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The end of the war

Apr 17, 2018

Last night our Father said that the present warfare had ended—in victory, of course. We had overcome in every area necessary. I am still unclear as to the precise relationship between the heavenly war and earthly events. I only know that it has much to do with the biblical pattern of the battle of Ai.

The story of Ai itself is found in Joshua 7 and 8. In Joshua 7 the battle went against Israel on account of the leaven in the camp through the sin of Achan. In Joshua 8, after purging the leaven from their midst, God gave Israel the victory over Ai. In conclusion, Joshua built an altar to God in Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30). He used uncut stones, as the law had commanded (Exodus 20:25).

Then he wrote the law (Ten Commandments, no doubt) on those stones (Joshua 8:32), renewing the covenant with Israel that had been broken by the sin of Achan.

That is the simplified story of events at that time.

In our day, of course, foreseeing another pattern of Jericho and Ai coming in April, we petitioned the divine court to get ahead of the original Ai problem in order to avoid the same kind of trouble seen in the original pattern under Joshua. Hence, on the final afternoon of the Passover conference, we were led to pray a prayer of repentance ahead of time.

The question is whether or not an established biblical pattern can actually be avoided. Can the fractal be changed as it repeats its patterns later? The answer is not yet fully clear, so I would have to say, “yes and no.” The upside is that God is God, and He has the wisdom to make things impossible and then go ahead and do the impossible. Hence, this past week has been of particular interest to me, because we are delving more deeply into the intricate mind of God.

What I have learned so far is that it requires greater sacrifice to change a divine pattern like this. The prayer of repentance at the conference triggered a new set of consequences that we were unaware of at the time. We knew that our prayer was answered, but we did not know that a greater price would have to be paid to avoid an Ai defeat and to move directly to victory.

Let’s back up a bit and give the overall context…

Time of Cleansing

Our second 76-day cycle of cleansing began on January 30 and ended April 13. The Jericho battle, within this context, was fought during the seven days of Unleavened Bread, April 1-6, as we approached the end of the cleansing period.

The sin of Achan violated the command of God to remove leaven out of the house, for in bringing that which had been devoted to God into his house, Achan’s house was leavened. And since he was in fellowship with the rest of the houses in Israel, the principle of unity implicated the whole nation. The nation itself was leavened, and as a result, Israel could not win the next small battle of Ai.

The point is that the main theme of this Ai battle has been about cleansing. Upon inquiry, the Father said that this battle began on April 13, as we reached the end of the 76-day cleansing cycle. The implication is that Ai somehow extended the time of cleansing 3 days beyond the normal 76 days, ending finally last night, April 16.

I was required to stand in the gap during this time—and perhaps others as well—engaged in a cleansing fast from April 11 to the present time. What I experienced in this time of sickness was first a need for cleansing, second, a realization how leaven in the body (or camp) has a huge affect on us, and third, how a price must always be paid. When Jesus broke the established pattern of Adam (death), a price had to be paid.

Yes, Jesus paid it all on the cross, but He had always required us to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings (Philippians 3:10), so that we gain an experiential understanding of what He did for us. Jesus has died to save everyone, but the overcomers are those who understand Him by going through some of the same things that He did. He is not just looking to save everyone. He is looking for people who see Him on the cross—and understand because of shared experience.

For this reason, not only was Jesus a lamb led to the slaughter but “For Thy sake we are being put to death all day long; we were considered as sheep to be slaughtered” (Romans 8:36). Paul well understood this principle of fellowship with the Lamb of God, for his back was well scarred, having been beaten five times with 39 stripes. That is 195 scars from the whip.

Getting back to the present time, we all enter into Christ’s fellowship of sufferings in different ways. We all die daily, and we all experience adversity from the world and religious system. We all go through false accusation. We all go through various aspects of Christ’s experience in order that we may know Him and the power of His resurrection (victory).

My present case is hardly worthy of comparison to Paul’s experience or even to most of the great martyrs of history. The point is that regardless of how great or insignificant our suffering is, it is always based upon the same spiritual principle.

In the midst of bodily weakness, I found that my spirit was opened up to see things quite clearly. I saw most clearly that when I was weak, then I was strong, almost as if bodily weakness was a mirror image of spiritual strength. The warfare was intense, but I was in a state of peace and strength. Whatever strength was in my spirit was reflected in the angelic hosts as they fought the forces of darkness, making my bodily weakness even more meaningful and necessary.

Today I awoke in full recovery and came to the office feeling full of life. It was very clear that the battle had ended, as the Father said last night. Even so, I am still required to fast today. I suspect, however, that seven days will complete the cleansing fast, sort of as a counterpart to the seven days of Unleavened Bread that was violated by Achan, which caused the Ai problem. Tonight I will inquire of the Lord to see if that is the case.

I still do not have a clear understanding of how we were able to rise above the established biblical pattern of disaster at Ai. That will take some revelation to understand how the wisdom of God was able to accomplish that without violating His law. But I do know that much was accomplished this past week, which will be more evident in time. I still lack the connecting links between spiritual events and their earthly counterparts, so I cannot say exactly how this warfare has changed things on earth. If we see some breakthrough in current events, that may give us some indication.

Final Analysis

The coincidence of timing seems to indicate a starting point in our understanding. The battle began April 13, the end of the 76-day cleansing cycle, and that same night the missiles were launched against the chemical companies and “research centers” in Syria. This seems to indicate that the battle of Ai (“ruinous heap”) played out in reducing the chemical centers to piles of rubble.

Trump accomplished this without instigating World War 3, as many were predicting. No Russian assets were targeted, nor did the Russians try to shoot down any of the missiles. Trump’s apparent careless bravado with the Russians, as with North Korea earlier, seems to indicate that he has already come to a prior arrangement with Putin. We know that candidate Trump showed great respect for Putin, and the feelings were mutual. But such respect also became a political liability to Trump once he began as president, for it was used to suggest “Russian collusion.” Hence, Trump has turned 180 degrees and now consistently rants against Putin.

Frankly, I think it is all a show, and both presidents know it. So I would not be concerned about the rhetoric causing World War 3. The rhetoric is not designed to destroy the world, but to prevent its destruction by a great ruse (pun intended).

Now that the chemical war has ended, Q is opening up a new line of hints, suggesting that certain members of the Deep State are about to be exposed (finally). Most of us have been aware of the overwhelming evidence of their crimes, but it appears that our spiritual warfare may have made it possible to release that evidence. So Q says early this morning, April 17,


RR is Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General under Jeff Sessions. I suspect that he is the “Achan” lodged in the Department of Justice. He may be the first to be exposed and fired. While Q has always told us to “Trust Sessions,” we are never asked to trust Rosenstein.

About 5 minutes later, Q posted again:


In the past, such “booms” have usually meant news bombshells exposing Deep State operatives that have often resulted in people getting fired. So this may indicate that there are 4 or 5 people who are about to be exposed and thereby fall from power, in the same manner that Andrew McCabe fell last month.

So we see four “booms,” but must also consider the 5 exclamation points at the end. Everything has meaning to Q. Everything is a hint. Watch for more political exposures that will continue the housecleaning, purging of leaven.

Meanwhile, the FBI (under Director Christopher Wray) is sifting through all of the confiscated files of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer. They do not realize that they have brought in a Trojan Horse. I believe that Trump was storing personal investigative files against Hillary and perhaps others at Cohen’s office, and these will have to be acknowledged.

So today Q post says:


Since Q has already told us to Trust Wray, we can be sure that the FBI is now being set free to fire and ultimately to prosecute other Deep State operatives that have been involved in treasonous plots in attempting a coup against the president.

Perhaps our recent warfare has served to undercut the spiritual power of the Deep State, so that their operatives may be exposed for who they are. It will be interesting to watch.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones