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GKM Ministry Shift

May 01, 2018

We wanted to update everyone on plans for the future of GKM. In particular, we will be moving toward implementing more video-based teachings. This is the first blog of its kind on GKM, incorporating a video blog (or Vlog). Dr. Jones recorded a couple videos this morning, and in this first one he goes over plans for the future of GKM, along with a few other updates. The second one will be posted in a different blog post. This new direction is going to open up much more opportunity to increase the audience, and make available all of the excellent content provided by Dr. Jones.

We are very excited with the direction GKM is heading, and this is the first of many additions toward making the content on GKM available to everyone in many different formats. Dr. Jones' first vlog is below, and the transcript for the video is below the video itself on this page.

Video Blog (Vlog)

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(Please note this is a general script that Dr. Jones wrote for his video, and he may have deviated from time to time in the natural flow of recording. We wanted to post this anyway as supporting content for the video.)


This is Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries.

I want to give you a short video update on my plans for the future of this ministry.

Today is May 1st, 2018.

Yesterday was the day of the Second Passover and the beginning of seven days of Unleavened Bread. It was also the day when the snow finally melted off my front lawn. Thank God for Springtime.

As most of you know, there are two Passovers each year. The first is commanded in Exodus 12, and the second in Numbers 9:9-11.

The second Passover is always a month after the first Passover.

The first was on March 31 this year; the second was yesterday, April 30.

Since the day of Passover is always the first of seven days of Unleavened Bread, we can extend that principle to the 2nd Passover as well from April 30 to May 6.

During this week we ought to watch for evidence of war that is patterned after the battle of Jericho.

A month ago, if you recall, the battle of Jericho manifested as a war in the Social Media. This week we will probably see a different aspect of the overall war as God overthrows Mystery Babylon.

But what I really want to talk about today is about changes that will be coming in this ministry.

As most of you know, for a long time I have been working to put together Bible studies and commentaries to be used as a curriculum in Bible schools.

I believe that this curriculum is now near completion and is coming to an end. I will always continue to write, of course, but my focus is now shifting from writing to doing video teachings.

That is why I have put out this short video. It is actually a practice run, being the first that I have ever done from my video camera.

But it is more than that, because I wanted to let you know my plans for the future, assuming that God doesn’t laugh at my plans, of course.

I have already started working on a PowerPoint series to give an overview of Scripture and history. This is the Secrets of Time study, and it will be broken into many short segments.

I can use the same material to put on videos for general use on YouTube.

Secondly, I want to do a series of videos on the Keys to Understanding the Bible. As many of you know, there are certain keys which unlock vast portions of Scripture. Most Christians do not have very many keys to assist them, and so they find it difficult to understand the Bible. My intention is to alleviate that problem for anyone who cares to listen.

Between these two major projects, Secrets of Time and Keys to Understanding the Bible, this ought to keep me busy for a long time.

The world is changing. Technology has done much to change the way in which people learn or obtain information. Reading skills are declining. Young people are becoming more and more dependent upon learning through their ears, and less through their eyes.

So in order to gain a wider audience for all that I have written over the years, I believe it is necessary to start focusing on video teaching.

My intention is to finish up the current series on Second Corinthians and on the book of Amos and then not start another commentary.

I still need to polish the commentary on First John and also the four books on First Corinthians. I have polished the first two, so I am half done with First Corinthians. But I don’t want to put this series into print until all four books have been polished and proofed.

Once I finish what I have started, then I can devote more time to the videos. By then I should have some experience in making videos, so that I am fully up to speed. It will take a few months to transition from writing to videos.

My hope is that the conference in September will mark the end of this transition.

Now about the Tabernacles conference in September, let me say that I have given back to James Bruggeman the responsibility to put on these conferences twice a year. He had been doing them until 2013, but he wanted a break, so I took on the responsibility until this year.

Now James will be doing the conferences and organizing the speakers. James will determine who will be the speakers, where the conference will be located, and also the precise dates.

James has yet to announce it, but I think he would not mind if I told you that the coming conference will be at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri. We have met there before in previous years. It is scheduled a bit early this year, September 7 to 9, culminating on the evening of the Feast of Trumpets.

James will be giving more details shortly.

That is all I wanted to say today.

God bless you all.

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