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Ascension Day in The Capstone

May 16, 2018

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05/14/2018 - Pictures From Dr. Jones' Trip


Good afternoon, this is Stephen Jones coming to you again. 

I just got back last night from our trip. I was gone for about 12 days to the South - Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas and Missouri - and I finally just got back with my wife last night. 

So, I wanted to give you an update here on what was accomplished in this trip - other than having a good time of fellowship with Robbie Yeats and Rick Linam. We had a great time; you may have seen some of the pictures that I posted earlier.

This is for our friends from Europe. If you want to have some coffee in a stein. That almost seems blasphemous, doesn't it - coffee in a stein? 

Well, anyway.

When I got down to north Mississippi, Rick Linam and Robbie took me up into Memphis, and we went up to the lookout at the top of the Great Pyramid, which used to be a stadium. 

Now, the Great Pyramid Stadium in Memphis is right along the Nile, I mean the Mississippi River, and it used to be a pyramid stadium. And in fact, when we lived there - in fact, when we moved there - in November 29 of 1987, they were building that structure at that time, and they completed it within the two-year period when we lived there. We lived there for just a little over two years.

But, of course, stadiums get old - after 20 or 30 years, it seems that they're not good anymore, and so they have to rebuild, or sell the old building. 

Well, this one happened to be sold to a Bass Pro shop and so now the whole floor of that area is all dedicated to selling sporting equipment. It's a beautiful place - it's almost like a park in there because they've got plenty of space.

But anyway, they bought it some years ago. And at the top of the pyramid, which we would see as the "capstone" of the pyramid, they put in a restaurant, and that's a beautiful place too - it has great food, some of the best I've ever eaten, right up there. And they even have a huge aquarium up there. I can only imagine the weight of the water in that aquarium - some very large fish up there and everything. 

But this is way up at the top, and is a very beautiful place up there where you can take a look out and see the city, the city of Memphis - or as I like to call it, Egypt. You can look out over the "land of Egypt," and see what would be the “Nile River” there next to it. 

Anyway, the whole thing was very prophetic.

We went up there on the evening of the night of the 9th of May, which, by Hebrew time of course, is the beginning of the 10th of May. Well, the 10th of May happens to be the 40th day from the Wave-Sheaf offering on April 1st (most people would call it "Easter"). 

And so, the 40th day after the Wave-Sheaf, or the 40th day after Easter, is what? Ascension Day. Well, we ascended - and we ascended into the capstone of the Great Pyramid, which obviously represents Christ.

If you know the story of the building of the Great Pyramid, it was intentionally built 286.1 pyramid-inches off-center. And so when it came time to put the capstone on it, it didn't fit. And so, as Scripture puts it prophetically, 

(Psalm 118:22)

"The stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner."

And of course Jesus applied that to Himself, in the book of Matthew, and He was rejected just as the capstone on the Pyramid was rejected.

Well, the capstone sits at the - it's actually the 204th layer of stone in the old Great Pyramid in Egypt. From the base, up to the King's Chamber, is 50 layers - it's the 50th layer - and then there's 153 layers on top of that. Which of course, these are all very prophetic numbers - the "50" speaks of Jubilee, to the King's Chamber, and then resting on top of that is "153" layers of rock, which represents the Sons of God. These are all very Biblical numbers, and the Great Pyramid has a revelation in it that ties very closely in to the Bible.

Now, what were we doing up there?

Well, we were in the 204th layer, as it were - the capstone. And it was an ascension. When you connect it to an ascension, then you have to ask yourself: okay, what happened when Jesus ascended on 40th day? 

Well, He ascended to the Throne. He ascended to His place of ministry for the next 2,000 years, which is essentially where He makes intercession for the people, and during this time of the age of Pentecost. Or the age of the Church, as most people would call it - it's actually an age of Pentecost, because there's really three churches. There's a Passover Church from Moses to Christ, there's a Pentecost Church from Acts Chapter Two until recently, and now we're transitioning into a Tabernacles Church. 

And each of these transitions brings us into a higher understanding of truth and revelation, and experience with God. Things become clearer, as well.

So anyway, what was the purpose, why were we brought up there from a prophetic standpoint? 

Well, it gave us an overview of Egypt - that is, Memphis. Memphis' sister-city is Memphis, Egypt. And when we lived there way back 30 years ago, we understood that we were, at that time, in an Egyptian bondage. And that had to do with completely different things from this time, but we went from bondage in the late 1980s, to an ascension here. Very interesting.

Now, what is the purpose of the ascension? That is the issue. 

Well, in Isaiah Chapter 19, there is a prophecy about the Great Pyramid, and it comes in the context of a general prophecy about Egypt. In fact, the whole chapter of Isaiah 19 is "The Oracle Concerning Egypt." 

And there is judgement on Egypt, but at the same time - in fact, Memphis is even mentioned in verse 13 - but in verses 19 and 20, there is a prophecy that says,

19 In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord near its border. 20 It will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt. For they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them.

Those two verses, if you take the numeric value of each of their letters and add them all together, the numeric value of those two verses is 5,449. 5449. That just happens to be the height of the Pyramid by using its own internal measurement called the "pyramid-inch" - it's almost exactly like our modern "inches" that we use in America.

The Great Pyramid is 5,449 pyramid-inches high, and the numeric value of the one passage in the Bible which mentions the Great Pyramid - the altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt - is exactly 5,449. That alone tells you what the prophet was talking about. 

And the Great Pyramid is on the border between upper and lower Egypt - right on the border. And it's in right in the midst of the land of Egypt - that is, it's not on outer border, it's on an internal border that separates the lower Egypt, which is the delta area, and the upper Egypt, which actually goes South quite a ways.

And so, Isaiah says that there is to be an "altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt," and a "pillar to the Lord near its border." He's actually using terminology, as they do in Hebrew so often, where it's a parallelism. He's not talking about two different objects or two different structures - he's talking about the same structure. It is both at the border and in the midst of the land of Egypt. And that describes the Great Pyramid perfectly. Is an altar to the Lord.

That's why it is prophetic. That's why the "stone that the builders rejected" is Christ, but it's also the capstone on the Great Pyramid, because the head of a corner is actually a four-sided figure - structure - with a capstone on the top. And that would be the prophecy.

Now, what does this mean then? Why did we actually go up there?

Well, I believe that we went up there to observe the land of Egypt, as it were, and to bear witness to what God was doing with Egypt. So, this would have reference to the actual land of Egypt in the Middle East, I believe, but more than that, Egypt is also a Biblical metaphor for the world

And so, when God took Israel out of Egypt, He was really prophesying of the world coming out, or the Church coming out of the world to form a new nation. To form a new way of life - "Kingdom living" as opposed to Egyptian "fleshly living."

And so, for that reason, we all went up there. And it also has to do with inheritance. I want to mention inheritance.

When Jesus went up and ascended to Heaven, He essentially was functioning from His inheritance. So, it's interesting that without realizing it, I ordered some venison up there. Which, of course, reminds us of Jacob and Esau - when the inheritance, when the blessing was going to be passed down supposedly to Esau, Isaac told him to go and fetch some venison first. 

So, venison has to do with that story, and it has to do with this "dominion mandate" that was being passed down. And of course, the rest of the story isn't fully relevant to us here, because that was a whole different context. And yet it is.

Anyway, so I ordered the elk. Now, I asked the waitress if elk was just a deer on steroids, and she didn't think so.

And so anyway, I had elk, and it was really, really good. In fact, all the food there was just excellent - it was heavenly.

So, anyway, I believe that this has to do with marking a time frame here this year, where perhaps we will be exercising the authority, we'll be receiving a dominion mandate - we'll have to see how this plays out in the rest of the year to see exactly how this will apply in practice, but it's a good sign anyway. It's a very good sign. When we're able to look out over the city and see what's going on.

Now, just one more thing I want to say. I want to read a little bit further down in Isaiah 19. We already read verses 19 and 20, but here, in verse 23 to 25, is the ultimate result of this prophecy in Isaiah 19. And here it says, 

23 In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria ... 25 A blessing in the midst of the earth. Whom the Lord of Hosts has blessed, saying, "Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance."

Hm. Interesting. There's a "three-some" here.

We think of Assyria as being the oppressor of the Israelites, because the Assyrians came down and took the northern house of Israel, the ten tribes, to Assyria. And of course, they never returned, nor were they ever known as "Jews" - they were "Israelites," not "Jews."

And so, the Assyrians accomplished that much judgement, and as you know, 120 years later, the Babylonians overthrew Assyria and then came down and took Judah to Babylon. That was a separate captivity - it was a different captivity. 

And so, "Assyria" is traditionally a metaphor for "oppressor" - an oppressor, or "Divine Judgment." But it's the same thing with Egypt, because Egypt was also an oppressor in an earlier time, prior to Moses - Moses led Israel out of Egypt. But Assyria, the people never came back to the land from the land of Assyria. 

So, it's interesting that Israel, Assyria, and Egypt, would form an "alliance," if you will. And the terminology actually brings them into a position where they're a "Kingdom Nations." And isn't it interesting that it's "Egypt My people" - blessed is Egypt "My people." 

So, you know, you ask about "Who are God's people?" Or, "Who are God's chosen people?" And everybody says "Israel," or, "the Jews," or somebody like that. Some say "the Church." Well, here, Egypt is "My people." 

And so, I believe that the work that we were called to do, essentially - or observe what God is doing from the top of the "Great Pyramid," was to see and bear witness to what God is doing to make Memphis, and make Egypt, "My people."

So, I believe that God is in the process of fulfilling His "New Covenant vow," where He will make us His people, and He will be our God. And that is God's oath, or vow, or promise of the New Covenant, because the New Covenant is based upon the promises of God - not upon the promises of man, like the Old Covenant. 

So, that is essentially, I believe, what was accomplished in Memphis, at least on the first stop, that I had on this particular trip. 

God bless.

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