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Roseanne Barr and the Battle of Jericho

Apr 07, 2018

I have been writing about the Jericho battle being fought (prophetically) during the seven days of Unleavened Bread, which began this year on Passover, the evening of March 30, 2018, and ended on April 6. Now that this time period has ended, how did this battle manifest last week?

Who would have ever guessed? I have never been a Barrista, nor have I followed Roseanne, as I never liked the direction of her shows. It seemed to me that she was always a darling of the left in their push to change American culture from Christian to Babylonian. So the news that she has been a staunch supporter of President Trump from the beginning took me by surprise.

It seems that her recent show caused a great howl heard round the world, where she referenced Trump and MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) in a positive, though humorous light. This occurred on the evening of March 30, the first day (evening) of Unleavened Bread.


The mainstream fake news is livid that she is an avid follower of “Q” (www.qanon.pub) and has even requested to talk with him, her, or them. Trump then called Roseann to congratulate her on her new comedy TV show.

On April 2, someone asked, “How was your Easter, Q?”

He replied, “We had a good laugh,” and he posted pictures of media reports that were anguishing over Roseann Barr’s admiration of Trump. See post 984, dated April 2.


Eventually, this forced the mainstream media to address Q in the news on April 6, the last day of the Jericho battle.

New York Times Opinion

Normally, the media ignores such news, because they do not want to publicize the opposition. First they ignore it, and when they are no longer able to do so, then they attack it. Then the war becomes public knowledge.

So on April 6 the New York Times published an editorial attacking Roseann, Q, Trump, and all “conspiracy theories.”


The article is a mixture of truth and fake news, of course. Michelle Goldberg, the author, attacks the idea that there are pedophile rings. She goes so far as to say:

“Stories about globalists stealing children for sex aren’t that far removed from stories about Jews stealing children to use their blood making matzo.”

Really? Is that the best argument she can come up with to call this a conspiracy theory? So it’s just a coincidence that millions of children disappear each year? Roseann has congratulated Trump for freeing thousands of children in child-trafficking arrests already. These arrests are a matter of public record, although the mainstream media has only grudgingly reported on them, greeting these arrests with yawns and ho-hums.

Michelle Goldberg, on behalf of the New York Times, seems to oppose such arrests. Who are they trying to protect?

On the other hand, Roseann Barr has tweeting congratulations to Trump for doing something about this child-trafficking. Now that a celebrity’s face has been attached to the fight against child-trafficking, the New York Times is really alarmed, because the news can no longer be suppressed.

Backpage Site Shut Down

On April 6, just as the New York Times was being forced to admit the existence of Q, President Trump shut down a major child-trafficking website called Backpage.


Trump went after them on April 6, just three days after signing an anti-child-trafficking bill into law. Here is a report from The Washington Times about the bill before Trump signed it into law.


The timing of this bill and the enforcement of the law against this online site on April 6 puts it at the forefront of this Battle of Jericho. Here is a Reuters article telling that the site was shut down.


No doubt the mainstream media will complain about First Amendment rights protecting the child traffickers. Michelle Goldberg, after all, has insisted that it’s all a conspiracy theory. Her theory is safely on an opinion page, but the New York Times is counting on its reputation to convince others that her opinion is true.

Exposing Other Pedophiles

But in recent days leading up to this shutdown of Backpage, Q had hinted that Trump was up all night because something big was happening. Q then hinted of a second all-nighter and implied that it was part of a military operation (or secret war). At the same time, Q began to post pictures from Ray.Chandler (i.e., Rachel Chandler) for us to investigate. These pictures are of famous men posing with young girls. One of them shows Bill Clinton with a young girl. Another shows Eminem (the rock star) with a young girl.

Q is dropping crumbs for people to investigate for themselves. He draws no conclusions himself. He is just directing the people to learn the truth for themselves. Even so, he suggests a connection between Ray.Chandler, Epstein Island, and the Vatican. If those connections are proven, the walls of Jericho will fall.

Michelle Goldberg says also,

“In the QAnon reality, Trump only pretended to collude with Russia in order to create a pretext for the hiring of Robert Mueller…”

Really? I have read every post from Q and can assure you that he never claimed that Trump “pretended to collude with Russia.” She lies in order to make it look like Trump was admitting that he colluded with Russia and was offering some sort of lame excuse for his behavior. Such is the nature of the media war taking place, but unless people actually check out her statements by reading all of the Q posts, they will not know who to believe. She knows that most of her readers will not check out her statements. That’s propaganda.

Q is now promising to post other pictures, such as one where Barack Obama, in tribal dress, is shown holding an AK47. When someone questioned this, Q responded,

The important point is who Hussein [i.e., Obama] is aiming the gun at.
Red, White, and Blue.

We do not yet know what that picture will show, but he is suggesting that it is anti-American, or perhaps he is pointing the gun at the American flag. We will see. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and if there is such a picture, this will not easily be erased from peoples’ minds.

Conspiracies are a Fact of History

Any serious student of history knows that conspiracies have gone on unabated for thousands of years. The rise of every government or leader has seen the rise of opposition parties who have plotted secretly to overthrow them. Such plots, by definition, are called “conspiracies,” and many have been charged with conspiracy over the years.

I am the first to admit that some conspiracy theories are bogus. But those who deny the existence of conspiracies, always relegating them to “theories,” either do not know any history at all, or they are on a public relations propaganda campaign.

Michelle Goldberg apparently believes that for the first time in recent history all conspiracies have ceased under the benevolent and watchful eye of the rich and powerful who all have our best interests at heart. Any evil person or assassin in the country is, therefore, a "lone gunman" who could never be hired by a government agency or an ambitious man seeking political power.

In my view, the minute conspiracies to overthrow or undermine the existing order cease to exist, someone will step up to the plate and conspire to obtain power, money, and the right to exploit the vulnerable sexually. That is human nature, especially among those who do not know God.

Once they are in power, they will only seek to increase that power, destroying or ridiculing all of their enemies and, as a last resort, making sure that only they have any weapons of significance to enforce their will. Then, fearing the power of the media, they take control of it, one way or another, and hire sycophants to sing their praises everywhere, lest the public might discover their true character and motives.

Such people well know the evil core of human nature, but they convince the public that human nature is incapable of hatching conspiracies or committing heinous sexual crimes or human trafficking. They tell the people that people are good by nature, thus supporting the idea that there can be no conspiracies, for such would be against human nature.

And most certainly, such things could never happen in a Democracy!

Well, sorry, but I disagree. I have seen too much over the years, and I have read the history books to learn from the past. Having read books on church history, most of which were written by the churchmen themselves, I know how religious men are not immune from ambition and vice. In recent years, they have learned to hide their depravity from the public, but it is difficult to hide these things from everyone, even when one controls the news media.

The internet itself is a media that can be used for either truth or fake news. It is often difficult to know which narrative is true but, in the end, it has the power to overthrow whole governments. I believe it now represents the ancient nation of Media, ruled by Darius the Mede, who overthrew Babylon (Daniel 5:32).

For this reason, it is important to understand the power of the media, because God is now using the internet media to overthrow Babylon. Now is the time.

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