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Report from the Jericho battlefront

Apr 11, 2018

I received this letter yesterday from the battlefront in Northern Ireland, regarding the Battle of Jericho that was fought in early April. It is of interest to you as well.

Hi Stephen,

It was of much interest to me when I read today's blog, " The War Continues," and your thoughts re the Battle of AI - for this reason:

On Tuesday, 3rd April (2018) I was led to go to a river near our home, called the Forth River. I had with me a coin that had been in my possession for some time which intrigued me. It was a coin from Cyprus with one side depicting a woman riding a beast. Hmmm? I felt that this coin was to be cast into this river, where I had been before to anoint it and pray.

P4030532.JPG P4030533.JPG


Here is what I spoke on 3rd April -" So here I am at the anointed river, The Forth River, where I have spoken previously and anointed this river, to the Glory of God, the anointing to bring healing to all nations. I feel to come here this afternoon with this coin which has a depiction of a woman riding a beast. Obviously, I think of the woman riding the beast of Babylon. So I think of the Babylonian system.... I also remember what is recorded in scripture, " THE GOLD, THE SILVER, THE BRONZE, AND THE IRON IS THE LORD'S. AND ARE ALL TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE SANCTUARY, THE TREASURE HOUSE OF THE LORD - FOR THEY ARE THE LORD'S." And these metals also represent the beast systems whose power has been overturned. The Kingdom is the Lord's. The earth is the Lord's. ALL THAT HE HAS CREATED IS HIS!  It came out from Him and IT SHALL INDEED COME BACK UNTO HIM - even these beast nations. And what I do this day is symbolic of the anointed river, the Anointed Word - The Gold Standard, not the standard of men's finances ( coin held up ), but the Gold Standard of The Lord's Word that is to overflow all nations. For it is written," The Glory of The Lord ( The Goodness of The Lord ) shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea."  And these waters are going to overflow Babylon, the beast nations and systems - for they shall indeed be brought into the Lord's Treasury, even as it is written in the scriptures.  And I do this in agreement with what is written - Heaven and Earth coming into agreement that this may be established. And let it be recorded in Heaven as being done at 3;18 (pm) on 3rd April, 2018.  So this coin - the beast systems and the woman who rides the beast, they're going to be overflown by the Glory of the Lord. They're going to know HIS anointing wash over them - and they'll come willing in submission - GLORIOUSLY in submission to our God. Blessed be the Name of The Lord.

Coin was the tossed into river @ 3:18pm.

Glory to God in the highest. Amen.

On wondering on the river and asking, What is the Forth river? I later considered the 4th river that flowed into Eden. Of course, THE EUPHRATES.


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