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Philippine Trip Report, Part 3

Dec 12, 2017

Here are some pictures from Brad’s cell phone camera, which should be included in the Philippine trip report.

Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-29.jpg Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-30.jpg

Above are pictures of the main conference room the first week end that we were in Davao.


Having lunch with pastors before a meeting at Pastor Sammy’s church. It is customary for the western speaker to pay the grocery bill, although they do the work of cooking.

While I was speaking at Pastor Cano’s church (before he flew to Alaska), Brad was teaching at a nearby church pictured below.

Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-32.jpg Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-33.jpg

Everyone likes to have their picture taken with the speakers from America.


Here is a picture that Brad took of me teaching at the week-long seminar.


Brad took this picture of the old tree where we prayed over Davao.


At Duterte City, one of the signs told us that 14 Filipino tribes live in that area.


On November 8 we went to the Waterfront Hotel to pray at the seashore and to do some divine court work. The purpose was to stand in the water and to bind Baphomet. I had forgotten to report that work in my earlier reports.

Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-38.jpg Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-39.jpg Philippine-Trip-Report-2017-Img-40.jpg

Here is another picture that Brad took of me speaking at Pastor Bing’s church.


And here is Pastor Bing giving her summary and recap of my teaching.


Brad and I enjoyed eating at a Korean restaurant at the SM Mall. We both enjoy kim chi.


Next I will share about the trip to Cambodia.

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