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Update On Dr. Jones' New Zealand Trip

Feb 22, 2018

We were contacted by Dr. Jones today with an update regarding the return from the New Zealand trip. We spoke with them (him and Darla) yesterday, when everything was on schedule, and they fully expected to have returned by today. That has changed, and the latest update is that they are currently stuck in Auckland, New Zealand, due to mechanical issues that the airlines discovered with the plane that they were going to be taking to fly back home.

At present they do not know what the return date is, but they were told it could be 1, 2, or even 3 days out. We wanted to update you on the situation, and we would like to ask everyone to please refrain from texting or calling Dr. Jones' cell phone, for those that have his number, as it is quite costly to both call out and receive for Dr. Jones, given that they are overseas. Everyone can still contact Dr. Jones through his email (godskingdom888(at)gmail.com), and through the support email (godskingdom490(at)gmail.com).

Should be a good trip report from all that Dr. Jones has shared with us so far. :)

As always, thank you for your prayer, support, and understanding. We will keep everyone updated as we hear what the latest is regarding this situation.

GKM Admin

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