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Exposure and Disclosure

Apr 18, 2018

When the Feds raided the office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, not a single objection was heard by any of the Democrats. So now the precedent has been set that an Attorney General is allowed to seize the private papers of anyone—including a sitting president. No longer does anyone enjoy attorney-client privilege. Or perhaps, more accurately, the conversations between an attorney and his client remain just that—a government-granted privilege, not a RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

I wonder if Hillary has an attorney. Rosenstein? John Brennan?

None of their records are secure any more. It is only a matter of time before their papers are seized. And when they are, they can no longer claim any right to privacy.

You see, the Supreme Court ruled more than a century ago that all rights come from God and that privileges are granted by governments. God-given rights were supposed to be defended by government, but privileges can be granted and removed at the discretion of the government.

But in the 1930’s, when America shifted from a Christian Republic to a Secular Democracy, a great revolution took place. God was dethroned and kicked out of government, leaving a power vacuum at the top, which the government immediately filled. Men’s government usurped the place of God that had been in place since the Declaration of Independence declared that the Creator alone was the Originator of human rights.

Since then we have seen an increasingly oppressive government imposed upon us, led by men who have claimed that God’s laws were oppressive. Our new government claims to set us free from the bondage of God’s law and into the glorious liberty of man’s laws. If this sounds like the story of ancient Israel, it is exactly the same spirit of rebellion, and the consequences can be no different, apart from divine intervention.

Fortunately for us, we have the promise of divine intervention, and it does not depend upon our support for “Israel,” which is caught up in the same rebellion. It depends solely upon our recognition of the rights of Jesus Christ to rule that which He has been given as the result of His work and death on the cross. No one gets a free pass on account of one’s genealogy, whether real or imagined. This is a legal matter, not biological. The law always trumps biology.

So as long as America remains in a state of rebellion against Jesus Christ, it is in danger of coming apart at the seams. It is a natural consequence of violating the laws of nature itself. Whether this occurs through a “natural” process where nature is seen to be self-correcting (the impersonal God view), or through divine intervention, which presents a personal God who judges from His throne, either way those consequences are surfacing.

Back on January 22, 1997, Jack Hodgdon was given the “Rock and Roll Prophecy” and 21 years later, we are seeing it come to pass. Jack recently reminded me of this by sending it to me again, so I thought it would be appropriate to repost it as a reminder to all of us of God’s purpose in causing this chaos in the US government.

Rock & Roll Prophecy

Not many days from now,
A mighty tumult I shall allow.
The government shall rock and roll,
Till everything shall be undone,
Till everything that I have said
In all the newspapers shall be read. 

This nation shall quake and shake,
Fearfulness shall grip the heart,
Till Washington DC shall come apart.
Till every man’s sins shall be made bare,
Till all the truth shall be declared.
There will be no place for them to hide,
To run for shelter,
From how they’ve lied.
Like wood to the fire,
The truth shall be made known,
Till all is seen, till all is shown.

We are now well into the “tumult.” With the loss of attorney-client privilege at the whim of government officials, there is no longer any place to hide one’s sins. We have foolishly abandoned the only Source of human rights, replacing them with counterfeit rights that are actually only government-granted privileges. Now the government has shown that the right to privacy is just a privilege, after all, which can be removed if a government official wishes.

The intelligence organizations did away with any privacy long ago, easily side-stepping restrictions passed by congress. Whenever they wanted to spy on their own citizens, they simply moved their operations offshore, where those restrictions no longer applied. Or we asked other countries to spy on our own citizens, while we spied on theirs, and then shared information. It was all too easy, rendering legal restrictions virtually irrelevant.

Politicians did not seem to care, as long as the spy agencies were spying on someone else. Their continued use of cell phones and all things electronic show (as Q often says), “These people are stupid!” Whenever Bill or Hillary took trips to Epstein Island on the so-called “Lolita Express” (Epstein’s plane), every conversation was being recorded via their cell phone. Every perversion, every satanic ritual was recorded and time stamped.

They had nothing to worry about as long as the Satanists remained in control of this information. But a new sheriff is in town. New people are now in control of the information gathered by the spy agencies. This information is soon to be used against the Satanists and corrupt politicians themselves. However, they don’t want to dump too much on the American people, because they can’t handle too much truth at one time. Their minds will simply shut down and refuse to process it. Q tells us that this is the reason truth has been coming in “crumbs” over time.

But the Rock and Roll Prophecy suggests that full exposure/disclosure is coming and that this will be a time of sheer panic in Washington. It does not appear that this fear will be on account of a threat of nuclear war but rather a fear of exposure, where lies give way to truth. Years ago we thought the only way to expose such things would be to rerun the scenarios on a public screen by some supernatural process. But now it appears that the spy agencies have done the work already and that the liars have entrapped themselves by their use of technology.

On May 14, 1999 Jack Hodgdon put out another prophetic word to the overcomers, a longer word of comfort and hope when the government appears to be falling apart. It is called….

Flying High

(Psalm 102:17)

Flying high,
Victory is nigh,
The battle is ending,
Deliverance I am sending
Without delay,
It’s on the way!
You’ve wanted long
To sing the victor’s song,
So don’t be depressed,
I am sending heaven’s best.
Because you have stood the test,
I will do the rest.
You will sing redemption’s song,
It won’t be long!
So be not weary, my son,
You have endured the night
In the battle to do right.
So watch and pray and be not dismayed,
To follow on to know my fullness to show—but you say
I have things to overcome, I am wretched, I am dung!
Think it not strange through this fire you have come.
This battle is Mine, not thine, my son,
So look to Me, I am thy reward and sure victory!
The overcomer’s crown on thy head, O man renowned!
The time has come for the battle to end.
I am thy constant commander, I am thy friend unto the end.
So my friend, never say, “I’ll never make it on this judgment day.”
You will sing as it were A Song in the Night, the Victory’s won.
It’s within thy sight.
What more can I say on this glorious day,
You are flying high,
Victory is nigh.
When everything looks like defeat,
There were be no retreat!
The victor’s crown you will wear,
I the Lord have declared!
So hold your shield of faith high,
Your victory is near, your victory is nigh,
Through all this you’ve come,
You will not fail or succumb.
You are flying high.
You yourself will be surprised!
I will never forsake you no matter what,
I will give you the determination,
I will give you the gut!
This rut you have been in was all of me,
To see the truth to be set free.
So don’t doubt all that I have said,
The victory’s won; have no fear and have no dread.
You are being led through this dreadful night
To win the victory, to win the fight.
So rest if you must, but never quit,
The overcomer’s crown you will get.
Down through the valleys and over the hills you shall prevail;
It is my will.
So keep looking up, your redemption is nigh.
You are ascending in me, you are flying High.

Considering the fact that our Passover conference theme was Victory, this prophecy seems to fit with our time today more than at any other time in the past.

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