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Knife control in London

Apr 09, 2018

Due largely to uncontrolled immigration coming to Britain, London is now having a problem with knife attacks. Guns are already outlawed, so now knives and acid are the weapons of choice. So now the mayor of London is pushing for “knife control.”


What next? Acid control? Screwdriver control? Club control? Rock control? Tire irons? How about pitchforks? No legislation is going to prevent violence among a violent population.

When will they learn that people are the problem, not the type of weapon used? People will always find a convenient weapon to use when they want to harm someone else. To focus on the weapon will do little to solve the problem.

The problem is the type of people who are allowed to immigrate to Britain. The same is true everywhere.

In a biblical system, only immigrants who are willing to abide by God’s laws and who attach themselves to the (new) covenant are allowed equal rights. When a nation allows millions of non-Christians to be citizens, the character of the nation itself changes to fit with the national character of the new immigrants.

That’s why Muslim countries don’t allow immigrants into their countries.

The Western (formerly Christian) nations have been taken over by Satanist Babylonians, who seek to change the character, laws, and Christian culture. That is why they have adopted an “open door” policy, allowing everyone to come in, even if the immigrants’ desire is not to adopt our ways but to introduce theirs.

All of this is part of divine judgment against us for our lawless ways. Institutional Christianity is old and weak through corruption and immorality. It cannot compete apart from genuine Holy-Spirit-led churches and people. Christianity can overcome evil only with good, not by plotting how to do greater evil to other evil-doers.

In the Kingdom that is soon coming, says Isaiah 2:3, many people will come to learn the ways and laws of God, not to change the laws or to teach us their own ways. All genuine seekers will be welcome.

Such people will not need knives or swords. In fact, they will hammer their swords (knives) into plowshares (Isaiah 2:4). I think that is a better solution than the “knife control” that the mayor of London is proposing.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones