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Update on watch dates and the NZ trip

Jan 29, 2018

In early January, I wrote that 2018 is the Year of Redemption.

Each year begins with two 76-day cycles of cleansing. This prophetic year began November 11/12, 2017, and the first cleansing cycle ended on January 26/27, 2018.

The next 76-day cycle ends April 11/12, 2018.

These two cycles give us three key dates to work with, so that we can begin to understand what God will do in the coming year (culminating on the 8th day of Tabernacles). The key watch dates for the cleansing cycles this year are:

November 11/12, 2017 (fly to Cambodia to begin cleansing the land)

January 26/27, 2018 (Trump at Davos World Economic Forum)

April 11/12, 2018 (?)

Of course, there are secondary dates during this time which are also important, but they are generally supportive of the main three dates above.


The first 76-day cleansing cycle was just the first of two phases of cleansing. Brad and I flew to Cambodia to begin cleansing the land of innocent bloodshed, applying Deuteronomy 21 in a New Covenant manner. During this time, President Trump’s project of “draining the swamp” began to have serious effects, culminating with his trip to Davos.

Those of you who have followed the alternative news know how effective Trump’s efforts have become in the past two months. He went to Davos as a conqueror, not as a defeated foe. Just as China’s leader was the star of the Davos conference last year, so this year Trump was the star of the show. Even the mainstream media had to acknowledge this.

Benjamin Fulford wrote in his blog today,

Pentagon sources this week were gushing over the top about Trump and his Davos performance, noting, “Trump rocked Davos, with globalist CEOs from EU multinationals promising to invest and create jobs in America.”  They added that “With the cabal defeated and unable to stage any more false-flags or start World War 3, Davos established the Trump world order and may have launched the global currency reset.”

The evening of January 26, Trump invited all of the business leaders attending the conference to a banquet, where he asked each of them to introduce themselves and to say a few words about their plans to invest in America. Trump told them that “America first does not mean America alone. America is open for business.” All of the whining from the mainstream media was silenced immediately, as their disinformation efforts were shut down.

The Saudi’s Catch and Release Fishing Expedition

On January 27, Saudi prince al-Waleed was released from his hotel-prison after being arrested last November. Prince al-Waleed is one of the world’s richest men.


If you have followed the news, you know that dozens of Saudi princes and other corrupt billionaires were arrested in early November and imprisoned until they coughed up their ill-gotten gains. Waleed is a major investor in Citigroup, Facebook, and the Clintons. He said scathing things about Trump during the last presidential election, hoping to influence the elections. His generous support of Hillary Clinton has been ignored by the mainstream media, even while they hypocritically talk about Russian influence.

At any rate, Waleed was released from his Ritz hotel prison on January 27, as shown on video. A cryptic note from “Q” shortly after midnight, early morning on January 27 said this:

“Catch and Release”
“Safety and Security”
Have you learned how to read the message?

A few hours later, President Trump sent out a Tweet saying,

"Thank you to Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council for his strong statement on @foxandfriends that we very badly NEED THE WALL. Must also end loophole of “catch & release” and clean up the legal and other procedures at the border NOW for Safety & Security reasons." 

On the surface, Trump was talking about the border wall, but it is plain that his Tweet had a deeper meaning. “Q” obviously knew what Trump was going to write, and that it had a double meaning, because he asked, “Have you learned how to read the message?”


These messages coincided with the “release” of Prince al-Waleed in Saudi Arabia, implying that the Saudi prince is a big fish that is being released in order that the fishing can be better later. In other words, the prince has told Saudi authorities where his money has been hidden, and he is giving up information needed in this investigation.

The Final Battle

According to earlier “Q” reports, the Saudis, the Rothschilds, and George Soros are the big three enemies that have been trying to overthrow or assassinate President Trump. The Saudi takedown occurred last November. At the Davos forum, Trump took down Soros. His final enemy, the Rothschilds, are next. Perhaps we will see this phase completed on April 11 or 12.

As for Soros, another major contributor and ally of Hillary Clinton, he has been funding the big push to bring in millions of immigrants from the Mideast to Europe and America. This was a to be a final push to destroy “white culture” and Christianity itself. He and his cronies never thought Trump would win the election or that there would be a backlash from the Europeans. Hence, the battle lines were drawn during the past year.

Since mid-January, the buzz in Washington has been over the 4-page FISA memo, which was released to Congress. Republicans want it released; Democrats want to keep it hidden. Obviously, the memo contains information that is damaging to the Democratic Party. Some Republican congressmen have made comments after reading it, telling us that people will be arrested if the memo is released.

My question is this: Since the Justice Department already knows its contents, why don’t they arrest those people NOW? The answer is simple: They can’t arrest high-profile politicians without first making their case to the American public. The people always support their own candidates unless it is proven to them that they are corrupt. This is the political reality, and this is why it is difficult to arrest “popular” politicians without causing riots in the streets. So in the end, politicians have to be tried first in the media, rather than in the courtroom.

There are major events happening behind the scenes. Most Americans are unaware of what is happening, because the mainstream media does not cover those things. Fox News does cover most of this, but the others say almost nothing about it. For this reason, only those who listen to Fox News (Hannity in particular) have any awareness of the issues boiling in Congress today.

I don’t think I have ever seen such a huge contrast between media giants. CNN’s lack of interest in this story, along with yawns from ABC, CBS, and NBC, are incredible. They are trying hard to give the impression that it is a non-issue, much ado about nothing. Yet it is exponentially bigger than Watergate from 40 years ago. In my view we are seeing a second American Revolution and the historic overthrow of Mystery Babylon.

It is possible that Congress may vote today or tomorrow to release the FISA memo. If it comes to a vote tomorrow, January 30, it would come on our next big watch date, correlating with the end of the 1982 prayer campaign which started this entire battle that we are seeing today.

Trip to New Zealand

Tomorrow Darla and I will be flying to New Zealand for a 3-week teaching tour. I hope that you will keep up on the news on your own, since I will not be able to write weblogs during this momentous time. We are scheduled to return on February 22.

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