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A prophetic word for the Passover Conference

Mar 23, 2018

This word came today from Sean. Some of you may remember him from last year’s reports on his trip (with Paul) to Washington DC and other places.

There are angels in airplanes that need a place to land. They are heavily armed to protect and equip the conference.

They need to be in place. The enemy is coming to confuse, distract, and disrupt.

There are going to be significant opportunities for the Holy Spirit to lead and small modification of schedule and messages are needed to activate My people. Much of what happened a week ago was about the adversary trying to get a legal right to interfere with the conference. Most important part of conference is to activate My people.

Activate My people!

Activate My people!

Activate My people!

Do this first. For the angels to land need to take down the covering and hedge of protection.

It will bring some warfare. This is good. Those activated need to practice and take out the enemy. I am giving some lobs, slow easy pitches so they can hit the ball. These pitches are not for the mature so rookies that they learn how to hit the ball. There will be no curve balls, unless the mature interfere with the rookies.

There will be no significant interference with the conference other than this training exercise. I am looking to activate My people practice with them. It is a pick-up game with heaven have fun!

It will be one of your most fruitful conferences.

The angels are in the planes circling waiting. I am with you. I have gone before you.

Your loving Heavenly Father.

It is game on.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones