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GKM Youtube Details / Instructions

May 12, 2018

We received questions from some users asking how to watch one of the GKM vlogs on Youtube, how to like a video, and how to subscribe to the GKM Youtube channel. So we decided to create a blog post to inform everyone how to do this and more.

How to Like, and Subscribe

When Dr. Jones records a video, after we edit it, we post it to both Youtube, and the GKM website. To like, comment, or subscribe, you must view the video on Youtube, not on the GKM website.

We embed (insert) the video into the GKM Blog post for ease of viewing. But, if you want to take any further action with it (like, comment, or subscribe) you must view it on Youtube.

How to view the video on Youtube


(Click the image to enlarge it)

Highlighted areas:

  1. Watch video on Youtube button - If you click this button (which is below every vlog we post), the video will be opened in Youtube in a new tab on your browser.

  2. Youtube button within video - If you start playing the video in the blog, you will see a Youtube button in the lower-right corner of the video (your mouse must be hovered over the video). If you click that button, the video will be opened in Youtube in a new tab on your browser.

Once you've opened the video up in Youtube, there will be options below the video to like the video, or subscribe to the youtube channel

How to Like and Subscribe

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Highlighted Areas:

  1. Like and Dislike Area - Below the video you will see a section that has a thumbs up icon, and a thumbs down icon. If you click the thumbs up icon (the icon that the arrow is pointing to), that video will be added to your "Liked" videos on Youtube (Please note: you must be signed into a Youtube account to "Like" a video). There are 2 reasons we are encouraging this: One - We would like to know how many of you like the content we are releasing. Two - If a video is "Liked" on Youtube, Youtube will favor that video in search results, which will help this ministry (Click Here to see the video where Dr. Jones introduces this). Thank you for those that do this, we all really appreciate it!

  2. Subscribe Button - Also below the video, you will see a big red subscribe button and then a number. The number is how many people are subscribed to the GKM Youtube channel. If you click that subscribe button, the GKM youtube channel will be added to your list of subscribed channels (Please note: you must be signed into a Youtube account to subscribe to a channel). This means that every time that GKM releases a video, it will show up in your list of videos from your subscriptions (and also on your Youtube home page).

Once you've subscribed to a channel, the red Subscribe button will turn into a gray Subscribed button with a bell next to it (image below). After you have subscribed, you might want to turn on notifications to be alerted everytime GKM releases a video.

How to Turn on Notifications

(Click the image to enlarge it)

Highlighted Areas:

  1. Subscribed Button - Now that you've subscribed to the channel, the red Subscribe button has turned into a gray Subscribed button, letting you know that you are subscribed to this channel.

  2. Notification Bell - If you wish to receive a notification every time GKM posts a video, click the Notification bell next to the "Subscribed" button. If you wish to turn them off at anytime, just click the bell again.

Contratulations! You have now liked a video, and subscribed to the GKM Youtube channel.

The Description, Transcript, and How to Comment

Also below the video, you will see that every video has a description (pictured below), and an area to leave a comment.

(Click image to enlarge it)

Highlighted Areas:

  1. Transcript - Below every vlog, within the description, we have posted a link to the transcript of the video for those who would like to read while they listen to the video. Please note that the transcript may be released a day or two after the initial release of the video, depending on how long it takes to transcribe.

  2. Show More button - By default, Youtube collapses (shrinks) the description so that it doesn't take up too much space. If you want to see more info about the video, or view any link that was referenced within the video, click this button to expand it.

  3. Comments - If you have some comments on the video, or just want to let us know if you enjoyed it, you might want to leave a comment. If you are signed into a Youtube account, just click within the section that says "Add a public comment...", type your comment, and then click the blue "Comment" button at the lower-right hand side of your comment (Please note: You must be signed into a Youtube account to leave a Comment).


If you already have a Google (gmail) account, you can use that to sign into Youtube. If you do not have a Google account, click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of YouTube, then click Create Account.

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