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The war continues

Apr 10, 2018

The civil war going on in the US government has now gone to a new and unprecedented level with the FBI seizing the papers and records of President Trump’s private lawyer, Michael Cohen. What is going on? How does this tie in with the prophetic pattern today?

Exit Strategy from Syria

First, President Trump announced a week ago that he was going to pull out all US troops from Syria. Syria’s president Assad then apparently decided that Trump’s decision was unacceptable, so he used chlorine gas in an attack on the city of Douma, knowing that this would scuttle those plans.

The same thing happened a year ago when Syria’s war against ISIS was all but won. Just when he truly had no need to use any gas to win the war, he decided to use it on innocent civilians.

In both cases it assured that the US would be forced to retaliate—and to remain in Syria, fighting the Assad regime.

Does this make any sense?

It certainly makes no sense to anyone in the Intelligence organizations or the military. When trying to figure out the perpetrators of an attack, they always ask themselves “who benefits?” So it seems that only the gullible public would believe that Assad actually carried out these gas attacks—assuming, of course, that the attacks actually occurred. So far, the “reports have not been confirmed.”

They don’t need confirmation. When the newspapers repeat the story enough times, the reports are assumed to be true.

It is obvious that someone in the US government or military does not want US troops to leave Syria. And they are willing to use some gas on innocent Syrian civilians to accomplish this goal. Or, at the least, they are willing to lie in the Fakestream media.

A year ago, in retaliation for the use of sarin gas, Trump gave orders to use missiles to bomb some empty buildings on an old airbase. It seems to me that he knew Assad was not guilty, but public perception forced him to retaliate in some way. Once again, Trump is pretending to be outraged over Assad’s supposed gas attack last week, even calling him “an animal.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Senator Mafioso from Arizona went to Syria, probably to meet with his friends in ISIS, as he did some years ago. “Q” exposed this trip in posts 1088, 1089, 1094 and 1095. See the link below. #1088 identifies who’s who in the pictures. His Blackwater contractors were not pictured, except for one man in the shadowy background.


It is almost certain that the recent gas attack, as with the one a year ago, was perpetrated by the US-backed Syrian rebels in order to keep US troops and arms in Syria. The problem is that these people know how to cover their tracks. They have long experience in such matters. Q implies that the Israeli’s helped cover up the evidence when they bombed the place where the gas supposedly was made.

Q says in post 1106, “ISRAEL strike harmed ability to prove events.”

Q has been very careful not to say anything about Israel. On the surface, Trump is being pictured as pro-Israel, but the above statement suggests that he knows more than he is revealing. It is the same on many fronts. Hence, we cannot take Trump at face value. He learned a lot about acting in his show, The Apprentice. He has put on many shows in the past year.

Q has proven many times that he is part of Trump’s cabinet and is, in fact, Trump’s main outlet for news behind the scenes. Therefore, while the mainstream news media gives a story for public consumption, Q gives us the real story.

Throughout the postings since last October, Q has hinted constantly that Trump’s backers, operating behind the scenes, are engaged in a huge subterfuge to make Trump look weak and vulnerable. Such a tactic causes the Deep State to miscalculate many things. For example, it looks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions is at odds with Trump. But Q has consistently told his readers to “Trust Sessions.”

He did so again today in post 1122, saying,

TRUST SESSIONS. [attorney General Jeff Sessions]
TRUST WRAY. [FBI Director Christopher Wray]
TRUST KANSAS. [Mike Pompeo, former Kansas congressman, later head of CIA, State Dept.]
TRUST HOROWITZ. [DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz]
TRUST HUBER. [John Huber, prosecuting attorney from Utah assisting the DOJ]

Who is NOT on this list of people we should trust? Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who is investigating the Trump campaign to try to find “collusion with Russia.” Hence, it appears that Mueller is on the side of the Deep State in this war—unless, of course, Q is hiding something that is still deeper. But it appears certain that Mueller is not among Q’s trusted men.

Mueller has been trying for over a year to find some evidence of “Russian collusion.” Having found nothing, he has now shifted his focus to the payment given to the porn star, Stormy Daniels, who told her story last week on television. It is said that she had been paid to keep secret a tryst with Trump more than ten years ago.

It appears that the very convenient fire at Trump Tower was designed to give someone other than firefighters cause to break into Trump’s apartment to check for fire.

The Raid on Cohen’s Office

What is most striking in this post is that it comes immediately after the FBI raided the office and home of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. It is obvious that Q is not in a panic over this raid. Instead, in post 1115, Q simply draws our attention to the recent fire at Trump Tower in New York City and tells us to read carefully the following article about Michael Cohen:


He said there were no orders to evacuate but he received a text message from Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen.

Mr. Shields, who said he grew up with Mr. Cohen, continued: “He said, ‘Are you in the building?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out ASAP.’ That’s how I knew to get out, otherwise I’d still be in there.”

I’m not sure why this detail is important. However, it appears that this fire was used as an excuse to break into Trump’s apartment at Trump Tower, and perhaps also Michael Cohen’s office. Whatever “evidence” they found was then presented to the DOJ and used to get a warrant to seize all of Cohen’s records.

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/09/us/politics/fbi-raids-office-of-trumps-longtime-lawyer-michael-cohen.html?action=click&contentCollection=N.Y. / Region&module=Trending&version=Full&region=Marginalia&pgtype=article

“… [T]hese warrants were obtained by an unrelated group of prosecutors. The searches required prior consultation with senior members of Mr. Trump’s own Justice Department….”

Reports say that the raid was done by the FBI, but apparently at the request of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey S. Berman.

Mr. Sessions appointed the United States attorney for the Southern District, Geoffrey S. Berman, only in January. Mr. Berman is a former law partner of Rudolph W. Giuliani, a former New York mayor and a supporter of Mr. Trump.”

According to this report, Berman initiated this search warrant, even though he used to be “a former law partner of Giuliani… a supporter of Mr. Trump.” Berman was appointed by Jeff Sessions. Q says that we are to “trust Sessions.” Are we therefore also to trust Berman?

I smell a rat here. It seems quite likely that Berman and Sessions are engineering this latest turn in the war with the Deep State—to say nothing about FBI Director, Christopher Wray, who we are also supposed to trust.

Are all of these “trusted” men really turning against Trump, or is this part of a trap being laid for the Deep State? On April 8, the day before the raid, Q wrote, “Trust the plan.” The next day, the day of the raid, Q posted, “Trust POTUS,” (i.e., President of the United States). He seems confident that this raid is all part of a bigger plan and that nothing is out of control.

On April 5, Q posted, “We are in control.” He said the same again on April 7.

If that is the case, then Trump’s outrage at the raid is a big act to make the Deep State think that it was winning, so it would become overconfident, not knowing that they were being led into a trap. This is either a disaster for Trump or a very ingenious plan, using a pretty good actor as president.

The Battle of Ai

Recall that from March 31 to April 6, we saw the Battle of Jericho play out prophetically in the Social Media battleground. The next battle, of course, is the Battle of Ai (Joshua 7). At our recent Passover conference, we anticipated this battle, and so we took steps to prevent a repeat disaster seen in Joshua 7. We repented ahead of time on behalf of any who would follow the example of Achan in Joshua 7:1, 20, 21.

I have written about the Achan Doctrine in many places, including a full discussion of it in chapter 10 of Creation’s Jubilee:

The Achan Doctrine is the refusal to give all the gold, silver, bronze, and iron to God’s treasury. These metals represent the nations in Daniel 2:32, 33, which are described as “beasts” in Daniel 7. The Achan Doctrine, then, is the belief that God should not restore all things to Himself.

Hence, we entered the divine court and repented for the sin of Achan in the church, so that we would be able to win the Battle of Ai without suffering casualties. We did not want to see a repeat of Israel’s problem in Joshua 7:4, 5.

I believe that the present situation with the FBI’s raid on the office of Michael Cohen forms a large part of this Battle of Ai. Because our divine court appeal was heard earlier, I believe that this raid will only carry the appearance of a disaster. It will not be an actual disaster, at least not in the long run. This is consistent with Q’s confidence in the midst of this apparent disaster.

Keep in mind that April 12 is the end of the second 76-day cycle of cleansing this year. That could be a key watch date. In past years April 12 has been a good day. Hopefully, this pattern will continue in 2018.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones