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Passover Conference Update

Jan 24, 2018

The Passover conference will be held at the Apostolic Revival Center in Peru, Indiana on March 30 to April 1, 2018.

See my original report here:


One thing that I forgot to mention is that when you make reservations at the hotels, tell them that you are with God’s Kingdom Ministries, so that they give you the special rate.

There is no registration fee, nor do you have to register at all. Just show up, but you will have to make your own hotel reservations.

Ron Oja’s niece is getting married March 30, so he will not be able to speak at this conference. His place will be taken by Robbie Yeats, who has been a speaker a couple times in the past. It was actually through Robbie that we came to know Chris Reed in Peru, Indiana. Robbie had been teaching in Chris’ church for a few years.

So the list of speakers is as follows:

Stephen Jones

James Bruggeman

Pastor Chris Reed

Rob Corry

Mark Eaton

Robbie Yeats

I don’t have a firm schedule yet, except to say that on Sunday morning, April 1, Pastor Chris Reed will be holding his regular morning meeting and will be the only speaker that morning.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you who are able to attend.

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