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The war front

Apr 16, 2018

Any Jericho battle is hardly a complete and full manifestation of the biblical pattern apart from a harlot’s manifestation. The original story featured Rahab in a positive light—a harlot with faith. Mystery Babylon, the apocalyptic version of Jericho, pictures the entire city as the great harlot without any trace of hope. Hope is seen only by extrapolation, where the people enslaved to the great harlot are set free at last.

More recently, as I have written in detail elsewhere, Hillary Clinton was a classic type of Jezebel and Mystery Babylon when she fell on 9-11-2016. This came five years after our Jericho March around the St. Paul-Minneapolis metroplex in 2011. By the Hezekiah Factor, this Jericho battle in 2011 turned the clock back 10 years to 9-11-01 and from there established a 15-year extension of life to 2016.

These biblical patterns are rerun many times in history. There does not seem to be a single fulfillment to them, only a climactic fulfillment.

More recently, we discerned another Jericho battle forming during the time of Unleavened Bread (April 1-6, 2018). This time Stormy Daniels appeared on the scene as the harlot of Jericho. It is now clear that President Trump’s team had already been planning her debut since last October when he told reporters, “It’s the calm before the storm.”

“What storm?” the reporters asked.

“You’ll see.” Trump replied.

A few weeks later, Q began posting on an anonymous channel and again mentioned the storm that was coming. I wrote about this last week. He never gave any hints as to the nature of the storm, but neither did he show any sense of concern or panic. We were just told to “trust the plan.”

In other words, this storm was all part of the plan, and when it hit, we were to understand that things were not as they seemed. In fact, much of what Trump says in public has been a ruse, designed to keep his enemies off guard or to cause them to underestimate him. All of that bravado talk about North Korea’s “rocket man” was a cover for Trump’s secret meeting with Kim Jong Un in China, preparing for peace. While most people thought Trump was trying to start WW3 with Korea, he was actually taking concrete steps to prevent it.

Likewise, on the surface, it seems as though every Trump appointee has turned against him. So Trump rants against Jeff Sessions (DOJ) and Christopher Wray (FBI). Either Trump is a bumbling idiot who cannot seem to appoint the right people, or there is a deeper plan afoot. Again, Q tells us consistently, “Trust Sessions” and “Trust Wray,” even if they give the appearance of working against Trump.

It is clear that things are not what they appear on the surface. There is a lot of misdirection, deception, and illusion going on. At the same time, Trump is being careful not to lie outright.

The Raid

On Monday, April 9 the FBI with a go-ahead from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, seemed to defy all logic by raiding the office and home of Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s personal lawyer. Supposedly, they were looking for information that might incriminate Trump in the payoff of Stormy Daniels back in 2007. The excuse is that Trump’s lawyer may have used campaign money to pay her off, which is illegal.

Of course, the Feds came and took every file, so they are now able to see all the deals that Trump made over the years. Trump himself fumed, calling it “disgraceful.” Certainly, it was highly unprecedented. They never did that when the Clinton Foundation was being investigated. Q denounces it briefly, and then returns to business as usual. Apparently, Q is unconcerned.

What if this raid had been planned from the start? With usual misdirection, what if the purpose of the raid was not to see who paid off Stormy Daniels, but to hand over other files to the FBI for scrutiny? I don’t mean files about Trump. I mean files that Trump himself had gathered.

Would not Trump have a file on Hillary Clinton proving that she is indeed a criminal, as Trump stated more than once on the campaign trail? If such files did exist, where would Trump store them? Perhaps in the office of his personal lawyer where they would remain confidential?

On April 8, Q suddenly tells us that we should look up Trump’s relationship with John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999. His wife and her sister also died.

Plane crash 1999.
HRC Senate 2000.
The “Start.”
Enjoy the show.

The plane crash is now history.


Kennedy had been contemplating a run for the senate seat in New York—the same seat that Hillary Clinton needed as her launching pad toward an eventual run for president. Does Trump have evidence that would implicate her in this plane crash? If so, what would be the flashiest way to turn over that evidence to the FBI and DOJ?

Q seems to imply that this plane crash was Trump’s “Start.” The start of what? Perhaps it is what really opened his eyes to the seriousness of this political competition. I suggest that this is when he learned just how serious Hillary was in her pursuit of the presidency. She could not afford to lose the Senate race, but if JFK, Jr ran against her, she did not think she could win.

Something had to be done. What she did not realize was that Kennedy’s friend, Donald Trump, would take his place and ultimately destroy her chances to be president.

April Showers

On March 29, as we were getting ready for our Passover conference, Trump announced that American troops would soon be leaving Syria. As far as I recall, that was the first time anyone had confirmed officially the presence of US troops in Syria. “Conspiracy theorists” have known this for a very long time, of course, and were ridiculed for disbelieving the official US line (lie). As for me, as long as the government grants itself the right to lie, I grant myself the right not to believe anything they say without solid proof.

Trump’s announcement should have been good news for the Assad regime, seeing how the US has been supporting most of the rebels. A US withdrawal would have been a mark of victory, showing that he could outlast the US with the help of Russia. But a few days later, on April 3, Assad was said to have perpetrated another gas attack on innocent people, including many children.

Is Assad really that stupid? Does he want the US to remain in Syria? Well, someone does, and I don’t think it’s Assad. How could a gas attack on children possibly have any strategic value to Assad? Would it not rather have value to those who oppose a US withdrawal?

A similar event occurred about a year earlier, when a chemical attack took place. Assad was already winning the war quite handily with Russian help. Russia had been bombing the bejeebies out of ISIS since September of 2015 and had driven them out of most of the territory. Assad, being a complete idiot, decided to use sarin gas against civilians, which gave him absolutely no strategic advantage but only weakened his international stature.

Trump expressed his usual outrage in public, knowing that he would be forced to respond in some manner. But it is obvious that Trump knew that Assad was not the real culprit, because he only bombed an abandoned airfield and miscellaneous low-value targets. In fact, Trump began to plan a way to end the war in Syria without publicizing its origin in the Pentagon.

Trump is caught in a delicate situation. He wants to “make America great again,” which means to extract us from numerous situations where the CIA and military have fomented trouble in order to make those countries dependent upon us. It’s no different from the mafia shaking down a store owner for monthly “protection insurance.” Trump’s job is to extract us from those situations without exposing the US actions to the world.

It appears, then, that he and his team hit upon a plan to do a repeat performance in Syria this month. First he announced his intention to withdraw US forces, knowing that the Deep State, lacking imagination, would go with their usual “gas attack” plan. Trump then played along, as if he believed that Assad were an “animal.” Is it not amazing how Trump immediately believes the Fakestream Media when it is convenient?

On the same day that the latest Syrian gas attack took place (April 3), Q posted for the first time, “April Showers.” No one knew if this was connected to “the storm” or if it was just something that would “bring May flowers.” It turned out to be shower of missiles. In other words, Q was telling us that from the moment the gas attack occurred, there would be a military response.

It looked like Trump had been fooled into starting World War 3. Commentators began to panic. Alarmed Trump supporters began to denounce his decision. Obviously, these did not “trust the plan.”

Q even provided us (covertly) with a time line for the missile attack. On Tuesday April 10, he posted,

Testify then drop.
We have it all.
These people are stupid.

Notice the first letter of each line. Each identifies a day of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Friday the 13th is “Fireworks” day, the day of the missile attack. Q asks many times, “Do you believe in coincidences?”

Good investigators do not like coincidences. Coincidences are like chicken bones caught in their throats and are like thorns in their sides. They must be removed at some point.

The Missile Attack on Chem Plants

Trump’s missile attack targeted chemical facilities where the gas was said to have originated in the recent chlorine attack. No civilian casualties were reported—a remarkable feat, considering the sheer number of missiles sent into Syria. But wait, did the US suddenly receive new intelligence about these chemical factories? Why did we not hear of their existence earlier? We were all under the impression that these were “underground” facilities run by Assad’s troops.

There is nothing like a good missile attack to help us correct our misperception.

After lengthy sieges, the Syrian army finally took control of East Ghouta on April 12 and Douma on April 14. In both places, rebel controlled chemical factories were found, built by German and French companies. The US missile attacks obliterated those factories, presumably to destroy Assad’s ability to use such chemicals, but more likely because these were now a public embarrassment. At any rate, with the factories destroyed, any evidence was destroyed as well.

If any cannisters of sarin or chlorine gas had remained at those sites, the missiles would have released clouds of gas upon the remaining population. There are no reports of such forthcoming.

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