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News of Babylon and Zionism

Mar 23, 2018

Yesterday President Trump replaced McMaster with John Bolton as National Security Adviser. It has been rumored for months that McMaster would leave or be fired at some point, so that was no surprise. People were more interested in his replacement.

Bolton is a long-time Neocon, so it appears that Trump is preparing for war or conflict with Iran. At the very least, they will probably not renew the nuclear accord with Iran that was established in 2015 under President Obama.

Q has said (March 8 and 15) that Iran is next on Trump’s agenda insofar as resolving foreign conflicts is concerned.

Since the early 1980’s, I have believed that Iran would have much to do with the overthrow of Mystery Babylon, since ancient Persia (now Iran) was used by God to overthrow Babylon in the time of Daniel. Now Iran finds itself the focus of attention in Trump’s crosshairs. It appears that we will now see exactly what Iran’s role will be in these End Games.

Trade Policies are Bankrupting Babylon

In 1994 the GATT treaty was passed by congress, and this paved the way for the World Trade Organization, which Trump now wants to overturn as well.


Trump probably is unaware that these “bad trade deals” were God’s way of paving the way for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. Our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, ending November 29, 1993, saw confirmation 12 months later (as expected), according to the pattern laid down in Daniel 4:29, 30, 31. We watched how the GATT treaty passed the House on November 29, 1993, and how House Speaker Tom Foley resigned. Washington was “De-Foley-ated,” even as the great “tree” in Daniel 4 was stripped of its leaves.

I wrote about this in greater detail in The Wars of the Lord, chapter 12.

When this treaty was passed, I understood this to be an answer to prayer, and so I knew that we would soon see a great transfer of wealth from West to East. I knew this would bring about the rise of China and the decline of the USA (and the West in general). It soon became apparent that China and Russia were playing the main role of Cyrus and Darius in the overthrow of Babylon. The destruction of Babylon was done by military force, but the prophecies were given in terms of bankruptcy proceedings (Daniel 5:24, 25, 26, 27, 28).

I believe that Mystery Babylon, which is largely a commercial empire as described in Revelation 17 and 18, will be overthrown mostly in a financial way through bankruptcy. Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again.” I share that sentiment, but I would rather not make Babylon great again. I hope that Trump sees the difference between America and Babylon. I think he does, at least on some level, since he is in mortal combat with the Deep State and its Secret Government (the SES). But I doubt that he really understands the prophecies involved, since all of his spiritual counseling comes from Christian Zionists.

The Role of Iran

What has become less clear in recent years is the role that Iran will play. If China and Russia are the main stars on the stage of history, then what role does Iran play? Well, we know that Iran is allied with both China and Russia. Iran provides oil to China and is paid in goods or in gold, rather than in US dollars. Hence, trade sanctions have only served to establish alternate forms of trade that cut out the US dollar, and this has weakened the dollar.

US sanctions have also forced other nations (primarily China) to set up an alternative banking system, an alternative trade system, and on March 26, a new gold-backed yuan. In other words, by weaponizing the US dollar through US sanctions, we are rapidly destroying the US dollar. This is possible only because China has risen to a position of power, not only militarily, but financially through the huge imbalance of trade since 1994.

It seems significant that China, Russia, and Iran would be allies at this time in history, forced together by a common enemy in the West. Just 15 years ago Putin was trying very hard to be America’s friend, looking west to be a part of Europe. But Brzezinski’s anti-Russia policy drove them into the arms of China. I wrote about it in 2016:


It is Brzezinski’s policy that created the triangular alliance between China, Russia, and Iran. Without that policy, we might have been friends, and there would be no serious threat of war in the world.

But helping Russia and China become prosperous was alarming to Brzezinski, who feared that the maritime trading power of the West could be replaced by the land-based trade, if railways, highways, and pipelines were built across Asia to link China and Russia with Europe. It was this prospect that caused the Deep State in the West to demonize Russia at every turn in the road. In more recent years, they hate Russia even more because Putin is overturning the communistic principles of secularism and antichristian moral values that the West was pushing on them.

So the stage is now being set, and we are another step closer to Babylon’s demise. Iran’s role in this remains to be seen, but now that Trump is turning his attention to Iran, I have a feeling that we will soon find out.

The Zionist Plan

High-level Zionists think in terms of revenge. They look back in biblical history and believe that it is their duty to take revenge on all nations that once enslaved or oppressed the Israelites. The overthrow of Iraq was designed to take revenge on Babylon. Now it is Syria’s turn to face their wrath. Iran is next, for even though Cyrus the Persian treated them well, they were not set free from Persian rule.

They do not understand that God Himself raised up those nations to judge Israel for its violation of the Covenant. Instead of repenting, they blame others, whereas all the prophets tell us that Israel and Judah brought these captivities upon themselves by their own sin and rebellion.

The Zionist belief is that the Jews are destined to rule the world as “God’s chosen people.” In their carnality, they believe that God will back their plans, for they do not see themselves as God does. They are attempting to take over the world through intrigue and deception, sin and rebellion. And they have enlisted much help from the church. The idea that men must fulfill prophecy themselves and that the end justifies the means has permeated church thinking.

The church would not have been fooled into supporting and condoning sin, if it had been taught the law of God, or if they had known what the prophets had to say. When men try to fulfill prophecy by the power of the flesh, or by unlawful methods, their endeavor is doomed to failure in the end. Zionism itself is doomed to failure.

More than that, Zionism will lead the Israeli state into disaster once again. What they do not realize is that Zionism is the political impetus by which Jesus’ words of judgment will be fulfilled, when He said in Luke 19:27,

27 But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.

He was talking about the “citizens” (Luke 19:14), who hated Jesus, not the Romans. At Jesus’ trial, Pilate asked, “Shall I crucify your King?” These “citizens” proclaimed, “We have no king but Caesar” (John 19:15).

Hence, Jesus said that these “citizens” would have to be brought back to the place of their crime for divine judgment. Zionism has served that purpose.

Likewise, Jerusalem itself was to be judged and “cast out” (as Hagar, Galatians 4:25, 30) in favor of the New Jerusalem (as Sarah). The two cities are contending for the inheritance, and only one will win in the end. The earthly city will be destroyed in the process (Jeremiah 19:10, 11) and will never again be rebuilt/repaired.

If evangelical Christians had understood this, they never would have supported Zionism, nor would they have rejoiced to see the establishment of the Israeli state. But Darby and Scofield and other Dispensationalists blinded the eyes of many in the church beginning in the late 1800’s, causing them to encourage Jews to immigrate to Palestine where they will face divine judgment.

For a longer study, see my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

The Coming Judgment

It appears to me that God will keep President Trump blind in this matter until His purpose has been fulfilled. Trump is being advised by Christian Zionists, and now his National Security Adviser, John Bolton, is an avowed Neocon as well. For that reason, I believe that Trump’s policies will be ill-advised and will lead to the ultimate destruction of Jerusalem. Only then will the truth be revealed to all.

You who understand these things ought to be ready to share the truth to Christian Zionists when the destruction of Jerusalem shatters their entire paradigm and understanding of prophecy. It will be our job to restore their faith and to show them that the promises of God have not failed. Only men’s understanding has failed. That will be a very big job in the days ahead.

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