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Prophetic connections from Q between Kobe Steel and Babylon's Iron

Mar 08, 2018

Last October we passed a critical juncture in prophetic history. The divine contract with the beast systems, allowing them to rule the earth for “seven times,” ended, and the Dominion Mandate then passed fully into the hands of the overcoming “saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7:22 KJV).

If our discernment is correct, past observation indicates that we should begin to see major changes and disruptions within the year. The signposts along the way, in particular, the feast days, ought to mark specific turning points during the coming months. The first feast day, or “appointed time” (mo’ed), is Passover, which also includes a set of dates associated with it.

Watch Dates

March 17 is the first day of the first month on the Hebrew calendar, which begins the countdown toward Passover. On this day the priests used to inspect the barley fields to see if the barley was eared out (ripe). If so, the signal was sounded that this was the official start of the first month. Ripe barley meant that they could keep Passover, because they had ripe barley to wave on the first Sunday after Passover.

Of course, if the barley was not yet ripe, being too early in the year, they would have to wait another month, making the coming month the 13th month of the previous year.

Rosh Hoshana, the original New Year’s Day on the Hebrew calendar, occurred September 21, 2017, but when Moses changed the calendar in Exodus 12:1, 2, the New Year shifted a few months, and so that is why March 17 is the first day of the first month, or New Year’s Day. Perhaps we can expect to see major changes begin then.

We assume that March 17 will see ripe barley and that it will mark the start of the new Hebrew calendar year (1st month). But keep in mind that we may have to wait another month, if this is too early for the barley to be eared out. God knows, but either way, we will be celebrating Passover with a conference in Peru, Indiana March 29 to April 1.

March 26 is the next watch date, because it is the tenth day of the first month, the day that the people in ancient times were supposed to select the lamb for Passover and to examine it for flaws for four days (Exodus 12:3). It is also the day that Israel crossed the Jordan River under Joshua (Joshua 4:19).

This date seems to be emphasized this year in that Billy Graham’s death on February 21 occurred on the day that Moses’ death occurred, just before he commissioned Joshua. This link came out during Billy Graham’s memorial service, when his daughter mentioned it.

April 1 is the wave-sheaf offering and the beginning of the Counting of the Omer for 50 days ending at Pentecost, May 20.

These are the most obvious watch dates at this time from the prophetic feast days.

Possible Political Events

At the end of last October, “Q” began posting strange things online, which took everyone by surprise. Some were skeptical at first, but soon he proved conclusively that he was part of the Trump team that was bypassing the mainstream media to give us hints and clues about soon-coming events. You can read all the posts from the beginning here:


 Q does not tell us much directly. Mostly, he just asks relevant questions so that we will do our own research. Most often we do not understand things because we do not know where to search for answers. Q guides the search itself, informing us of things by his questions. For example, he asks WHY something happened, presuming we already know that it DID happen. It is an indirect way of informing us of something we probably did not know before.

It is clear from these posts that most of the government agencies have been infiltrated by the bad guys. (We call them Babylonians, to reflect Bible prophecy.) Yet there are good people within these agencies who are alarmed by what they see. These have formed some sort of organization or alliance, and they are the ones who recruited Trump to run for the presidency.

The real power backing these good guys is the military—not many of the top generals, for most of them have been compromised, selling their souls to Babylon. But notice that Trump has surrounded himself with generals and military men. Q implies that Trump uses Military (Army) Intelligence to keep up on what is going on, and he uses the Marine Corps for protection, each being the best in its field. Being the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces gives Trump a unique position with the military, and he has taken advantage of it.

This is a genuine war taking place behind the scenes. It is not a military war per se, but a war for control of the USA and even the world itself. The CIA essentially seized power when they assassinated Kennedy in 1963, and during the Reagan “downsizing” years the government began to be privatized. The various departments of government were registered as corporations and shares were sold to the highest bidders in the “private” sector, namely, wealthy “investors.”

In the past 20 years it took the form of a banker war, as various trade zones in the world competed with each other in trade and finance. But today under Trump, the war has returned to its roots—Intelligence. Knowledge is power, they say, and those who know the sins of politicians are able to control the government through blackmail. Trump is using it to get rid of evil people, but also to offer amnesty to those who switch sides and testify against their evil bosses. This eventually will lead to arrests and trials, perhaps beginning this month.

For a long time the Babylonians had control of the intelligence and had even set up brothels in Washington DC to trap congressmen and senators, enslaving them by blackmail. They also took control of the judicial system so that they could protect their own people from prosecution.

But now that Trump is backed by Army Intelligence, the good guys know all of the Babylonian secrets and are getting ready to make arrests, backed largely by the Marines. The power that the Babylonians saw fit to give to presidents (via Executive Orders) is now about to be used against them. They did not expect Trump to win the election, because they thought they could remain in power indefinitely. They did not understand that the Dominion Mandate was not theirs but had been granted to them temporarily from 604-607 BC until 2014-2017. That was their mistake.

It took Trump a full year to consolidate his power and to put his cabinet together. One of the most important of these positions was to place Admiral Rogers as head of the NSA, since the NSA is the most important domestic spy agency. We have all complained for years about the illegal wire taps of the NSA, put into place by the Babylonians. But now that information (including blackmail info) is being used against the blackmailers themselves.

Think “Haman’s gallows.” I wrote about this more than six years ago in January 2012.


There are many congressmen and senators who would like to be set free from Babylon. They are being offered forgiveness for their indiscretions if they join the anti-Babylonian revolution. Q alludes to all of these things and more in his cryptic posts.

Four Battlefields: Saudi Arabia—USA—Asia—EU

Q often gives us the basic outline of the plan. It began in May 2017 when Trump visited Saudi Arabia. The Washington Post ridiculed it and called it “un-American.”


But Trump knew what he was doing, even if the mainstream media did not.

Then Jared Kushner made an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia in October.


No one really knew the purpose of his trip until Q connected it to the purge in November, asking,

Why did JK travel to SA recently?
What is SA known for?
Where do the biggest donations originate from?
Why is this relevant?

(JK is Jared Kushner. SA is Saudi Arabia.)

It became clear from the beginning of the posts that Saudi Arabia (SA) was the first country to be overthrown (set free from Babylonian rulers). In early November, Saudi King Salman arrested dozens of high-level princes and imprisoned them until they gave up their ill-gotten gains.


Q said that Saudi Arabia would be first, since that has been a major source of financing for the Babylonians in the West. Next is the US, which is about to hit this month. Then Asia, followed by the European Union. It seems that we are now in Phase 2, where the focus is upon the US, and that many arrests are about to take place, similar to what occurred in Saudi Arabia. On November 3, 2017 Q posted:

Why did JK travel to SA recently?
What is SA known for?
Where do the biggest donations originate from?
Why is this relevant?

The next day was when the Saudi purge began. It was as if Q knew what was about to happen!

On November 14, 2017, Q wrote:

Why, again, were the arrests made in SA so very important?
What strings were immediately cut? [money/donations to political campaigns]
Follow the money.

The connection between Saudi Arabia and the US was then given November 5, when Q wrote,

Ten days.
Scare tactics (MSM). [Main Stream Media]
D’s falling. [Democrats]
R’s walk-away/removed. [Republicans]
Disinformation is real.
Distractions are necessary.
Focus was US today while real happening in SA under same context (military control, martial law, missile strike (rogue) etc.

The point is that what happened last November in Saudi Arabia could now happen in the USA, not in precisely the same manner, but with high-level arrests and military tribunals on a scale greater than the Nuremberg trials after World War 2.

Steele, Steel, and Steal

Q often reminds his readers that there are often many layers of meaning to what he says. Most recently, he has talked about the new Trump tariffs on the importation of steel. The media sees only a looming trade war, but it seems that there is much more to it than that.

First off, the so-called “Steele dossier,” compiled by British MI6 officer Chris Steele, is the fake document being used against Trump to prove a so-called “collusion” with Russia.

Then on March 1, 2018 Trump announced the 25% tariff on steel imports. It came at the same time that he issued Executive Order #12473 revising the Manual for Courts Martial, which paved the way for the coming military tribunals.

Two days later, on March 3, the Babylonians sent a mind-controlled victim to shoot himself in front of the White House, after first shooting his cell phone to destroy evidence. It’s all part of the war, threats and counter-threats. These are not random events.

Then on March 7, Hiroya Kawasaki, the CEO of Kobe Steel, resigned in the wake of a scandal involving 50 years of selling inferior steel.


A day earlier, on March 6, Q posted this:

What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken?
What if Hussein knew and authorized? [Barack Hussein Obama]
Renegade. [This is Obama’s code name used by the Secret Service]


It is almost as if Q knew that the Kobe Steel scandal was going to hit the news the next day.

Apart from the obvious military implications of using inferior steel, it seems to be a metaphor for the flawed Steele dossier that was designed “to weaken” President Trump.

This “steel” scandal apparently was known to Q as early as last November, because he hinted about it in ways that could not be understood until the scandal broke. On November 20, Q wrote,

The hunt for Red October.

Someone then posted a question about this, asking, “This is a reference to the submarine that went missing just recently?” (He was trying to connect it to the movie by this name.)

Answer from Q:


However, he did not attempt to enlighten anyone as to its meaning. But later the same day, Q wrote:

Red Oct sig has not occurred yet. [sig means signal]
Follow the map.

Then on February 7, Q referenced it again, saying,


This is the first connection between “Red October” and “iron.” Yet it also connects iron to “eagle,” which was President Bill Clinton’s Secret Service code name.

On February 11, Q again made reference to Red October, writing,

Expand your thinking.
This is not a game.

Someone again asked Q if Red October was a reference to the submarine in the movie by that name, starring Sean Connery, or a reference to a cyber-espionage malware from 2012-2013, or something else. Q answered,

Future news will highlight.
Note “The Hunt For” was dropped.
Details matter.

In other words, it is not a reference to the movie or to a submarine. Q did not give any indication of its actual meaning, other than to let us know that “future news will highlight.”

Finally, on March 6, shortly after midnight, Q posted this, along with an internet link:

Learn double meanings.
News unlocks MAP.
Why is STEEL so important?
Expand your thinking.


At last, the “Red October” mystery is solved. Q was referring to a CIA report from 1954 about The Red October Steel Plant in Stalingrad. The report was declassified in 2001. The steel plant had been obliterated during World War 2, but was rebuilt before the end of the war, using inferior materials—whatever was available at the time.

The next day, March 7, is when the Kobe Steel scandal hit the newspapers, when the CEO admitted that the company had been falsifying records and selling inferior, cheaper steel for the past 50 years.

The Iron (Steel) Kingdom

In biblical days there was no such thing as steel. There was only iron, and it was the metal associated with the fourth empire in Daniel 2:33 and again in Daniel 7:7. Iron, then, represents the final form of the beast empires that have held the Dominion Mandate since the days of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Note that the legs of iron on the image in Daniel 2:33, are followed by the feet and toes made of iron mixed with clay (Daniel 2:41, 42). In other words, the iron is weakened by its mixture with clay. It is inferior iron (steel), because iron and clay do not adhere to each other like metal alloys. Prophetically speaking, the feet and toes represent a time of division at the end of the age.

Therefore, this entire “steel” metaphor is a manifestation of Daniel’s prophecy. We are living in a time of great division, and the “toes” of the image are about to be crushed by the great stone (Daniel 2:34, 35, 45).

It is apparent that as early as last November Q knew about the inferior steel being made by Kobe Steel. He knew how it had affected everything that was being made out of their steel. They may not have been alone. Q’s reference to “IRON EAGLE” may hint that Bill Clinton was involved, but Q makes it very clear that Obama (“Renegade”) was fully aware of it and was using it deliberately to weaken the US militarily.

This has now been exposed just before the stone of justice comes crashing down on the heads of the Babylonians.

Kobe Steel is a sign of Babylon. Years ago, after the Kobe earthquake on January 17, 1995, we learned that in Japanese, Kobe means “God’s Door/Gate.” It carries the same meaning as the name Babylon, which, to the Babylonians, was spelled Bab-ili, “God’s Door/Gate.” In other words, Kobe represents Babylon.

I wrote about this in reports back in 1995. We were living in Seattle, Washington at the time, where we had organized the Jubilee Prayer Campaign for the overthrow of Babylon. The prayer campaign was held November 21-29, 1993, and we won our court case in the divine court on the last day of the prayer campaign.

We then discerned that Babylon would fall 414 days later on January 17, 1995, this being the fact of Cursed Time. We were surprised when an earthquake hit Los Angeles on January 17, 1994. Not only did the quake hit a year early, but we were expecting it to hit Seattle (King County). But then Kobe was struck by a devastating earthquake on January 17, 1995.

Again, we wondered why it hit Kobe instead of Seattle, only to discover that Kobe is Seattle’s sister city! It’s “all in the family.” That is also when we learned that Kobe has the same meaning (in Japanese) as Babylon.

And now we see the sign of Kobe Steel being exposed for making inferior steel (biblical iron). The resignation of the company CEO can be seen as a sign of the overthrow of Belshazzar when Darius the Mede took Babylon in 537 B.C. (Daniel 5:32).

An Age of Peace is Coming

North and South Korea are moving to reunite, even as East and West Germany united back in the early 1990’s. In spite of Trump’s public rhetoric, he is working in the background to bring peace to the region. Q and many other sources over the years have claimed that North Korea was essentially a colony of the Deep State and was being used to stir up trouble in Asia in order to maintain their power in the region. With the Deep State now being overthrown, reunification is possible and even probable.

Just as a ping-pong tournament was the precursor to the US normalizing relations with China in the Nixon era, so now the Winter Olympics in Korea has been used as the first step in normalizing relations between the Koreas.

So the end of the world will have to wait. The Kingdom of God is coming soon. We will see many enormous changes take place in the next few years, many that will surprise us greatly. Even China is soon to adopt Christianity as the result of the prayers of 120 million Chinese Christians. But first we must see the overthrow of the satanic pedophiles that have embedded themselves within western governments. Righteous government is not possible until that happens. But it will happen, and I believe that by the end of this year we will be astonished at the events of 2018.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones