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The transition to the next age

Feb 26, 2018

Some years ago we were given the revelation about a “January Passover,” meaning that we could watch for significant Passover signs coming in our first month. This obviously correlates with the first month on the Hebrew calendar, since the biblical Passover falls on the 14th and 15th days of that first month.

By extension, that also means that February is the month of the “Second Passover” (Numbers 9:10, 11). Our understanding of the Second Passover, in part, is that correlates with the second work of Christ and with the second time of justification, where every knee will bow and every tongue will confess (profess) Christ as Lord, saying, “Only in the Lord are righteousness and strength” (Isaiah 45:23, 24; Philippians 2:10, 11).

Hence, every year we have watched January 14-16 and February 14-16 to see if and how these dates reveal what is happening in the divine plan. Over the years, we have seen many events take place in mid-January, but we have also understood that because we live in the time of the second work of Christ, rather than the first work, February 14-16 is the strongest time to watch.

February 14 correlates to the preparation day for Passover, and it relates to killing of the lambs for the Second Passover. February 15 is the actual day of the Second Passover, beginning the evening of the 14th. Finally, February 16 correlates with the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover, which signifies the resurrection.

The Latter Rain Movement

As it happened, February 14, 2018 was the 70th anniversary of the Latter Rain Movement, which began on February 14, 1948 at North Battleford, Sask in Canada under the ministry of George Hawtin. This outpouring of the Holy Spirit came while many were being raised up to minister to the church—including Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, who have now passed on.

I have written recently about this 70-year cycle and how various prophecies have emerged about the end of the previous moves of God in the church, all of which were outgrowths in some way of the Latter Rain.

I should also mention that the Latter Rain itself was like a capstone of the Latter Rain of Pentecost, mentioned in Joel 2:23. In those days the “former rain” (or first rain) occurred in November after the feast of Tabernacles, while the “latter rain” occurred at the time of harvest in May between Passover and Pentecost. Hence, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Acts 2 was the “latter rain.”

We ourselves are actually looking forward to the “former rain” associated with the feast of Tabernacles. The fact that the latter rain came nearly 2000 years before the former rain is confusing unless we understand how they are associated with the feast days and harvest cycles.

The point is that when the 1948 outpouring was called Latter Rain, they were thinking in terms of the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit, since “latter” normally comes after “former.” However, their mistake was actually accurate from a prophetic standpoint, because, as time has proven, that 1948 movement was NOT the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Christ did NOT come as expected, in spite of the formation of the Israeli state in 1948. Many expected “The Great Tribulation” to occur from 1948-1956, with the rise of the “Antichrist” and the “Rapture” happening somewhere during that time. None of this happened, of course.

Yet in labeling the movement, “Latter Rain,” they correctly identified it as a Pentecostal movement, rather than a Tabernacles movement—even though they had received a partial revelation of the feast of Tabernacles. They had indeed tasted the first fruits of the Kingdom, for they were like the 12 spies returning with the first ripe grapes (Numbers 13:20, 26). Many of them, including George Hawtin himself, were even given the revelation of the Restoration of All Things. This essentially split the movement into two camps, much like what happened to Israel when the 12 spies gave their report.

So the Latter Rain Movement was not the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It has now run its course after 70 years. This 70-year cycle is like a microcosm of the 70 Jubilees from the day the 12 spies gave their report until now. The spies gave their report on the 50th Jubilee from Adam, and 1986-1987 was the 120th Jubilee from Adam, as I wrote yesterday. That is 70 Jubilee cycles.

The Sequence of Events

I believe that we are now living in the time of the Former Rain, when we will see the actual fulfillment of the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe that, because in the past 500 years God has been reinjecting divine truth into the church according to Israel’s pattern under Moses. Martin Luther brought us the revelation of Passover, with the truth of Justification by faith alone in 1517, sparking the Protestant Reformation.

After this came the revelation of holiness and sanctification in the 1700’s with Charles Wesley to help us cross the Red Sea. Then came the healing evangelists like Charles Finney in the late 1800’s, giving us the revelation of Marah: “I the Lord am your healer” (Exodus 15:26). Then came also the great missionary movements, correlating with Elim, with its 70 palms and 12 wells (Exodus 16:1). The wells of salvation (Isaiah 12:3) were giving water to the 70 nations of the world, as listed in Genesis 10.

Then came the Pentecostal movement in the early 1900’s, which correlated with Israel’s first Pentecost at Mount Sinai. From there Israel moved to Kadesh-barnea, from which place the 12 spies were sent. The Latter Rain in 1948-1952 represented the report of the 12 spies. Great as it was, it too fell short, and so the time of the Kingdom was postponed for a later time—our time.

In the original pattern under Moses, I can find no other major events that we ourselves must fulfill before entering the Kingdom. Our main concern is that we set forth the Second Law (“Deuteronomy”) and that we understand the Second Covenant (Deuteronomy 29:1), by which we must enter the Kingdom under Joshua (Yeshua). This is why I emphasize these things in my teaching. These are the missing ingredients in the church, which are necessary today as much as they were in the last days of Moses.

Elijah and Elisha

During the past 70 years, we have seen the rise of many who claimed to be “Elijah.” In other words, they believed that their ministry was designed to prepare the way for Christ’s coming. Some were well known, others not. It is not for me to validate or invalidate any of those claims. In my view, the Elijah call does not reside in a single person, as it did with John the Baptist.

In the first coming of Christ, the Elijah calling came in a single man, but Christ’s second coming is bigger than this. By the principle of Sonship, Christ is bringing forth a whole BODY of Christ, made up of many members. John was “Elijah” to Jesus Christ Himself. But today there have been many “Elijahs” to correlate with the larger body and the bigger work.

Our own revelation of Elijah and Elisha, coming through a number of people, began at our Tabernacles conference in 2007 in Hilo, Hawaii. We came to see that Elijah (or John) prepared the way for the first coming of Christ, but that Elisha was the one called to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ. The double portion was necessary to finish the job. The single portion was valid, but inadequate to bring in the Kingdom.

So on April 12, 2009 we declared the start of the Elisha Ministry, and thereafter we began to see the miracle-signs manifest according to the pattern of Elisha in 2 Kings. Whereas Elijah performed 8 signs, Elisha performed 16. We saw the first 8 signs within 14 months, culminating on July 15, 2010. Then the signs ceased.

In other words, we have been seeing Elisha at work, but so far he has only equaled the work of Elijah. We have yet to see the double portion, beginning with the 9th sign of Elisha. Yes, we have seen indicators of it, and I can go so far as to say that the 9th sign is an accomplished fact in the eyes of God. Yet this “provision” sign (2 Kings 4:42-44) has not manifested in a tangible way. At the present time, we see it only with the eye of faith, for the provision has been imputed to us.

The Death of Elijah

Billy Graham was “Elijah” to the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. He died February 21, 2018, and many prophesied that his death would be the sign of the next outpouring of the Spirit. February 21 was significant, in that it was the end of Unleavened Bread in our parallel.

February 10 was the selection of the lambs, February 14 was the death of the lambs, February 15 was the (Second) Passover, February 16 was resurrection day, and February 15-21 was the time of Unleavened Bread. Billy Graham died on the last day of Unleavened Bread in this way of reckoning.

Little noticed, however, was that Chuck-Johnel Youngbrandt died on February 10, 2018, which was the day of the selection of the lamb for Passover.


Chuck founded the Net of Prayer in the mid-1970’s, which was activated in 1981. The NOP’s first spiritual battle, November 12, 1981 to January 27, 1982 changed my life, sent me into the wilderness for a year, and gave me a new life on a higher plane, beginning in 1983. I wrote about this in The Wars of the Lord.

The point is that Chuck believed that he had an Elijah calling. I have no reason to doubt that, and I think that his death on February 10, 2018 validates this. He died almost precisely on the 70th anniversary of the Latter Rain. While Billy Graham’s death is certainly an important marker as well, Chuck’s death, though more obscure, is more significant from a prophetic standpoint.

To me, this probably marks the time of the final end of “Elijah” and the release of “Elisha” insofar as the double portion is concerned. Elisha already completed his first portion in 2010. Now it seems that the way is clear for the double portion to begin.

Since February 14/15 is a type of Passover, we will have to see if we are to make a decree at the Passover conference in late March. We will also have to pray about the Second Passover in late April. At the present time, these things are just stirring in me. I have no clear revelation. Yet I believe that we have crossed a major threshold in the divine plan and that the way has been cleared for the overcomers to receive their Birthright and its double portion.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones