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The lost text messages being released to congress

Apr 26, 2018

When Hillary Clinton tried to destroy her incriminating computer with a hammer and bleach last year, she apparently was unaware that her emails could not be deleted. She is obviously even more ignorant of the computer world than I am. It has taken a long time for these emails to surface, but it appears that they will soon be made available to congress, if not the public.

There are other “missing” emails that have also been found, because, as we now know, no emails are ever truly deleted. If investigators really want to see them, they are there to be found. If nowhere else, the NSA has copies of all of them in its files. The same is true for text messages and all electronic data, including telephone calls. In fact, just carrying a cell phone records all of your conversations and its GPS technology records every move you make with your cell phone.

You too should keep this in mind. We can’t stop this flow of technology. I can only tell you to live as if everything you say and do is known to the NSA, if you become a person of interest. So don’t do anything illegal, and be careful what you say. Be especially careful about joking around, because the government has no sense of humor, and they take what you say as if you are serious.

Q has said many times that “they never thought she would lose.” In other words, when the spy organizations set up their spying, the Deep State never thought that they might lose control of their own agencies, or that the information being recorded might be used against THEM. But that is exactly what has happened. We saw that shift occur in 2012, and that is when I began to suggest that we were about to see Haman hanged on his own gallows.


After Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016, she panicked and tried to get rid of 30,000 emails, not realizing that she could not delete them with a hammer. Later, six months’ worth of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were somehow “lost” as well, but again, nothing is ever really lost. So they too have now been found and are being read with interest by investigators.

It appears from the recent Q posts that congress is about to be given transcripts of the texts between Strzok and Page, which someone tried to “lose.” Sara Carter tweeted this on April 24:


“BREAKING: DOJ will make the six months of missing texts that were eventually located by IG [Inspector General] between Strzok and Page available to congress sometime tonight or tomorrow, according to sources…. developing.”

Well, so far these have not been released, or if they were, they remain secret. Q posted on April 25 that there is an information war going on in the background. He says,

They feel threatened.
This is about us.
Expect more (outcry).
We are being set up and targeted (+ DDoS).

Later on the same day, Q posted:

They tried to delete the proof.
POTUS win – 1/20 [January 20, 2017, Trump’s inauguration]
Deep clean.
They never thought she would lose.
Insurance w/o cover.
Nothing is deleted.
No Such Agency. [NSA]

The reference to “Insurance w/o cover” could be a reference to the incriminating information on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which was filed under “Insurance.” Apparently, this was blackmail information that was kept as an insurance policy in case someone turned against him or tried to kill him. When the NYC police officers saw those files, it made them cry. It is apparently so evil that the files are not suitable for public viewing. Don’t expect to see them. Weiner was later sentenced to 21 months in prison, but that was only on a relatively minor charge.

There are so many incriminating emails, text messages, and phone conversations that it is often hard to know which ones Q is talking about. But Sara Carter’s tweet was talking about the texts between Strzok and Page, and now their boss, Bill Priestap, has decided to reduce the charges against him and testify against his underlings as well as his former bosses, Andrew McCabe and James Comey.


The inner circle of James Comey and Andrew McCabe on the 7th Floor of FBI HQ has flipped, according to high level Justice Department officials.

The once-loyal cabal of FBI brass and leaders who reigned during the FBI tenures of Comey and McCabe have been testifying against their former bosses, DOJ sources confirm….

In law enforcement circles, these players are referred to as Rats, cops who implicate other cops to save their jobs and pensions. So who is ratting on Comey and McCabe and cooperating with the proceedings against each?

FBI Counterintelligence Head Bill Priestap is the biggest fish, federal law enforcement sources said. And he is a key player here. His cooperation spells trouble for McCabe and likely Comey too.

“Last guy I would have thought would cooperate is cooperating,” one high-ranking Justice official said about Priestap. “He knows about everything the IG is looking at because he was involved in it all.”

The Justice official called Priestap’s cooperation “devastating” especially to McCabe. The source would not elaborate.

McCabe realized this when he banked over $500K on a GoFundMe campaign for upcoming legal fees.

Priestap was Peter Strzok’s boss and Priestap answered directly to McCabe.

Sometimes it takes a long time for investigations to be completed, but as investors discover more and more evidence and present it to those who have broken the law, they are able to make deals with those who are willing to confess their crimes and implicate others. That is how investigations widen until the full truth is known.

One of the most serious things, according to Q, is how some people (probably Strzok and Page) had conspired to kill the president and/or a member of his family. So Q posted on January 22, 2018,

What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?
What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?
Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].
This is only the beginning.
Be careful what you wish for.
Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?
What happens to the FBI?
What happens to the DOJ?
What happens to special counsel?
What happens in general?

Q is implying that someone in the FBI and DOJ talked of the possibility of assassinating Trump. It seems likely that this implicates Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who both worked for the FBI. Q asks how such a treasonous plot could be exposed and prosecuted without destroying the FBI and even the DOJ. As it is, the FBI’s reputation is at a low point.

Q also implies that “foreign allies were involved.” Russia was not involved, Q says, nor was Russia considered to be a US ally.

Q’s reference to “AS THE WORLD TURNS” appears to be a reference to the Kennedy assassination in 1963, which interrupted an episode of the soap opera by that name. Q seems to be comparing the Kennedy assassination with the alleged Trump assassination plot.

At any rate, Q reposted his January 22 posting (above) on April 25. This connects that post with the texts from Strzok and Page that are about to be given to congress.

People have been anxiously waiting word that those texts have indeed been turned over to congress. So far, there is no official word, but Q said on April 25,

Not public.
Debate how to handle.
Buying time.

Apparently, the missing text messages were delivered to congress, but this fact has not yet been made public. They need time to debate how to handle such toxic (and treasonous) messages. Further, the release of those text messages pose a danger/threat coming from the conspirators, who know that their days are numbered if this information is given to the public.

So we will see how this turns out. It appears that this is the MOAB that Q was talking about last week.

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