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The Great Awakening has begun

Jan 19, 2018

The term, “Great Awakening,” was a term used to describe a religious awakening in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

In the past few months, the mysterious “Q” poster online has been using the term to indicate a coming disclosure of corruption within government agencies. It appears that “Q” is part of the Trump team, or perhaps the entire Trump team working together. At any rate, “Q” has posted enough to convince most people that he is indeed in a position to know what is going on.

Most recently the term was used to suggest that the recent FISA memo is “the shot heard around the world” and that it is the beginning of the final takedown of the corrupt officials who have abused their positions of power, broken the law, and committed treason of the worst kind.

The story really began in 2011 when President Obama appointed Michael Horowitz as the Department of Justice’s Inspector General. Horowitz was confirmed in 2012. Obama soon came to regret his appointment, and Attorney General Eric Holder immediately began to restrict, limit, and hamstring Horowitz’ investigation. But Horowitz fought back and patiently obtained the right to obtain documentation and evidence that he needed to do his job as “Inspector.” His story is told here:


With a change of administration, Horowitz was finally able to complete his long investigation, and on January 15, 2018 he presented his findings to congress. I am assuming that the FISA memo from the DOJ is part of his report, which has now caused a firestorm. Many congressmen, all Republicans (of course), are demanding that the FISA memo be declassified and shown to the public, so that everyone knows the illegal and treasonous actions that have taken place in recent years under the Obama administration.

The Democrats, of course, oppose the release of these documents, as they (and their party) have everything to lose if the public finds out what the Obama administration was doing. It seems that this document is not classified in order to protect national security, but to protect criminals within the DOJ and the FBI so that they can be shielded from prosecution.

One question asked by “Q” is this: Why does it require a public release of the memo before these criminals can be prosecuted? Why not just prosecute them in a military court at Guantanamo? If the memo is not released to the public, it seems that known criminals will get away with it, because the Democratic Party will do all that it can to save itself.

It seems that the Fakestream Media is rushing to the aid of their fellow criminals. On the same day (January 18) that congressmen were demanding the declassification of the FISA memo, seven CNBC news crew were arrested as they tried to smuggle a fake bomb through airport security. It seems that they were trying to create a diversion with a “false flag” terror event, which would occupy most of the news space, so that the media could push the FISA memo news off the headlines and into a more obscure part of the newspaper.


Here are some of the latest “Q” posts that are analyzed by other commentators. If you have not followed the news in the past year, some of these things may be new to you. If you watch only the Fakestream Media, you may wonder what they are talking about.



How does this fit in with the patterns of timing that I watch?

Ever since Brad and I flew from Manila to Cambodia on November 11, 2017, I began to suspect that we were seeing the start of the latest 76-day cycle. We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia on the evening of November 11, which (by Hebrew time) was the start of November 12. This coincided with the very first cycle that I began to live through back in 1981, which I explained in my book, The Wars of the Lord.

The cycle originally marked the parameters of the original prayer campaign from November 12, 1981 to January 27, 1982. At the end of that prayer campaign, there was a 3-day time of “celebration,” ending January 30, 1982.

I have seen this same cycle repeat many times over the years, each having different characters engaging in spiritual warfare. The fact is, each time we have run through the cycle, we have seen different aspects of a single heavenly battle.

So it is interesting that the present cycle began November 11/12 with a plane trip, and on January 30 we again take a plane (to New Zealand).

I have been monitoring various watch dates during this 76-plus-3 day cycle since November, although I have not written much about it yet. December 30, 2017 was a major watch date to monitor, and because of what actually occurred at that time, I knew to watch January 18. Back in 1983, toward the end of the second run-through of this cycle, the night of January 17 was when I joined the Net of Prayer, just prior to moving to Arkansas. By Hebrew time, the night of January 17 was the beginning of January 18.

Now we see that on January 18 the congressmen began demanding the declassification of the FISA memo. “Q” called it “the shot heard around the world.” That may indicate that we will see results on January 22/23 or January 27 or possible on January 30, according to past patterns.

This will be interesting to follow.

Keep in mind that the downfall of “Mystery” Babylon (i.e., Secret Babylon) comes when light shines in darkness and exposes those who do their evil deeds in darkness. Babylon falls when Babylon is exposed to the light of day. So this could be the beginning of Disclosure, as some call it. Keep your eyes open, not just to know how Babylon falls, but also so that you are not caught unprepared. Those who are unprepared are going to be shaken (Hebrews 12:26, 27).

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