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Dividing Babylon to conquer it

May 21, 2018

In Genesis 11:8 we read about Babylon,

8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.

The present New World Order has proudly and openly modeled itself after Babylon.


Of course, the USA has also been part of the New World Order of Babylon, because this has been a world-wide system. Any government that has refused to submit to it has been sanctioned, invaded, or destroyed. But God is now dividing this modern manifestation of Babylon.

The EU Balkans summit on May 16, 17 saw a historic turn of events, centered around the Iran nuclear issue. The US government has withdrawn from the deal and has imposed sanctions on any country that does business with Iran. But the European countries have already set up business relations with Iran since the Obama administration concluded the deal, including the purchase of Iranian oil. They have gone too far to back out now.

Essentially, Trump has backed them into a corner, and so the EU has decided to defy the US sanctions and continue with the Obama plan. This has caused a major rift in the New World Order. On May 17, the EU officially decided to break with the US policy.


Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the JPCOA was the last straw, forcing the collapse of Western unity. The Europeans found themselves up against a wall…

Washington does not shy away from threatening its allies with punitive measures but the EU is standing tall, deepening the rift…

The process of shifting away from America does not boil down to just words of indignation and open defiance. Plans are underway to take practical steps. For instance, the EU is to ditch the use of the US currency in its payments for Iranian oil. It can be done. Russia and Iran have already launched an oil-for-goods exchange program in order to leave the greenback behind…

Sandra Oudkirk, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, has just threatened to sanction the Europeans if they continue with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project to bring gas in from Russia across the Baltic Sea…

Iran and Nord Stream 2 unite Moscow and Brussels in their opposition to this diktat. On May 17, Iran signed a provisional free-trade-zone agreement with a Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) that seeks to increase the current levels of trade valued at $2.7 billion. The deal lowers or abolishes customs duties. It also establishes a three-year process for reaching a permanent trade agreement. If Iran becomes a member of the group, it would expand its economic horizons beyond the Middle Eastern region. So, Europe and Russia are in the same boat, both holding talks with Iran on economic cooperation...

May 17 marked a turning point in the US-European relationship. 

What is happening here?

First of all, I see this as a prophetic repeat of Genesis 11:8, where God divided the people in order to force them to stop building their Tower of Babel. But what about the mechanics of this?

It is apparent that US President Donald Trump is the one who has divided Babylon. Or, to put it another way, Trump is at war with Babylon. In this way he also compares with King Cyrus, ironically, the Persian (Iranian) king who conquered Babylon. The Israelis recently struck a medal comparing Trump with Cyrus in order to honor him for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. See it pictured here:


It looks to me like those who backed Trump in his run for the presidency, the so-called “White Hats” fighting the Deep State, are looking beyond US borders. It appears that they realize that getting rid of the Deep State in America must also include breaking the power of Babylon in Europe. So they devised an elaborate plan first to cause a rift between the US and the EU, which essentially breaks the power of the international bankers who have controlled the world for so long.

The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by twelve international banking families, who use the US dollar to rule the world economically and politically. But now the EU has decided to ditch the US dollar in their purchases of oil from Iran and Russia—and probably everywhere else. This will have enormous implications. It really marks the beginning of the end of US dollar hegemony. The decision to phase out the US dollar as the world currency is now out in the open.

The question is if this result was unforeseen by Trump and his backers or if it was part of the plan to overthrow the New World Order. From what I have observed, the Trump team has shown remarkable talent in its planning. Intelligent as he is, Trump did not come up with this plan, nor could he have implemented it by himself if he had tried. The plan now seems to be taking shape where we can see it for what it is.

I have often wondered if Trump is truly backing the Israeli state and Zionism. Was this decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, for instance, really an indication of his support for Zionism? His daughter’s marriage to Jared Kushner, long-time friend of Netanyahu, makes it appear that Trump is truly a Zionist. But the real issue is whether Trump’s backers—those who devised this plan over decades—are Zionists. Do THEY know where most of these modern wars originate? I think that they do. They are part of the intelligence community, after all.

Here is my take on the plan.

I think Trump’s support of the Israeli state is part of a larger deception. He (or “they”) knew that to be successful, they had to “divide and conquer.” So they pushed divisive issues. The Zionist project has been very divisive for the past century or more, particularly in the Mideast. The Iranian issue is also divisive, given the fact that Obama made some sort of deal with Iran. The deal was not a treaty, because we have since learned that no papers were ever signed by either side. This gave Trump the perfect (legal) excuse to walk away from it.


After walking away from the Iranian nuclear deal, Trump then imposed sanctions on Iran, forcing EU businesses into a corner. I think Trump knew that the EU would not be able to comply with his sanctions and that this would divide the New World Order. This is not just a clash of wills to see who will get their way. This is a calculated policy to divide the West in order to break the power of the New World Order (Babylon).

That policy is working, I believe, as planned. If not Trump himself, then certainly his backers knew how the sanctions would force Europe into this position.

Personally, I have opposed the US government’s support of Zionism (biblical Edom) as well as the use of sanctions. The use of sanctions is a short-term solution designed to pressure nations into complying with US policy. However, it has also brought about a reaction from China and Russia, who have been working to create an alternative system (CIPS) to bypass the Fed and the US dollar.

The New World Order has a long history of being short-sighted, including their use of journalists to skew honest reporting. In that case, eventually people would catch on and realize that the mainstream media is largely “fake news” designed to support the NOW. Soon it was no longer an independent media, but government controlled.

The same short-sighted policy is seen in the use of economic sanctions, where offending nations are no longer able to make payments or to receive payments through the SWIFT system which runs all payments through the Federal Reserve Bank. When the Fed blocked payments to and from sanctioned nations, it was inevitable that they would start thinking about setting up an alternative system.

And then it was only a matter of time before the SWIFT system became irrelevant and the dollar lost its power as well.

Now the time is ripe for division in the Babylonian camp. May 17 was a major turning point. In the guise of making Iran and Russia our enemy, Trump has forced the EU to make them their friends! You see, it is not just that the EU is dividing from America; it is that the EU is uniting with Russia! Whereas the previous policy of Babylon (the Brzezinski Doctrine) has been to treat Russia as the enemy of the West, Trump’s policy has brought Europe and Russia together.

Economic alliances are precursors to political alliances. The new pipeline from Russia to German though the Baltic Sea is one of those major factors, as the article above shows. Just a few years ago the EU supported the Ukrainian break from Russia, and the oil stopped flowing through the pipelines that passed through Ukraine. This was a blatant attempt to cut off Russia’s income and to supply Europe with oil and gas from American and European oil companies.

But Trump’s sanctions policy has now reversed this. The Ukraine government is not happy about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea, which undermines the country’s strategic importance. As the Ukraine becomes more and more irrelevant in the bigger picture, they will come to regret breaking with Russia and joining with Europe.

The point is that the Brzezinski Doctrine, set forth in the 1994 book, The Grand Chessboard, has been failing ever since China began setting up its CIPS system to replace SWIFT.


Babylon’s worst nightmare is coming true with pipelines, railroads, and highways being built across Asia. It is called the Silk Road project. This huge project, financed largely by China’s banks, threatens to move the world’s center of gravity from Europe to Asia. That is what Brzezinski foresaw when he wrote his book above, and that is why he advocated a policy of containing Russia instead of befriending Russia.

Trump has merely taken that policy to its logical conclusion. I believe that he and his backers understood that the Brzezinski Doctrine would have the opposite effect in the long run. The capstone on this policy was the withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and the increase of sanction. This has broken the back of the Brzezinski Doctrine and has forced Europe to join with Russia, Iran, and (by extension) with China.

In other words, the Eurasian Economic Union, first proposed in 1994 and signed into existence in 2014, will soon include the European nations. It appears that eventually the EU and the EEU could merge into a single economic union. That would bring a final end to the West’s war against Russia caused by the Brzezinski Doctrine.

The bottom line is that we ought to look most closely at Trump’s policies. In the short term, they seem ill conceived, but in the long term his policies are dividing Babylon in order to overthrow the New World Order. The only question is whether or not this is deliberate or inadvertent. Perhaps I am giving Trump’s backers more credit than they deserve, but my view is that they are quite intelligent and know exactly what they are doing.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones