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Spiritual warfare in heaven and in earth

Dec 21, 2017

Last Sunday, December 17, Darla and I and others from the Minneapolis area met with the group from Cloquet, where we had held our Tabernacles conference in October. The Father had arranged this meeting to do some further spiritual work, taking some steps beyond the establishment of the Open Door ministry.

Step by step, the spiritual opposition is crumbling, but keep in mind that this is a worldwide work, and each step we take is big, but incremental in the larger picture. Nonetheless, much progress is being made, and I believe that 2018 is going to see many massive changes in virtually every area of life on earth.

One woman (Sha-ron) was an hour late in coming to the meeting, as she had to drive from Minneapolis and experienced some spiritual hindrance all along the way. She managed to get there, however, but when she walked into the Arise Church (where we met in October), the evil spirits arose within her, and they began to manifest, probably knowing that their time was short.

So the meeting was interrupted for a few minutes while we dealt with this. The first spirit was Wormwood, which did the usual snarly thing. After a few minutes, it seemed to leave, and she came back into her right mind. I did not have time to check on this, however, because just then Sean came to anoint her with oil. A second spirit saw him coming and literally freaked out.

However, the woman was seated against the wall and had no way to escape. The spirit growled and objected, but it had to leave. When it was gone, I asked her if she had discerned its name. She immediately said, “Enki.” (Later, she told me that she had never heard of Enki before, so she looked it up online and discovered that it was one of the three main Babylonian deities.)


Enki is a god associated with water, although “ki” means earth. En-ki means “Lord of the earth.” We call Sean, The Admiral, so this also plays into the word picture and the meaning of this event. Actually, our meeting had much to do with the problem of our judicial system, which has brought the law of the high seas (Admiralty Law) to take precedence over the law of the land. You might say that this is like Noah’s flood, where water covered the earth, except that this situation is a Babylonian counterfeit that is being used to oppress the people.

I don’t want to dive into this legal topic too deeply, but our meeting was designed to deal with this major problem on a spiritual level. The woman’s job, it seems, was to bring Enki to the meeting so that we could deal with the key Babylonian deity behind the law of the high seas (i.e., International Law). Those schooled in this topic will have more understanding of this issue.

We learned something new from this. Last week, before the meeting, the Father had asked Sha-ron if she was willing to be used by Him. She was suspicious, but after He asked her a third time, she consented, not knowing what this would involve.

Now we know. It may seem strange, but she was used to convey these spirits to us, so that we could deal with them. You see, we have done a lot of spiritual warfare in past years, seeing many evil princes cast out of the second heavens to the earth. We won those battles, but as we see in Revelation 12:9, 10, when the Red Dragon was cast out of heaven, he landed on the earth, where he began to cause trouble for the woman. Revelation 12:11 indicates that the overcomers must then complete the work. In other words, this warfare comes in two stages—first the heavenly battles, and then the earthly.

We now seem to be in the second stage. But this is somewhat unprecedented insofar as our own knowledge and experience is concerned. We have never seen this sort of thing before, at least not on this level.

The question is this: Once a high-level prince (or “god”) is cast out of the heavens to the earth, how and where are we supposed to engage him to complete this second stage of warfare? The question never really came up before, but now we are beginning to understand. In this case, God used Sha-ron as a spiritual magnet of sorts, enticing Enki to possess her so that she could convey him to us. We were then able to cast it out of her and out of the earth itself, sending it to the feet of Jesus for judgment.

Once we understood what was transpiring, we realized that God was already doing this last August and September, when Sha-ron brought high-level princes to the meetings. She had brought five high-level princes who were over the main islands and geographical areas of the Philippines, so that we could deal with them prior to our trip to the Philippines.

Last Sunday she conveyed Enki to us, who is one of the three main deities of Mystery Babylon today. It appears that Enki is the power behind the western judicial system, which has unjustly and unlawfully applied the law of the sea to the land, replacing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in America with international law.

It makes me wonder if other evil princes are being sent to other people who are experienced in deliverance ministry.

As for Wormwood, this is a political prince, whereas Enki is a judicial prince.

Many years ago, in April 1986, while I was still in training in the Net of Prayer, we overthrew Wormwood, who at that time was the ruling prince of the Soviet Union. The result of that prayer campaign was that Chernobyl melted down. Chernobyl means “wormwood.” The overthrow of this prince resulted in the disintegration of the Soviet Union within a few years.

The problem was that Wormwood then came to America, where he has oppressed us since the first Bush administration. The Socialist government of the old Soviet Union came to America. As I explained in the first few pages of my book, Wormwood and the Laws of Dung, wormwood is better translated opium. Some of you may know how the drug trade became institutionalized in America under Papa Bush and continued under subsequent administrations to the present time.

So last Sunday in Cloquet, we confronted Wormwood, but later investigation showed that we have yet to complete that work. It appears that we have an appointment in January. We will have to see what the Father does and what He reveals to us in the interim.

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