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Second Update on New Zealand Trip

Feb 22, 2018

Previous update: https://gods-kingdom-ministries.net/daily-weblogs/2018/02-2018/update-on-dr-jones-new-zealand-trip/

We just heard from Dr. Jones regarding the New Zealand trip. The previous update that we posted was based on information from a conversation with Dr. Jones from about 3 hours ago, which we were just now able to post. Literally just after we posted that update, within 5 minutes we received an update from Dr. Jones, that they were able to book a flight that leaves tonight, which means they will be arriving tomorrow evening.

Please remember whenever they return from overseas, there tends to be some jet lag, which can take a couple days for them to get caught up. Rest assured, as soon as Dr. Jones is able, he will update everybody on the NZ trip in the blog.

Again, thank you for your support, prayers, and understanding, and we will keep you updated if any changes come in.

GKM Admin

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