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Did Trump and Theresa May kiss and make up?

Jan 25, 2018

Recently, President Trump refused to travel to the UK, probably after hearing how Prime Minister Theresa May had complied with Obama’s request to spy on Trump on behalf of the Deep State and the Democratic Party.

But today Trump is in Davos at the economic forum of world leaders, and he tweeted:

“Great bilateral meeting with Theresa May of the United Kingdom, affirming the special relationship and our commitment to work together on key national security challenges and economic opportunities.”

“Q” immediately posted a comment on Trump’s tweet, saying:

POTUS’ statement and focus [Tweet] on the UK should scare a lot of people.
It signifies something VERY IMPORTANT.

What does this mean?

I cannot say for sure, but in the context of the earlier posts from “Q” it implies that Trump and May have come to an agreement to work together. How? My guess is that Theresa May will help Trump expose the sedition and treason of his enemies who are trying to overthrow him. Since British Intelligence did the spying, they have information and proof that Trump can use to expose and overthrow the various heads of the intelligence agencies who have joined the conspiracy to overthrow a sitting president.

I wonder if perhaps January 27 will prove to be a key victory for Trump.

It appears that we are seeing the results from the original prayer campaign that was fought from November 12, 1981 until January 27, 1982 (followed by a 3-day celebration to January 30). This prayer campaign was designed to defend America from a large demonic invasion through the spiritual “gate” at San Francisco, CA. The formation seen in a vision at that time was in the shape of a broken cross that was 300 miles wide and 1000 miles long, piercing the side of this country and aimed at Corpus Christi, TX (the body of Christ).

Though this had religious implications (The broken cross is a corrupted church system.), it also had national implications. It appears that in 2018 we are seeing the victory emerge in the national arena, but don’t forget that this also has to do with church corruption.

In my own experience, that prayer campaign in 1981-1982 marked the time of my flight into the wilderness for the next year. But a year later, on those same dates, I came out of the wilderness, arriving in Batesville, Arkansas January 23, 1983. I then flew to El Paso on January 27, picked up all of our furniture that had been in storage for a year, and returned to Batesville on January 30, 1983.

So the first cycle was negative (like a “death” cycle), but the second a year later was positive (like a “resurrection” cycle).

The present cycle is following the resurrection pattern in 1983, not the death pattern in 1982. Yet it is both, in the sense that it is a death pattern for those involved in the Luciferian corruption, but life for those who on the side of the Kingdom of God.

For this reason, I think we should be on alert for a significant event on January 27 and also on January 30. Perhaps the State of the Union Address on January 30 will reveal more about this.

Then, just as it did in earlier cycles, we ought to watch the next 76 days from January 27 to April 9, including a special watch date of April 1. I say this because this date was extremely important in 1983 during the 76-day cycle occurring at that time.

April 1, 1983 was a Victory breakthrough after a few days of spiritual warfare. It may be significant that April 1, 2018 is the final day of our Passover conference this year in Peru, Indiana. It is also the time of the wave-sheaf offering.

There is much yet to come, but it is too early to see how this play out. Nonetheless, we see patterns emerging from the past, and these are indications of answered prayer decades after the prayer campaigns ended.

One lesson to be learned here, something we learned in the 1980’s….

Faith is a key element in any prayer campaign. Most people pray when they see danger coming. Certainly, they ought to pray, but at such times, the dominant motive tends to be FEAR, not faith. They are praying as a reaction to the danger that they see. We noticed that God always led us into prayer ahead of time, long before the danger was apparent for all to see.

Those who prayed and engaged in spiritual warfare before the danger was apparent were those who were going purely by faith, rather than by sight. Their level of faith was high, and this meant that the “prayer of faith” was more effective than the average “prayer of fear-driven faith.” We learned in those days that 30 people walking by faith could do more than a million people praying out of fear. It had to do with their quality of faith.

To apply this to our present situation, the prayer campaign in 1981-1982 was done by faith alone, because there was no visible attack on America at that time. We all saw by the eye of faith and were led by the Spirit without the benefit of “sight.” Hence, the effectiveness of those prayers have continued over the years every time we have seen these same time cycles manifest in the world.

We are now at the most critical moment of all (up to now). There are many people today who are praying for America. We welcome their prayers, of course, but the more people know what is going on behind the scenes, the more fear is generated in those whose faith is weak. Hence, they tend to pray out of fear of the future, rather than pray out of faith in the promises of God.

But I am confident that the victory has already been won. If it was not won earlier, it was certainly won on January 27, 1982. Before that, I have no recollection, because I was not yet personally involved in such things. But my experience assures me of victory, and this is why I do not fear the future. And this is why I feel the need to share my experiences with you, and why I wrote The Wars of the Lord. It is to encourage you with those things that have been already accomplished in the past.

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