoro -- Obama's mother.  Second, observe that Fuddy assumed the Director position in Hawaii in January 2011, just a few months before the release of Obama's long form birth certificate.

Is it a coincidence that Loretta Fuddy was “installed as Director of the State Department of Health in Hawaii” in January 2011 and that she was the one who produced Obama’s birth certificate a few months later?

Is it a coincidence that both Loretta Fuddy and Ann Dunham were connected to the Subud cult in Indonesia?

But there is more.

On December 13, 2013 then presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted this message:

“How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ died in plane crash today. All others lived.”


The Death of Loretta Fuddy

Fuddy died in a small plane crash on December 12, 2013.


The lone fatality was Loretta Fuddy, who has served as state health director since January 2011. Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii's health insurance exchange, confirmed Fuddy's death.

Fuddy, 65, made national news in April 2011 when she verified the authenticity of certified copies of President Obama's birth certificate. Obama had requested the release to curb claims by so-called "birthers" that he was born in Kenya and not eligible to be president.


When coincidences begin to multiply, any honest investigator would take notice and look into it further. The question naturally arises: Was Fuddy silenced before anyone could question her on a witness stand? Such things happen all the time.

On May 20, 2018, Q posted a reference to Trump’s tweet (above), reminding us: “The truth has been in front of you the entire time.” In the overall context of current events and Q’s comments, it is plain that Q expects the new spy scandal investigation to reach Obama himself, who alone was able to coordinate three intelligence agencies on a single project involving Stefan Halper.

In other words, Q is telling us that the investigation is now moving up the ladder and will ultimately engulf Obama as well as Hillary Clinton.

By the way, as a side note, there are some who are now claiming that Q has been compromised or that the Q identity has been taken over by the Deep State and is now running disinformation. I see no disinformation coming out. In recent posts, Q has addressed this issue and has proven that he is the same (or they are still the same original team).

It is more likely that with the panic in the Deep State, they are now pulling out all stops and using all of their “conservative/patriot” undercover allies to undermine the credibility of Q in order to stop this Q movement. The Q phenomenon has caught on, and if not stopped, it threatens to drain the swamp. No swamp creature is happy with the destruction of his environment.

So it appears that President Obama was the son of Muhammed Subud of Indonesia, born in Kenya according to his presumed grandmother who lives there, was registered as a foreign national on his student identification at college, later became an Illinois senator, and the US president. Then, when the issue of his place of birth came up, a fellow Subud cult member registered his birth in Hawaii, making it retroactive to 1960, but using the current name of the hospital.

If this is so, then Barack Obama was not the first black American president at all. He was the first Indonesian president.

That's quite a remarkable story.

This probably also explains why the US government policy made such a dramatic shift to include a large number of Muslims in high positions of government, and perhaps why CIA director John Brennan converted to Islam. It explains Valerie Jarrett. It explains Huma Abedin. It explains the Awan brothers. I do not know how devout Obama was, but it is not likely that he would have been considered a true Muslim by either the Sunnis or Shiites. Nonetheless, Mohammed Subud and his cult suddenly gained a lot of influence in the world.

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