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Good trip to Peru

Dec 06, 2017

We got back last night from our trip to Peru, Indiana. The reality of winter has come upon us, making us look forward to going to New Zealand in February. In years past I tried to stay home during the winter in order to write books, while I traveled to other parts of the USA during the rest of the year. But in the past decade I have spent most of the year writing books, so it is nice when we can leave Minnesota for a few weeks and avoid the worst of the winter.

We had a marvelous time in Indiana visiting with Chris and Missy Reed and their family for a few days. Chris’s Friday night preaching gave me an opportunity to see firsthand how his teaching and mine are virtually identical. It is good to be able to recommend his church to those in the area.

The livestream will soon be upgraded as well, to cut out the skype ads and fix the freezes. Since we have some experience with livestream, Dave has already made suggestions and will help him with this. Chris tells me that he is getting a new camera as well. All of this will be helpful for those who want to listen live to his meetings Friday nights and Sunday mornings.

The teachings are also loaded on to his website on U-Tube, where you can watch them afterward—usually by the following Tuesday—without the problems of livestreaming. Go to:


However, the next two weekends Chris will be out of town.

This morning I picked up the December FFI from the printshop, and we will be sending it out this week. Sorry that it is a little late this month.

As soon as I get caught up on the backlog of work, I intend to begin to put out a whole new series on Secrets of Time. Thanks to Brad and Jan who have been working on this already, some of the charts have already been reproduced for the videos and PowerPoint presentations.

I will try to start putting together the trip reports this afternoon. There will be a lot of work inserting pictures, so it will take some time to accomplish this.

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