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Another attempt to audit the Fed

Mar 06, 2018

The Paul Amendment introduces another bill shortly to demand an audit of the Federal Reserve within the next year.


Such attempts have been made in the past with little success. Though 75% of the people support such an audit, too many congressmen and presidents have been bribed or blackmailed into opposing it. Perhaps this time things will be different under President Trump.

Keep in mind that even if the bill passes, there is still the integrity of the auditors that must be scrutinized. Furthermore, if they do not actually drill into some of those gold bars and assay them properly, how will we know that they are really all gold? In recent years gold-plated tungsten bars have been discovered and traced back to the Fed.


And here’s what the Chinese allegedly uncovered:  Roughly 15 years ago — during the Clinton Administration [think Robert Rubin, Sir Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers] — between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten blanks were allegedly manufactured by a very high-end, sophisticated refiner in the USA [more than 16 Thousand metric tonnes].  Subsequently, 640,000 of these tungsten blanks received their gold plating and WERE shipped to Ft. Knox and remain there to this day.  I know folks who have copies of the original shipping docs with dates and exact weights of “tungsten” bars shipped to Ft. Knox.               The balance of this 1.3 million — 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten cache was also plated and then allegedly “sold” into the international market.  Apparently, the global market is literally “stuffed full of 400 oz salted bars”. Makes one wonder if the Indians were smart enough to assay their 200 tonne haul from the IMF? Bottom line: Ron Paul has a very good reason to want an audit of Fort Knox gold. Let's see if there is any validity to these rumors.

If no one knows about the tungsten, and everyone thinks the US has 8,000 tons of gold, life goes on as if the gold actually exists. So the government a vested interest in keeping a fraud hidden in order to prevent a financial panic. Gold-plated tungsten is a way to sell the gold and have it, too.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones