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Justify wins the Derby and Preakness

May 21, 2018

A horse named Justify won the 144th Kentucky Derby on May 5, 2018, ending the so-called “Curse of Apollo.”


Two weeks later, on May 19, Justify won the Preakness as well.


Now we will see if he can win the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes June 9.

The Curse of Apollo Broken

As far as horse racing is concerned, the Curse of Apollo refers to a horse who did not start racing as a two-year-old, but rather as a three-year-old. The last three-year-old horse to win the Derby, who did not start as a two-year-old, was named Apollo (in 1882). The “curse” was finally broken after 136 years when Justify won the Derby.


As a prophetic sign, Apollo was the sun god to the Greeks. Perhaps it is significant that in both the Derby and the Preakness, Justify won the races in the rain and mud with no sun in sight.

Most of the Greeks, we are told, believed that the name Apollo meant “Destroyer,” relating it to Apollyon, “Destroyer.” Many scholars dispute this, but that is what the general public believed. For this reason, Apollo is related to Apollyon in Revelation 9:11, also known by the Hebrew name Abaddon.

Abad means “lost,” as in the “lost” sheep of the house of Israel (Jeremiah 50:6). The Greek equivalent is apollume. So the word does not necessarily mean utter destruction, but rather to lose something. The nation of Israel was indeed destroyed, but the Bible shows that the people themselves were deported to Assyria and then “lost” to historians for a long time.

The demonic prince named Abaddon or Apollyon is the one given the responsibility of destroying Israel, deporting them to Assyria, and making sure they were “lost.” Jesus came to reverse that curse (Matthew 10:6).

I think this is why the owners (WinStar Farm), trainer (Bob Baffert), and jockey (Mike Smith) are all Christians.

The Timing of Justify’s Wins in 2018

So if we may interpret the horse races won by Justify, we could say that the curse of Apollo-Apollyon-Abaddon has been broken. Israel is now found. By why now? How is the timing important?

First of all, the curse of Apollo was NOT broken in 1948 when the Israeli state was established, even though most people thought that this was the fulfillment of the regathering of the house of Israel. Instead, this curse was broken 70 years later in 2018. I believe that it speaks of true Israel being found. The true Israelites are the overcomers—or, as Daniel 7:22 KJV calls them, “the saints of the Most High.” These are the ones being given the Kingdom.

The Kingdom was taken from the Jews and given to a nation who would render to God the fruits of the Kingdom (Matthew 21:43). The Jewish nation, like the unfruitful fig tree, produced only leaves and no fruit (Matthew 21:19), so Jesus laid a curse upon it. It was never again to bear fruit.

However, Jesus modified His prophecy in Matthew 24:32, 33, telling us that the cursed fig tree would come to life in the latter days. It would not bring forth fruit, of course, but it would again bring forth leaves. Leaves were the problem in Jesus’ day, and leaves are still a problem in the Israeli state. In fact, fig leaves have been a problem since the days of Adam and Eve. Leaves represent a false justification for sin.

So in the big picture, after 70 years, the Israeli state has proven itself to be unworthy of holding the Birthright and of assuming the name Israel. They are not Israel. They are a combination of the remnant of Judah (the portion that did not follow the Messiah) and of Esau-Edom which had been incorporated into Jewry in 126 B.C.

True Israel is Justified

Justification is a legal term that is applied to those who win their case in the divine court. In any dispute, one side is said to be justified and the other is said to be condemned. The case before the divine court is the dispute over who is truly “chosen” to hold the Birthright. Are children of the flesh chosen, or are the children of promise chosen? (See Romans 9:8; Galatians 4:28, 29, 30.)

The children of promise are those who consider Sarah to be their spiritual mother. Sarah is the New Covenant and corresponds to the New (or heavenly) Jerusalem. Those who think that the earthly Jerusalem is their mother are mere children of the flesh. Paul says that they will NOT be inheritors with the children of Sarah.

True Israel is now emerging Justified in the sight of God, even as false Israel is about to fall. I believe that is the message of the horse named Justify, who has won two out of three races in the Triple Crown.

Perhaps it is also significant that Justify won the Kentucky Derby during the time of Unleavened Bread (for the Second Passover), which ran from April 30 to May 6. The race was run on May 5.

The Preakness was run on May 19, which was the day before Pentecost.

The Belmont Stakes will be run on June 9, which is the day before the 40th day of the Flood. Recall that on May 2, 2018 Emmet Flood was brought into the Trump camp, signaling the start of the Flood of Truth.


According to the pattern of Noah’s flood, it rained for 40 days. The 40th day from May 2 is June 10. Hence, June 10 is a watch date in this sequence.

It remains to be seen if Justify will win the Triple Crown. It sure looks like he will do so.

May 19 Events

Many things happened on Saturday, May 19, other than Justify winning the Preakness. In fact, I was struck how so many Pentecostal signs were occurring, even though it was a day early.

Recall that on that first Pentecost in Exodus 19 and 20, God married Israel, and Moses administered the vows. Years later, the prophets speak of Israel’s violation of this covenant as a spiritual adultery and the violation of the marriage covenant. (See Jeremiah 31:32.)

So Pentecost was actually a marriage ceremony, a wedding. Is it not interesting, then, that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married on May 19 in a royal wedding? Rev. Curry, a black bishop, gave a wonderful talk on the topic of Love and its relation to Fire. He told how the discovery and use of Fire in ancient times changed the course of history by allowing people to cook food and live in cool climates. He made the point that when we rediscover the fire of love, history will again be changed.

Fire, of course, was the primary manifestation of God Himself on the Mount (Deuteronomy 4:36). The fire depicts the nature of God, for God is love. Hence also it is the law of God, because His “fiery law” (Deuteronomy 33:2 KJV) is all that God has spoken out of the depths of His nature.

The baptism of fire is a manifestation of Pentecost. I saw Bishop Curry’s presentation as a prophetic reflection of the original message at the Mount. I do not know how many people really had ears to hear that word, but yet it was spoken for all to hear.

The Rabbah Word

Pentecost is also when King Saul was crowned king of Israel. Saul was a type of the church in the Age of Pentecost, which began in Acts 2, when the tongues of fire came upon the heads of the 120 disciples in the Upper Room. In essence, they were CROWNED, even as Saul had been crowned earlier. The church received authority to rule.

For this reason, as I watched the royal wedding, I wondered if we might also be given a prophecy about crowning. Then I received a phone call from Brother Vinnie, who wanted to ask my opinion in regard to a couple of words he had received while praying in tongues. The words were Rebbe and Rabbah.

Rebbe is a Yiddish word for a Rabbi, which means “master, mentor, teacher.”


As for Rabbah, Vinnie told me that he had found a to Rabbah reference in 1 Chronicles 20:1, 2. It was the Ammonite city that Joab overthrew in the time of David. The crown of the Ammonite king in Rabbah was taken from him and “it was placed on David’s head.” So that is how we were provided with the second sign of Pentecost. It tells me that the overcomers were being crowned on Pentecost of 2018.

This is what ought to be taught by the teachers (rebbe).

As a result of this new revelation, my view of events needs a slight modification. I had thought that my ascension in Memphis to the capstone of the pyramid on May 9/10 was the time of coronation of the overcomers—that is, the transfer of the Birthright to the saints of the Most High.


Now I understand that this ascension was a separate event and that it had to come before the formal coronation ceremony. May 19/20 (Pentecost) was the actual coronation ten days after the ascension, even as Jesus ascended on the 40th day and the coronation occurred on the 50th day (Pentecost).

At any rate, it is of interest to note that Justify won the Preakness in a time of 2:04 minutes. The capstone on the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt has 204 layers of stone. Coincidence?

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones